From: "Montreal History and Gazeteer to the year 1892"
By Rev. J. Douglas Borthwick, John Lovell & Son, Montreal 1892

William W. H. Kerr Q.C., Montreal, was born at Three Rivers in  November, 1826.  His father was James Hastings Kerr, a land agent of  Quebec. His grandfather was a Barrister and settled in Quebec in 1797, and was appointed a Judge of the Vice Admiralty Court, 1797; then Judge of the King's Bench in 1808. He was called to the Executive Council in 1812 and to the Legislative Council in 1821, and later on Speaker of the House.

Mr. Kerr received his education at Lundy's College, Quebec, and at Queen's, Kingston. He studied Law with Mr. (later Judge) Chalbot, and afterwards with Mr. (now Sir ) Andrew Stuart, Chief Justice. In May 1854, Mr. Kerr was associated with J.M. LeMoine, and in 1858 with Archibald Campbell.

He came to Monreal after a few years and was created Q.C. in 1873, and McGill University granted him the degree of D.C.L. the same year. He was Dean of the Faculty of Law, and Professor of International Law in the College. He was Batonnier in 1878. He was one of the counsel in the great St. Albans Raider' Trial. The Consolidated Bank is also another case. His contention as to the status of Lieutenant Governors was accepted as final in the famous Letellier case. He was one of the brightest ornaments of the Montreal Bar. He was married to a daughter of the Rev. Mr. Arnold, and had two children. 

Mr. Kerr died February 12, 1888.

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