From: "The Dictionary of Canadian Biography"
                By W. Stewart Wallace, 2nd edition, MacMillan Co. of Canada Ltd., Toronto, 1945

McDougall, Alexander, fur-trader, became a partner of the North West Company prior to 1799. He signed the agreements of 1802 and 1804 by attorney and he does not appear to have ever been at Grand Portage or Fort William. Probably he was in charge of some district such as the Timiskaming or Abitibi district, dependant on Montreal. A "Mr. M'gdougle" is said by J. B. Perrault to have been in charge of a fort at the lower end of lake Abitibi in 1812. 

He seems to have retired from the fur-trade about 1813, and in 1814 he was elected a member of the Beaver Club of Montreal. He was dead by 1825.

Notes: Alexander McDougall was :
- the son of Duncan McDougall Sr. & Isabell Shaw (sister of Angus Shaw)
- the brother of  Duncan McDougall Jr.

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