From: "The Dictionary of Canadian Biography"
By W. Stewart Wallace, MacMillan Co.of Canada, 2nd edition 1945

James Cuthbert Grant, warden of the plains, was a half-breed son of  Cuthbert Grant, and was born in the North west about 1796. He was baptized in the Scotch Presbyterian Church  in Montreal in 1798, and was educated in Montreal. He returned to the North west about 1815, and in 1816 he was one of the leaders of the Bois-Brules in the affair at Sevenoakes. In 1817 he was arrested by Lord Selkirk, but in 1818 he escaped from prison in Montreal. In 1823-24, he was employed as a clerk by the Hudson's Bay Company, but was discharged. In 1828 he was given the nominal post of "Warden of the Plains", and he remained this until 1848. He died at White Horse Plain, Manitoba on July 15, 1854. He was survived by his wife Mary McGillis.
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