1782-1819 (or 1821)

From: "Journal of Occurences in the Athabasca Department
By George Simpson, 1820 and 1821, and Report"
Edited by E.E. Rich. Pub. by the Champlain Soc. for the Hudson Bay Record Soc.1938

Benjamin Frobisher, a partner of the Northwest Company....was the son of  Joseph Frobisher and was born in Montreal in 1782. He entered the service of the N.W.C. in 1799, and during the same year he became a clerk at Lake Winnipeg. In 1804 he was elected a representative for the County of Montreal in the Legislative Assembly of Lower Canada, and he sat in that capacity until 1808. 

He was active and aggressive between the two companies, and in 1819 he was arrested without warrent by Governor Williams at the Grand Rapids and taken to York Factory. The reason for his arrest was his attempting to rescue prisoners and presenting a loaded pistol at one of the constables with intent to shoot him; he was also 'charged upon oath with Robbery and Burglary, and the very pistol with which he attempted to shoot the constable was part of the property with the robbery of which he was charged'. Frobisher succeeded in excaping, but he died from exhaustion at Cedar Lake while attempting to reach a N.W.C. post. On his death cf. L.R. Masson, Les Bourgeois de la Compagnie du Nord-Ouest.

From: " The (MacMillan) Dictionary of Canadian Biography
2nd Edition, 1945, Compiled by W. Stewart Wallace, MacMillan Co. of Canada, Toronto

Frobisher, Benjamin Joseph (1782-1819), fur-trader, was born in Montreal in1782, the son of Joseph Frobisher. He entered the service of the North West Company in 1809, and in that year was a clerk at lake Winnipeg. From 1804 to 1808 he represented the county of Montreal in the Legislative Assemhly of Lower Canada. In 1819, during the Selkirk troubles, he was captured by the Hudsonís Bay men, was carried to York Factory, and perished from exhaustion at Cedar Lake in an attempt to escape to a North West Company post.

[S. H. Wilocke, Death of B. Frobisher, in L. R. Masson, Les bourgeois de la Compagne du Nord-Quest (2 vols., Quebec, 1890); F. J. Audet, Les députés de Montréal (Montreal, 1943)]

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*Researching Benjamin Joseph Frobisher..........Denny Lowe  (2nd cousin 6x removed)

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