1772 -1842

From: "The Dictionary of Canadian Biography"
by W. Stewart Wallace, MacMillan Co. of Canada, Toronto, 1945

George Gillespie (1772-1842), merchant, was born in Scotland in 1772, one of a family of fourteen children. He came to Canada about 1790, and seems to have been, for a time, in the service of the North West Company. In 1798 he was in charge of the house of the North West Company at St. Joseph's; and in 1799 he was elected a member of the Beaver Club of Montreal.

He became a partner in the firm of Parker, Gerrard, Ogilvie and Co., later Gillespie, Moffatt and Co.; and for a number of years represented this firm at Michilimackinac. He returned to Scotland shortly after 1812; and he spent the remainder of his life at Biggar Park, Lanarkshire.  Here he died in 1842. 

(ref: W.S. Wallace (ed.), Documents Relating to the North West Co., Toronto, Champlain Soc., 1934)

From: "A History of the Scotch Presbyterian Church, St. Gabriel Street, Montreal"
By Rev. Robert Campbell, Montreal 1887

In 1805 George Gillespie subscribed three guineas for five years. He was the Gillespie who imposed his name upon the celebrated firm of "Gillespie, Moffat and Company", which still maintains a leading place in the commercial community of Montreal. The names of Yeoward, Gerard, Parker, Ogilvie and Tough, partners in the same concern, before Mr. Gillespie or in his time, have lomg ago dropped out of sight. 

Mr. Gillespie came to Montreal about 1790, and in 1796 he is mentioned in connection with the agency of the North-west Company. He had a share in the fur trade during its palmiest days, and soon made what, at that time, was counted as a fortune. 

He was a gentleman of high honour and integrity, and helped to give a fine tone to the commercial sentiment of the period of his stay in this city.

He occupied a seat in the firm's pew in the [St. Gabriel Street] Church, No.7, but was a constant and liberal subscriber to the funds of the congregation on his own account. He gave £10 to clear off the debt in 1810.

On retiring from business in Canada, he bought a property in the Upper Ward of Lanarkshire, near Biggar, where he resided till his death about 1841 or 1842.

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