James George PARKS
Montreal Photographer from 1864 to c1894

From: "A Chronology of Montreal and of Canada from A.D. 1752 to A.D. 1893"
by Frederick Wm. Terrill, published by John Lovell & Son, Montreal 1893 

Mr. Parks opened business, in Montreal, on Saturday, the 29th of October, 1864, and has been, successively, on St. Lawrence Main, St. James and, finally, St. Catherine street, where the absence of factory-smoke favors good and clear pictures.

He was the first artist, in Montreal, to retouch negatives, to enlarge pictures, by the solar camera, and to make dry-plates.

To suit all occasions, he has forty lenses, ranging from microscopic size to the “mammoth,” which cost over $500 and a journey to New York.

At night, he turns on the electric light, and goes on photographing. He takes nervous children, before they can move, and finishes pictures with crayon, pastel, water-colors, or in oil.

For skill in grouping, his Methodist Conference is a masterpiece, which presents scores of forms and faces in perfection.

Travelers buy many of Parks’ photographic views of Montreal, the clearness of which is impossible to the climate of England.

As the first fire may destroy the negatives, of pictures covering a quarter century, those interested should use diligence, in securing these pictorial histories of Montreal.

The son who wishes to recall to mind his father’s home, college or store, and the landscape he admired, should ransack Mr. Parks’ stock of stereoscopic, and larger views, in the taking of which he is the first of  local artists.

His work is accredited by twenty-one first prizes.

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