From: "A Chronology of Montreal and of Canada from A.D. 1752 to A.D. 1893
by Frederick Wm. Terrill , published by John Lovell & Son, Montreal 1893 

"This College was established in connection with the Bryant & Stratton International chain of Business Colleges, located in the princtpal cities of Canada and the United States. It commenced its career in Nordheimer’s Building, in 1864, and, in the following year, moved to Place d’Armes, where it remained for the extended period of over a quarter of a century.

The accommodation in these quarters had long proved insufficient, and, on the 1st of July, 1891, the College removed to the Victoria Block, corner of Craig street and Victoria Square (late the Y.M.C.A. building).

This building is, in point of completeness, and suitability for the purpose of a business college, unsurpassed in Canada. The location is the most central, the most accessible, and has the best possible surroundings. The lighting, heating and ventilation of the building are perfect. The rooms are finished with care, the decorations are harmonious and pleasing, and the furniture and appointments of the most approved style. The arrangement of space has been made with a view of establishing the course of study upon broader lines, and with reference to better and larger results.

In 1873, the building was purchased for the college at a cost of  $53,000.00, and is now the largest and best patronized commercial educational institute in Canada.

The curriculum of the Montreal Business College is of a thoroughly practical character ; theory holds but a secondary position, and it is the aim of the proprietors, in each department, to make it an actual counterpart of what a young man may expect to meet, when he enters a business house. The principal subjects taught are :—book-keping, arithmetic, penmanship, correspondence, commercial law and business forms, practical grammar, composition, spelling and punctuation, shorthand, typewriting and French but this enumeration affords a very inadequate idea of what is done to build up a young man in the requisites of business life.

In addition to these courses is the practical department, a characteristic feature of this College, where the students have opportunities of putting into practice what has been acquired in other departments of the school. What the parade ground is to the military college, the field to the agricultural college, the dissecting-room and hospital to the medical college, and the moot court to the law school, the practical department is to the thoroughly equipped business college.

It has been the work of this institution, from its foundation, to meet the requirements of business, in a city which is, in itself, the embodiment of commercial life and progress. Nothing better, and nothing truer, can be said of its course of study than that it has been shaped by the exaction of the leading Montreal business houses. 

Mr. Davis has been engaged in the advancement of this College, ever since its inception. so many years ago. In fact, there has been no complete change of proprietorship since its foundation, and it enjoys that sort of respect, and confidence an institution of such established permanency deserves. It has an influence and standing, in the business community, without parallel, and is acknowledged to be the best medium, in this country, for giving a practical education."

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