Dr. Frederick G. FINLEY

From: "The Storied Province of Quebec Past and Present"
Ed. Col. William Wood, Dominion Publishing Company, Limited, Toronto 1931

In the medical profession, both in his own independent work and in academic circles, Frederick G. Finley, C.B., M.D., LL.D., is at the time of this writing emeritus professor of medicine at McGill University, Montreal.

Dr. Finley was born in Melbourne, Australia, in October, 1861, son of  Samuel Finley and Emily Gault . His father, who was formerly a prominent Montreal merchant, was also president of the Verdun Protestant Hospital and a director of  Molsonís Bank, as well as treasurer of  McGill University; he died and was buried in Montreal in 1903. The son, Frederick G. Finley, came to Montreal from his native Australian city at the age of three years; and after finishing his elementary schooling here, attended the Montreal High School and Bickerton House School, Southport, England. He also was a student, for a time, at Owens College, Manchester, England, and at McGill University, from which hs graduated in 1885 with the degree of  Doctor of Medicine. In 1926, this same university conferred upon him the degree of  Doctor of  Laws in recognition of his many achievements and his useful career. Completing his formal education, Dr. Finley began service as an interne at the Montreal General Hospital; and for many years he was attached to the staff of that institution. He is now consulting physician at this hospital.

Along with his activities in this connection and his participation in the affairs of  McGill University, of which he is emeritus professor of medicine, Dr. Finley leads in other phases of Montreal life. He is a member of the Canadian Medical Association and the Montreal Medico-Chirurgical Society. In social affairs, too, he is an interested participant, being a member of the Mount Royal Club, the University Club, the Royal Montreal Golf Club, and the Forest and Stream Club. He is a member of Christ Church

During the Great War, he served well his country and his Empire, having been a lieutenant-colonel in the Canadian Army Medical Corps from 1914 to 1918, and having seen overseas service during those years. His political faith is that of the Conservative Party, of whose principles he is a staunch supporter. Into all of these activities and the phases of Montreal and Dominion life that they represent, Dr. Finley ever puts his best energies and his fullest measure of enthusiasm; and when he is not occupied with one or another of his many professional or civic activities, he enjoys nothing more than healthful outdoor recreational pursuits such as fishing and golf.

Dr. Frederick G. Finley married in Montreal, in 1898, Emily Lovell, of this city, daughter of 
John Lovell and Sarah Kurcyzn. By this marriage there have been three children: George Finley, Margaret Finley and Elizabeth Finley. All of these children make their homes in the City of Montreal, as does Dr. Finley himself.

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