Mount Royal United Church began in 1925. Services were initially held in the old Town Hall at the corner of Laird Blvd and Alexander Ave. The first building was erected at the corner of Beverley and Laird Blvd and was known as the First United Church of the Town of Mount Royal. The church was dedicated September 12,1926. 

This building was sold to the Presbyterian Church in 1951 and a new church was built at the corner of Graham and Lombard Crescent. The first service was held on December 17, 1951. Shortly after the opening of the new church the name was formally changed to Mount Royal United Church. An extension for Christian education was erected in 1958. The corner stone from the first church on Laird was moved and is located at the main entrance to the Christian Educational Centre. In 1990 Fairmount-St.Giles United Church amalamated with Mount Royal United.

Source: United Church Archives - Beverly Levine

Mount Royal United Church
1800 Graham Blvd. 
Town of Mount Royal

Telephone 514-739-7741

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