Ann Rebecca Gale
(Mrs. T. Sterry Hunt)

From: "Types of Canadian Women Past and Present" Vol.I  
Ed. by Henry James Morgan, Published by William Briggs, Toronto, 1903

From a photograph by Dennison, Montreal.

Anna Rebecca Gale, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Justice Gale, of Montreal, was born and educated in that city. Her early years were spent on a farm adjacent to the city, but after her father's death, in 1865, she and her two sisters, the late Baroness von Friesen, and the late Mrs. Stuart of Quebec, crossed the ocean and travelled extensively in Europe. 

After her return to Canada, she married, January, 1878, Dr. T. Sterry Hunt, F.R.S., a distinguished American geologist, who had formerly been chief assistant to Sir W. E. Logan, the director of the Canadian Geological Survey, and removed with him to Boston, Mass. While living in that city, she was thrown into the society of Longfellow, Holmes, and others of the literary "lions" of the period, and retains many interesting and pleasing recollections of them. 

Both before and after her husband's death, which occurred in February, 1892, she travelled much, and has crossed the Atlantic no less than twenty times. Mrs. Hunt is an able linguist, and possesses literary gifts of a high order. She is the author of one or two volumes of poems of considerable merit. She is widely known and highly respected. 

Residence : 256 University Street, Montreal.

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