(Mrs. Robert Reid)

From: "Canadian Men & Women of the Time 1912"
Ed. Henry James Morgan, Toronto, William Briggs, Richmond St. W., 1912

REID, Mrs. Eliza Anne - founder and organizer Woman’s Work

The 2nd daughter of N. C. McIntosh and Margaret Brown of Montrose, Scotland, Eliza Ann McIntosh was born 1842 in Montreal and educated there.  In September, 1887 she married Robert Reid

Eliza Ann Reid founded the Montreal Women’s Club in 1882 and was president of that organization from 1892 up to her resignation in 1902 when she was elected 1st past president of that organization and presented with a testimonial from the Club in grateful acknowledgment of her services. She was instrumental in securing many reforms in connection with civic administration. She was Vice-President of the local Council of Women from its inception, and chairman of the  legislative committe of the same. Also a member of the Board of the Victorian Order of Nurses and a member of the Advisory Committee of the Church of the Messiah, Montreal (Unitarian). 

She is a believer in free trade;  a Liberal Government;  technical and public schools;  free civic control of all public works, waters, light and train service, etc.;  public playgrounds and baths;  no exemption from taxation;  the duty of women to exercise their privilege of voting and generally to fit themselves to be good citizens;  the charity organization methods of administering charity;  public works, as much as possible, to be done by the inmates of jails;  Goverment farms, to be carried on by prisoners as a means of paying their own expenses and providing for their families during their incarceration;  private examinations of juvenile delinquents;  farms and domestic schools as a means of reforming the same; a more careful scrutiny of emigrants coming to Canada;  cremation;  Government control of liquor and fewer licenses granted;  women and men to work together for a higher standard of amusements and recreations for the poor;  better homes in the poorer parts of city; Govrnment control of pawn-shops; and believes in showing our love of God through our service to man; in Christ as our best example; a good life here as the best preparation for any other world which we may reach hereafter; in love and great patience.

Home: 388 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal 
Clubs: Montreal Women’s Club

See also: her daughter Helen Richmond Young REID

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