(Point St. Charles Congregational Church)

Main Memorial United Church began as a branch of Calvary Congregational Church.   It was originally known as Point St.Charles Congregational ChurchSt. Matthews Presbyterian Church  was purchased as the first place of worship. The Sunday School took place in O'Brien Hall, erected by Charles Chushing with the help of the O'Brien family. The hall was once part of the Church property and was later sold to the government for an armory. 

A new church was built at Wellington and Hibernia Street during the ministry of  Rev. Arthur W. Main 1906-1913. The Church was renamed in his honour in 1925 when it joined the United Church. The last service in the old church was celebrated at Easter 1909. The building was sold to George Wolfe & Sons Ltd. The congregation worshipped at the Armory Hall until the new building was ready. The dedication service took place on March 10,1912. The church was closed in 1962.

Source: United Church Archives - Beverly Levine

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