In the summer of 1891 Presbyterian and Methodists in Montreal West worshipped together in a C.P.R. freight shed. Being unheated it was unsuitable for the winter months. The two denominations worshipped elsewhere in the winter.  The Methodists  held  services in the home of John Rodger at 34 Brock Avenue North. Numbers increased and in 1892 a church was built a little further north on Brock Avenue. The frame building was known as the Brock Avenue Methodist Church. In 1916 a brick addition to the sanctuary was constructed.

The Presbyterian congregation worshipped at 57 Ballantyne Avenue North. In 1892 they erected at brick church on the corner of Westminster Avenue and Curzon Street (listed in the 1895 Montreal City directory simply as Presbyterian Church). The first ordained minister of the Presbyterian church was Rev. George C. Pidgeon. In 1924 a new building was put up which increased Sunday School space and improved the sanctuary. It was built in anticipation of the amalgamation of the Methodist and Presbyterian Churches in Montreal West after Church Union in 1925. 

Both congregations had unanimously voted for a local amalgamation in 1916, but decided to wait for national union. Dr. Pidgeon, who later that year was named Moderator of the United Church of Canada, preached the dedication service. However in the 1925 vote, 46 of the 411 Presbyterian communicants withdrew and did not join the union with the rest of the congregation, which became Montreal West United Church

The 1922 Montreal City Directory lists: 
Montreal West Presbyterian Church
Curzon, corner Westminster Ave. N.
Rev. A.S. Ross, pastor.

In the 1931 Montreal City directory the following two churches are listed:

Montreal West Presbyterian Church
corner Nelson and Ballantyne Ave. N.
Rev. James Adams, pastor
Montreal West United Church
Curzon, corner Westminster Ave. N.
Rev. A.S. Ross, pastor.

Current address:
Montreal West Presbyterian Church
160 Ballantyne Avenue North
Montreal West, Quebec 
H4X 2C1

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