From: "The Canadian Album - Men of Canada or Success by Example"
Ed. Rev. Wm. Cochrane, Bradley, Garretson & Co., Brantford Ontario, 1894

The Late John Monk, Barrister-at-Law, Montreal, was born November 11, 1820, in St. John's, Quebec, and died November 9th, 1881, in Montreal. He was the son of  William Monk who came to this country in 1812 from County Longford, Ireland, settling in St. John's, Quebec. 

Mr. John Monk was educated at Workman's School, Montreal. He studied Law with Messrs. Ogden & Buchanan, the former being Attorney-General of Quebec in 1837.  Before he was twenty-one years of age Mr. Monk was admitted to the Bar.  He afterwards went with Mr. Ogden to Kingston, Ontario (then the seat of the Government), where he remained four years. He then returned to Montreal, where he was engaged in the practice of  law until the time of his death. During his practice in Montreal he was connected with Sir Francis Johnson, George MacRae, Esq., and Colonel Butler

In religion he was a member of the Presbyterian Church. Mr. Monk was married twice: first  on August 21st, 1845, to Miss Jane Larmouthe; and second, on September 15th, 1858, to Miss Elizabeth Carmichael.  He had a family of ten sons and seven daughters, the ninth son being Alfred Monk, a barrister of Montreal.

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