Donald McDonald Philbin*

From "Canadian Men & Women of the time 1898"
Ed. By Henry James Morgan, Toronto, William Briggs, Richmond Street West 1898

PHILBIN, Donald McDonald, railway service, is the son of the late Richard Philbin, Inkerman Cottage, Montreal. born. in Montreal April, 1857, he was educated at the High School there, and commenced his business career, 1874, in the service of the Chicago and N.-W. Railway. In 1877 he, as engineer, was placed in charge of the ore docks at Escanaba, Michigan, and, in 1886, of the ore docks at Ashland, Wisconsin, belonging to the Lakeshore and Western Railway.  In 1889 he became Supdt. of the Eastern Division, Freemont, Elkhorn and Missouri V. Railway, and in 1890, of the Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic Railway.  In this position he remained till 1893, when he was appointed General Manager of the Duluth, Missabe and Northern Railway.  In 1896 he assumed the duties of his present office, General Manager of the Duluth and Winnipeg Railway.
Residence: Duluth, Minn
"of marked ability"  Witness

From: "Canadian Men & Women of the Time 1912"
Ed. Henry James Morgan, Toronto, William Briggs, Richmond Street West 1912

PHILBIN, Donald McDonald, American railway. service

Son of the late Richard Philbin and Jane M. Fairbairn, Inkerman Cottage, Montreal; born Montreal, April 1857 educated  high school there; married Feb., 1904  to Adelaide Blanche Gardner, youngest daughter of  Thomas Gardner, Duluth Minnisota; entered service Chicago and N. W. Railway, 1874 was successfully supdt. Minnisota; entered. service Chicago and N.E.D., Freemont, Elkhorn and Missouri Valley Railway, do. Duluth South Shore and Atlantic Valley Railway., general. manager of Duluth and Winnipeg Railway.; 2nd V.-P. Eastern Railway. of Minnisota; superintendant same road, and since 1903 asstistant general superintendant of the Great. Northern Railway.
Residence: Superior Wisconsin

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