From: "The Storied Province of Quebec Past and Present"
Ed. Col. William Wood, Dominion Publishing Company, Limited, Toronto 1931

A member of the firm of MacDougall and MacDougall, affiliated with the Montreal Stock Exchange, Hartland B. MacDougall, a native of this city, holds a place of esteem and respect here and wherever he is known in the Province and in the wider reaches of Canadian life.

Mr. MacDougall was born in Montreal on March 10, 1876, son of G. Campbell MacDougall and Grace Brydges. After he had finished his formal education, he became associated with the Bank of Montreal, with whom he remained for a time from 1894 until he joined the firm of C. Meredith and Company. That was in 1899. He became a partner in this firm in 1900, the same years in which he was elected to membership in the Montreal Stock Exchange. In 1909 he became a governor of the Exchange, and in 1914 he became its chairman. In December, 1920, he resigned from C. Meredith and Company, where-upon he entered into partnership with Robert E. MacDougall under the firm name of MacDougall and MacDougall, with whom he still continues.

Nor has Mr. MacDougall confined his efforts to the business world alone; for he has been active in the civic, social and military life of his country. Soon after the Great War was declared, he joined the British Regiment. That was in September, 1914. Later he was transferred to the Forty-second Regiment, and in May, 1915, went overseas. In June of the same year he was captain; and in October he went to France, where he stayed for more than two years with the Forty-second Regiment. Then, in December, 1917, he was transferred to the Third Canadian Division. In January, 1918, he was recalled to England to proceed to the United States with the British Military Mission. On January 9, 1918, after several years of useful service, he won promotion to major.

Mr. MacDougall is a member of the Mount Royal Club, St. Jamesí Club, the Montreal Hunt Club, the Montreal Racquet Club, and the Montreal Polo Club. In his political views, he follows an independent course, casting his vote for candidates and measures rather than in line with partisan affiliation. He is, in his religious faith, a devout Anglican. He is a director of Penmanís, Ltd. Into all of these groups he ever puts his best energies and fullest measure of devotion, and so is regarded as one of the very worth while citizens of this great Canadian city.

Hartland B. MacDougall married Edith Reford, daughter of Robert Reford. They have become the parents of five children, three sons and two daughters.

From: "Canadian Men & Women of the Time 1912
Ed. Henry James Morgan, Toronto, William Briggs, Richmond St. W., 1912 

MacDOUGALL, Hartland Brydges, stock broker
Son of the late Campbell MacDougall and nephew of Hartland St. Clair MacDougall, he was born in Montreal and educated at Bishop's College School, Lennoxville. In 1901 he was admitted to the Montreal Stock Exchange and elected governor of the same in 1909. He is a member of C. Meredith & Co. Ltd.(L.P. 1909), and was elected a director of Penman's Ltd. in 1911

Religion: Anglican
Clubs: Mount Royal Jockey Club, Polo and Country Club
Home: 121 Mackay St., Montreal

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