From: "A Chronology of Montreal and of Canada from A.D. 1752 to A.D. 1893"
by Frederick Wm. Terrill , published by John Lovell & Son, Montreal 1893

The late Joseph Mackay, Esq., began business alone in Montreal, in 1840. He subsequently took into partnership with him his brother, the late Edward Mackay, and, at later dates, their three nephews, the late Hon.Hugh Mackay, the late James Mackay and Robert Mackay, the present head of the firm, entered the business.

The house has enjoyed for many years a large and profitable business, with the most reliable class of retail merchants throughout the Canadas and the more distant Provinces, and has become, consequently, one of the wealthiest in the Dominion.

Since the death of the Hon. Hugh Mackay, whose hopeless ill health compelled him to resign political honors, Robert Mackay is the sole representative of the family continuing in business, from which the management of a large estate and social and public demands upon his time, incline him to retire before his sons are of an age to replace him.

The family name is connected with only one of the numerous beneficent charities to which they have liberally contributed, viz., the Mackay Institute for Deaf Mutes, which was so named out of gratitude for large endowments by the late Joseph Mackay, to which his nephews and niece have since made liberal additions.

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