Map of Mount Royal Cemetery

You're finally going to Mount Royal Cemetery to visit the grave of your ancestors. You've brought your camera, some paper for tombstone rubbings, a hat for the sun, good walking shoes and the number of the plot which was given to you by the office staff when you phoned (example  F-132). Now you just have to find F-132. You've come completely prepared for this day....or have you???

Just as you arrive inside the gates of the North Entrance to the cemetery you see a map of the grounds (far right in this picture - the map is not posted at the South Entrance) but then see that there are 11 different sections just for "F" !!  Which one contains your ancestors in plot # F-132?

If you're there during office hours you'll be O.K.....the office staff will locate which "F" section contains F-132, and either mark a dot on a copy of this map or even give you a more detailed map of the section "F-5" and send you on your hunt. If you arrive on a Sunday, a holiday, or in the evening, when the office is closed you're in for a long day of wandering through 11 sections to find one plot! 
When you contact the cemetery to find in which plot you're relative is buried, ALSO ask them which section this plot is located, and approximately where in that section. The cemetery is beautiful, but it's large and poorly marked. It will still probably take you quite a while to find the plot even when you're in the right section, but it will make you're hunt easier and more enjoyable if you know the right section before you begin.

And one more thing.........
This cemetery is over 165 acres in size!!

Photograph of the map posted at the North Entrance to Mount Royal Cemetery

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