a.k.a. Thomas Wilson

by Ron Oswald

My great-grandfather enlisted in Montreal and lived his life there. He is buried in Mount Royal Cemetery - the Military section. He survived the war and died January 4th,1956.

This may be a confusing entry. I received his war record from the Archives and discovered he had enlisted and served under a different name. The Archives had no answer as to why this was done and to date, I have not found out the reason either.

His name was Richard Allen Oswald, born in Manchester England on September 26th, 1877 or 1880 (two different DOB's are found in his records). He enlisted under the name of  Thomas Wilson, born Manchester England. These names are correlated in the archives, so if you request the file of either person, you get the same file.

He held the rank of Gunner in the 1st heavy Battery, CFA, CEF. His enlistment date was September 24th, 1914..and he was discharged due to demobilization on January 22, 1919. He had a regimental number which was 43208.

*Researching Richard Allen Oswald............Ron Oswald (great grandson)

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