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Published Montreal, 1900

THE G. R. LOCKER COMPANY, Importers and Manufacturers’ Agents. Pottery Glass and Tiles, 
1749 Notre-Dame Street. 

An important branch of commercial activity in Montreal, is the importation of pottery and glassware, a prominent house in this line being that of The G. R. Locker Co. This business was established in I887, by Jordan & Locker, and in February 1896 Mr. Geo. R. Locker succeeded to the sole control under the present title. 

He occupies an entire four-story and basement building and possesses superior facilities for conducting all operations under the most favorable conditions. As a manufacturers’ agent, he represents some twenty-six different factories in Germany, England and the United States, including that of Thos. W. Twyford, Hanley, Staffordshire, Eng., manufacturers of sanitary earthenware; while in addition to its importation of china, glass and earthenware, this house is equally prominent in handling tiles for floors, walls, hearths, and mantel facings; also brass and wrought iron fire places, goods and irons, fenders, fire sets and gas logs, wood and tile mantels. 

The house represents Milton, Hollins & Co., tile manufacturers, and the tiles here shown, while as durable as marble, are capable of a vast variety of combinations of color unattainable in marble, and of a variety of patterns that could only be furnished in marble at four or five times the cost. The sales rooms are fully stocked at all times and orders by telephone No. 1346, by telegraph or mail, receive prompt fulfillment. 

The trade is large, first-class and influential throughout the entire Dominion of Canada. Mr. Locker Is a native of Montreal, a thoroughly practical man and a connoisseur in this department of art, and is highly regarded for his reliable business principles.

*Researching George R. Locker...........Fred Vickerson (great-grandson)

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