From: " The (MacMillan) Dictionary of Canadian Biography"
2nd Edition, 1945, Compiled by W. Stewart Wallace, MacMillan Co. of Canada, Toronto

Frobisher, Benjamin (1742?-1787), fur-trader, was born in Yorkshire, England, about 1742. He emigrated to Canada, and embarked in the fur-trade as early as 1765, in partnership with  John Welles; and he was later associated in turn with James McGillRichard Dobie, and his brothers Joseph Frobisher and Thomas Frobisher. So far as can be discovered, he never went west of Grand Portage; but he looked after the Montreal end of the business of Frobisher and Co, in which his brothers were partners with him. He died at Montreal on April 14, 1787.

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*Researching Benjamin Frobisher............Denny Lowe (1st cousin 7x removed)

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