From: "T.C.S. Old Boys at War"
Published by the Old Boys Association,
Trinity College School, Port Hope, Ontario, June 1948

Hingston,  Fayette Brown (34-35), was born May 6, 1918, at Montreal, Quebec. He came to T.C.S. from Selwyn House, completing his Junior Matriculation from the Fifth McGill Form in one year. Leaving in 1935, he spent a year in Switzerland, then entered the Arts course at McGill University. He graduated in 1940 and took a position with the Aluminum Company of Canada.

He enlisted in the R.C.A.F. in September 1941 and went overseas as Sergeant Pilot a year later. After a period of training, he flew Wellington and Halifax bombers on many operational flights, winning his commission as Pilot Officer in November 1943. On December 4, 1943, he was reported missing over Leipzig and later it was confirmed from Germany that he had been killed. He had been able to drop most of his crew to safety.

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