From: "Histoire de la Corporation de la Cite de Montreal" 1903
edited by J. Cleophas Lamothe and La Violetter et Masse,
Montreal Printing and Publishing Company, Montreal 1903

Ex-Alderman Peter Lyall, the founder of the firm of Peter Lyall and Sons, the leading firm of building contractors in Montreal, was born at Caithnesshire. Scotland, in 1842, and came to Montreal direct from Scotland just thirty four years ago, at once engaging in the building trade under Mr. Peter Nicholson, one of the leading Montreal builders of the day, and a cousin of the young Scotsman. He remained with Mr Nicholson, working hard at his trade and acquainting himself thoroughly with local conditions, for between five and six years, and at the end of that time, in 1875, founded the present firm. 

This is  the age of  the specialist, and  Mr. Lyall  is  pre-eminently a specialist as well as a thoroughly  practical  man.   Some of  the principal  buildings  in  Montreal  have been erected  by  his firm, namely:
the New York Life Building in 1886, the Royal Victoria Hospital, and McDonald Engineering Building at McGill University in 1888, the Sun Life Building in 1890, Canada Life Building in I891, the Royal Victoria College in 1896, Her Majesty's Theatre in 1898, the G T R. General Offices in 1899, the Corristine Building in 1902, the new Board of Trade Building, and the Guardian Life Building in 1903. etc., etc 

In 1892, Mr. Lyall took his three sons into the firm Mr Lyall has always been a public spirited citizen and a man of a most unassuming dispositian. He has always taken a great deal of interest in the Montreal Caledonian Society, and is a keen curler He is in politics a strong liberal, and at prerent is, as he has been for some years, a member of the Council of the Montreal Reform Club. He was elected to tbe City Council in February 1894, and served for that and the following year; then positively declining re-election. During the whole time he was in the Council, Alderman Lyall was a member of the Roads, Light, Health Committee and the Mount Royal Park Committee. He was not a frequent speaker in the Council, but when he did rise to speak, he had something important to say and said it pointedly and without fear or malice.

*Peter Lyall is being researched by Patty Brown  (ggg neice-in-law)

Notes from Patty: Peter Lyall married Christina Oman, daughter of William Oman and Jane Traill Shearer. Jane was the sister of James Shearer and also of Anne Shearer (who married Peter Nicholson).

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