From: "Montreal History and Gazeteer to the year 1892"
By Rev. J. Douglas Borthwick, John Lovell & Son, Montreal 1892

William Logan was born in Montreal April 20th, 1798. His grandfather, James Logan, and grandmother came from Sterling, Scotland. They came to Montreal about the year 1784, with their only two children, William Logan and Hart Logan. Here he carried on his business as a baker, flourished and bought large tracts of land in the neighbourhood of the city, and afterwards we find him settled down at what is now called "Logan's Farm".  In 1794 Janet Edward, his neice arrived from Sterling and married her cousin William Logan who had suceeded his father in the business. They had nine children, Sir William being the third eldest. 

His father sent him to the celebrated school of Dr. Skakel. Afterwars he was sent to the High School of Edinburgh, and then for a year to the University. At eighteen he went to London, thence to Canada where he was impressed with his first geological ideas. Afterwards, he went to Swansea in Wales, in 1839, to be the manager of  the Copper Smelting Works, in which his uncle was interested. For seven years he thus continued working at the copper and coal mines, and studying every phase of their formation. 

In 1841 he visited the coal fields of  Pennsylvania and Nova Scotia in connection with the Geological Society of London. Soon after this, he was appointed head of the Survey in Canada.  In 1851, he had charge of the Canadian Collection, and was well received. He was also Canadian Commissioner at the Paris Exposition in 1853, and was created Knight of the Legion of Honor. Next year he was knighted by the Queen, and also received the Wollaston Palladium Medal for his pre-eminent services in Geology. He received the honorary degree of D.C.L. from Lennoxville in 1855, and L.L.D. in 1856 from McGill.  He had also F.R.S.C. given to him in 1851, and R.S.E. in 1861. He was also a member of many of the highest and most important societies, both in Europe and America. 

He died July 22nd, 1875 in Wales and was buried in the churchyard of Llechryd in that principality. Sir William never married.

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