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Queen Mary Road United Church became an official pastoral charge on May 14,1929.  In December 1928, Rev. Arthur Wilkinson, a former Methodist minister, had begun a Sunday School in his house on Queen Mary Road near Finchley at the request of the Home Mission Committee of the of the United Church. Services were held in Rev. Wilkinson's house from January 1929 until the congregation moved to a store at Queen Mary Road and Earnscliffe Avenue on May 2,1930. 

Land was donated by T.B. Macaulay and J.W. McConnell for a church at the corner of Queen Mary Road and Finchley. The stone building was dedicated in October 1931. 

In 1951 a new church, next to the old building, was dedicated. The old church was renovated to serve as a social centre.  Renamed Fisher Hall in honour of the Reverend Dr. Fisher, who served the church from 1932 until 1947. In 1959, the first Von Beckerath, tracker-action organ in Canada was installed at Queen Mary Road United. 

In June 1991 Queen Mary Road United Church amalgamated with Rosedale United Church to become Rosedale Queen Mary United Church

The Queen Mary Road building was sold to the Montreal Chinese Alliance Church. The Von Beckerath organ was sold to St. Andrew's-Dominion Douglas United Church.

Source: United Church Archives - Beverly Levine

Rosedale Queen Mary United Church
6870 Terrebonne Street
(between Mariette & Rosedale)
Montreal, Quebec
H4B 1C5

Phone (514) 484-9969
Website : http://pages.infinit.net/rqm/
email: rqm@videotron.ca

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