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submitted by: Maureen Gallagher
related surnames: MEANY

John GALLAGHER's (Aug.1922 - Sept.1997) parents were Mary MEANY and John GALLAGHER from Kilkenny and Donegal respectively. His parents married July 17 1917 at St. Michael's church on St. Viateur street and always lived in the mile end district. John GALLAGHER Sr. worked for the railways across from the Irish Black Rock on Bridge street.

My father John GALLAGHER Jr. worked for Northern Telecom from 1938-1982 with an interuption when he went to war with the RCAF 407th squadron

Please see the photo of John GALLAGER and friends (1942) at St. Pie de Bagot and tell me if you can identify the others in the picture.

submitted by: Carl Gee

My great grandfather Albert Owen GEE was born October 20, 1852 in England. He came to Montreal sometime between his birth and the time of his first marriage around 1875. 

Albert had three wives:
1. His first wife was Martha TURNPENNY.  Who already had a child Polly TURNPENNY.

2. His second Wife Sarah Anna NEAL was from Ireland.  She was a nurse.  They had 5 children:
* Frances GEE married James Edward SHEA in Albany, New York about 1900. They did not have children that I know of.
 * Thomas Owen GEE my grandfather was born September 9, 1880 in St Antoine Ward, Montreal. He moved to Albany, New York around 1900 and married Caroline Salchow MILLER November 18,1903 They had six children, all born around Albany, NY area.
* Albert E. GEE married Mary (no wifeís last name).  They had seven children, all born in Canada
    i.Syril GEE
    ii Lloyd GEE
    iii Robert GEE
    iv Eric GEE
    v Edgar GEE
    vi Marguerite GEE
    vii Albert E.GEE Jr. 
* Alfred Owen GEE married Louise (no wifeís last name).  They had three children,
    i.Winnie GEE
    ii Grace GEE
    iii Robert GEE
I believe this family moved to Alberta Canada. Alfred Owen Gee served in the Boar War for Canada.
* Walter GEE married Mary no other information

 3. Albert Owen Geeís third wife was Arella AMBROSE. They had two sons. I donít know their names.

The children may not be in the correct order of birth. Most of the children of Albert Owen Gee were born at 37 Metcalfe St. near Cote St. Paul Road.  They were all Christened at St. Judes Church, corner of Vinet and Coursol St. in Montreal. I'm looking for any descendants of this GEE family.

submitted by: Ann Gillespie Shoemake 

Henry GILLESPIE (1810-1886) and Ann DIXON (1810-1876) had 10 children while living in St Johns, Quebec (on the Richelieu river).  Several died as young adults but  John, Farnham, Thomas, James Brock & Isabella married & had families that probably continue today. 

By 1880, several of the family members had moved to Montreal.  Henry, after retiring from his carpentry & furniture business in St Johns, lived with daughter Isabella GILLESPIE & her husband, Joseph Hugh CARSON & their daughter Ann Mabel CARSON in St Anne's ward. They were active Methodists. The Carsons are buried at Mount Royal cemetery.  

Surviving children of Henry GILLESPIE and Ann DIXON were:

Children of John:

1. Albert Edward GILLESPIE born ca 1860 who married Phoebe Ann DOCKERSON / DICKESON? at East End Methodist in 1880.  Did they have children?
2. Annie GILLESPIE married William Newton GILLESPIE (see below)

* Farnham GILLESPIE married Elizabeth (surname unknown)
children of Farnham and Elizabeth:

1. William Newton GILLESPIE married John GILLESPIE's s daughter Annie GILLESPIE (yes, 1st cousins) also at East End Meth. in 1880.  Their first child died as an infant.  Were there other children?  
2. Anne (Elizabeth?) GILLESPIE born c1863 
3. Hattie GILLESPIE born ca 1871. 
Farnham was last seen on 1881 census in St Johns but by the time his father died in 1886, he was said to be from Montreal.  I've not been able to find him recorded there.




* Isabella GILLESPIE married Joseph Hugh CARSON (see Carson query)

Would be happy to exchange information related to this Gillespie family. 

submitted by: Jane Patrick
related surnames: CLEMENTS, TOOKE

* William Arthur Cecil HAMILTON married Frances Mary CLEMENTS in the early 1900's.   They had a son, James Bedell HAMILTON, who married Elizabeth Morecroft TOOKE.  I am their daughter, Frances Jane HAMILTON.

WAC HAMILTON had brothers:

* H. D HAMILTON, a doctor who did not marry;

* Beverley HAMILTON, whose wife was Annie, I believe. 
Their children were 
2.Douglas HAMILTON
Gay had a daughter Janet who moved to Newfoundlandland--she would be about my age (64) and I would like to find her.  Leslie did not marry.  Douglas married and had a family in St-Hyacinthe.  I would like to find them!  With their help, perhaps I can find those who went before them.

submitted by: Donald Harrison
related surnames: BUTLER

My paternal grandparents, Phillip HARRISON born January 17, 1888, (died January 17, 1956) and  Kate BUTLER born October 24, 1890, each of  Wednesbury England, married there and immigrated to Montreal.  Lived out their lives in Montreal, raised a family, including my father Phillip William Butler HARRISON.  All are deceased now. I am searching for their records.

submitted by: Bob Hartley
related surnames: FRAPPIER, LAMASNIE

John Postlethwait HARTLEY was born Dec.4,1836 Dublin Ireland (Reg. St. Mary's church) He was the  son of  Robert  HARTLEY, born England 1779, (Wheaton and Ashton Hall in Statfordshire), died 1856  probably in Dublin, Ireland.

John P. HARTLEY married  Feb. 20,1868 in Dublin , Glasverre church. Name of wife unknown!
He died  Jan 17,1912 and is buried in  Mount Royal cemetery  grave 802 W

Issue 2-3 sons  1 Daughter

* George Dunning HARTLEY, b.???, Dublin Ireland, married Lillian??? Died 1940-1950s Worcester, Leicester Mass. USA  (Part owner of Sleeper and Hartley Inc. Worcester., Mass.,) 
Issue of George and Lillian:
1) Kathleen HARTLEY
2) Robert. HARTLEY

* Norman Alexander HARTLEY,  born 1871, Dublin Ireland   He married Margarette Geraldine FRAPPIER in 1896.  Died 1936 .. buried East Templeton P.Q.  Dunning Cemetery.  Migrated to Uruguay S.A. in 1901 or 1902,  with wife and daughter Louise. 
Issue of Norman and Margarette:
1) Louse Kathleen HARTLEY, Born Halifax N.S. 
2) Norma Paulina HARTLEY, born in Uruguay . 
3) Pearla HARTLEY(died in infancy) born in Uruguay . 
4) Pearl Olive HARTLEY, born in Uruguay . 
are all deceased. 

* Eleanor HARTLEY, born - ??? Ireland  Married  Gamble LAMASNIE   Montreal 19?? 
Died 1950s   Montreal 

Other names, i.e. Horace, Robert, Wilfred have been mentioned in passing, one time or another over the years. Horace and Robert were brothers of Eleanor ????? 

My HARTLEYs migrated to Canada 1875 - 1890. Any information on the above would be very gratefully appreciated, especially , birth dates of  children and arrival in Canada. There is no one left that we know of with this information. We have more  from the 1900s  to the present, but very little prior to.

submitted by: Marc G. Vallieres

James HAY: born ca1781 in Orkney, Scotland.  (I looked at the Orphir records, where he entered the Hudson's Bay Co., but his baptism does not seem to be there. Probably from another town). Spent some time at Chesterfield House for HBC.  (We looked at the HBC files at the NAC and found interesting stuff.  Seems to have liked fighting!).

He left the HBC and found work at the St.Maurice forges, near Three Rivers, Qc. He got married in Three Rivers (protestant) 8 Nov 1807 to Margaret KANTERDOLLAR.

They had four children: 

* William HAY (b.1808 in Three Rivers),
   William married Janet FLEMING (date and place unknown) 
   They had a son James HAY in 1828 (b. St.Gabriel Presbyterian in Montreal).
* Anthony HAY (b.1810 in Montreal - St.Gabriel Presbyterian)
* Margaret HAY (b.1812 in Montreal - St.Gabriel Presbyterian)
   Margaret became catholic and married Olivier PICHETTE (an innkeeper in Montreal) in 1829. 
* Jane HAY (b.1817 in Montreal - St.Gabriel Presbyterian)

James HAY was working for the North-West Company in Montreal when he died 19 Apr 1818
(buried St.Gabriel Presbyterian).

What we are looking for is the Orkney part (in which town was he baptised in1781, who were his parents, etc.). My wife's great-great-grandmother was the daughter of Olivier PICHETTE and Margaret HAY.

Submitted April 28, 2000, by Robert M. Henderson

I have a large number of Henderson ancestors in the Quebec and Montreal areas.

I know my gggf, William Simpson HENDERSON was buried in Montreal in 1857 from the Mountain Street Wesleyan Methodist Church.  I suspect other family members may be buried there also.

William's brother, John HENDERSON was in business in Montreal for many years as Henderson, Brother & Co., hats and furs; in the 1850s the name was changed to John Henderson & Co., Hatters and Furriers.

In the late 1860s there was a firm Marcou & Henderson, furriers, in which James Henderson was a partner.  I believe this James HENDERSON to be related.  He lived for a time.

John HENDERSON was also in partnership with his brother, William Simpson HENDERSON in Quebec originally under the name of  W. S. Henderson, London Hat Warehouse.  Over the years the name of this firm was changed as cousins were taken in and the original partners retired.  Today this firm is Holt Renfrew and has branches all over Canada.

Other names associated with the family in Montreal were GIBSONE and BOTTRELL
John Fraser GIBSONE m. Margaret HENDERSON in Montreal in 1866. 
They had 2 children, 
* Maj. John Burford GIBSONE, who apparently never married and died in 1945; and 
* S. Maude GIBSONE, who married a C. T. MARLING-SAUNDERS.  Maude's husband died prior to 1930 and Maude died in 1949.  I have no information on C. T. MARLING-SAUNDERS and would appreciate anything I can get.

Maj. John Burford GIBSONE was the brother of the Hon. George Farrar GIBSONE and Lt. Gen. William Primrose GIBSONE, all of Montreal.  The GIBSONE male line died out in 1945 when Lt. George Derek GIBSONE, GGHG, was killed in action near Melfi, Italy.

Edmund BOTTRELL, a Wesleyan minister at Lennoxville married the widow of Thomas RENFREW, in 1838.  Her maiden name was Mary Ann Jane HENDERSON, daughter of George HENDERSON, Esq. of Quebec City.

I am trying to find the immigrant ancestor, who I suspect was James HENDERSON, Sr., who died in Batiscan, Quebec,  in 1851, aged 70 years.  His wife's name was Elizabeth.  Burial was in Mount Hermon Cemetery "near Quebec".

My Quebec Henderson ancestors seem to have been a veritable Clan and moved back and forth between Quebec City and Montreal.  There must be some living descendants in Montreal, but I have been unable to make contact with any and there are no family trees on the internet that can be identified with any of the above people.

submitted by: Kathy Zavada
related surnames: GILLIES, SHERLAW, WESTON

Montreal records :
Church :Westmont-Park-Melville,
Cemetery : Mount Royal
Emigrated to Montreal about 1907-Railroad related

John HENDRY born Caithness, Scotland 3 Jan 1857.
Married Margaret McDonald GILLIES New York, NY 21 Apr 1887

John died Westmont, Montreal Oct 1929. Wife Margaret died Westmont 15 jan 1918
Address in Westmont,Montreal was 43 Chesterfield Ave.
Had sister who emigrated to Canada and possibly a brother
Sister married a SHERLAW-son Roderick living in Edmonton-had two daughters

Children :
* Elizabeth Ann HENDRY born 1888 Chicago, Illinois died Westmont
* Margaret Georgine HENDRY born 1890 St. Charles Missouri died Westmont
* John Alexander HENDRY born 10 Feb 1892 St. Charles, St. Louis MO,USA 
    Married Agatha WESTON (see Weston query) 29 June 1926 at Westmont Park-Melville church
    John Alexander worked for Jas. OGILVY Ltd. He died 6 May 1964 Westmont, Montreal
    Children :
    1. Barbara HENDRY
    2. Joyce HENDRY
    3. Donald HENDRY
* Lily Sinclair HENDRY born 1894 St. Charles, Missouri

submitted by: Sheila Hennessy 
related surnames: KENNEDY, BENTLY, BROWN, TURNER

My Hennessy ancestors are R.C. and spent from 1850s to 1950s living in Pointe St. Charles, and were members of St. Gabriel's R.C. Church on Centre St. in  Pointe St. Charles (Montreal).   They were living in Montreal before 1840's.

They were, Michael HENNESSY b. Tipperary, Ire. approx. 1815 and died in Montreal, July 1888 and his wife Ellen KENNEDY b. Tipperary, approx 1817 and died in Montreal abt. 1891.  Unsure where the marriage took place, but we think it was in USA.

The children were:
* James HENNESSY, b. Aug. 25, 1840, in Montreal d. Sept. 28 1912 in Montreal
* John HENNESSY b. 1843 in Montreal. d. May 28 1928, wife Bridget BENTLY
* Thomas HENNESSY, b 1846, maybe in USA, died Montreal, Oct.1,1916, wife AnnieHENNESSEY
* Michael HENNESSY b. 1854 USA? d. Nov.19 1916 in Montreal, wife Ann BROWN
* Ann HENNESSYb.June 10 1855, in Montreal, married to John TURNER, May 20 1879 

submitted by: Patty Brown 
related surnames: SHEARER, CROW

In 1879 at Olivet Church in Monreal William HOGG married Addie Marion SHEARER, (b.abt.1854) daughter of Andrew SHEARER and Elizabeth CROW of Montreal. They left Montreal shortly afterwards but I have no idea where they went. Some relatives say they went to the U.S., but no-one knows where. I have no idea when or where William HOGG was born or who his parents were. Are there any decendants of William HOGG and Addie SHEARER out there?

submitted by: Al Allen
related surnames: CHERRY,  BLISS

The ancestors I am researching are Joseph Archibald HUMPHREYS (possibly spelled HUMPHRIES) and his wife, Sarah Maria CHERRY.  She was a native of England; he of either Ireland or Wales. 

As far as I can determine Joseph HUMPHREYS and Sarah CHERRY emigrated to Canada from Ireland about 1850 and settled in Montreal.  I come to this conclusion because my maternal grandmother, * Sophia Alice HUMPHREYS, was born in Dublin c. 1850 
but a brother :
* Beauchamp HUMPHREYS was born c. that same year in Montreal.

Joseph Humphreys and Sarah Cherry had two other children born in Montreal : 
* Charlotte Elizabeth HUMPHREYS, born c. 1855 and 
* Cherry Jesse HUMPHREYS, born c. 1852. 

When the parents arrived in Canada from Ireland they brought with them at least three other children, my grandmother, Sophia, and two older sisters : 
* Sarah Ann HUMPHREYS, born in Ireland c. 1839
* Frances HUMPHREYS, born in Ireland c. 1842.

By 1871 when the Census was taken in Ottawa all these children were living there together, except for my grandmother Sophia Alice HUMPHREYS, who had married civil engineer George Pidgeon BLISS and with him was migrating westward, eventually to settle in Manitoba.  I don't know when or where she married George Pidgeon BLISS, but it is certainly likely the wedding took place in Montreal, where her parents lived.  As for the date, it could not have been after 1871, because in the 1891 Census in Winnipeg a 20-year-old son named Charles BLISS was living with them there.  Though I have no evidence of it, there may have been children older than he, which would push the marriage farther back. At any rate, it would certainly have been a Church of England ceremony, for George  BLISS was the son of a Church of England priest from New Brunswick, the Rev. Charles Parke  BLISS

I don't know when Joseph HUMPHREYS and Sarah CHERRY arrived from Ireland.  I don't know what his occupation was, or where they lived in Montreal. I don't know when either of them died or where they are buried, though it's likely to have been Montreal. 

submitted by: Daryl Lightfoot

John and Helen (nee SCHAW) HUNTER, emigrated to Montreal c.1819 from Leith, MLN, SCT. John was a ship's chandler in Leith and followed a similar line in Montreal for a little while after his arrival there. This HUNTER family subsequently became the founders/pioneers of Huntingdon village, Co.Huntingdon - some first hand oral history of the move to Huntingdon in Robert Sellar's "History of Huntingdon....." (1888). I'm currently seeking info on all descendants for possible incorporation in a definitive family history of this Hunter family.

submitted by: Linda Wampach

Alexander IMRIE came to Canada as a young man with several friends.  For several years, they worked throughout Canada and the Eastern United States doing construction work and other labor.  This would have been during the 1880's.  One of the friends died so Alexander volunteered to take the body back to Scotland, saying that he would return to Canada.  Well, he finally did after 20 years and 12 children. 

He and his wife, Amelia Lamb MCQUEEN brought all of their children to Montreal in 1911, I believe on board the Hisperian.  Amelia died in 1933 and Alexander eventually moved to California to live with his daughter, Margaret WILSON.  He died in 1949. 

His children scattered across Canada and the US; at least one branch stayed in Montreal. 
Bob and Eva IMRIE settled in Lethbridge, Alberta.  Three of the sisters, Meg WILSON, Millie HILL and Marie MATHESON moved to California which, for 30 years, became the site of the great Mother's Day Picnics.   John and Lillian MAWHINNEY (see Mawhinney query) stayed in Canada until 1945 when they moved to California also with their sons, Stuart and Ian.  Stuart married Jeanette KORVER.  They stayed in San Jose, had 4 children (I'm the oldest) then moved to Sumner, Washington, taking John and Lil with them.  Lil died there in 1995.

I would appreciate any information the IMRIE's; ancestry, descendancy and especially any information on Alexander's history.  His mother was named Elizabeth IMRIE but I have not been able to determine an age for her.  Alexander was born in Dundee in 1863 and no father appears on the birth certificate.

Please visit my web page at  to see the indexed surnames that I have accumulated so far.  Please let me know if you can contribute to this.

submitted by: Raymond H. Brooks
related surnames: BROOKS

I am seeking information on MARY ELIZABETH JACKSON who was born in Montreal,Canada, TLC about 1833 . Her father was HENRY JACKSON, Mother's name unknown. But both parents are said to have been born in Canada.

Mary E. JACKSON married a THADDEUS E. BROOKS in Westminster,Vermont,USA  in 1860. 
Mary E. JACKSON was a person of color. Any information is most appreciated

Submitted by: Gene Jeffrey
Related surnames: COWIE

Seeking information about the families and descendents of George JEFFREY 1785-1843 a blacksmith of Montreal at Petite Cote, and his wife Margaret COWIE 1795-1865. 
Their children are 
* James JEFFREY,b.1814 
* Margaret JEFFREY,b.1816
* George JEFFREY,b.1818 
* Alison JEFFREY,b.1821 
* Agnes JEFFREY,b.1824 
* John JEFFREY,b.1826
* William JEFFREY,b.1829 
* Thomas JEFFREY,b.1832
* Alexander JEFFREY,b.1834

submitted by :Marjorie Mikasen
related surnames : SNOWDON

Looking for the descendants of Charles JOHNSON (1850-1926) who was married after 1865 in Montreal to Jane Gould SNOWDON. (see Snowdon query)

Children of Charles Johnson and Jane Gould Snowdon:
* Beatrice Snowdon JOHNSON
* Hussey JOHNSON

submitted by: Michele Lockwood
related surnames: LOCKWOOD

Looking for Joseph KING from Montreal. He married a Louisa who was born in  Paris France. I believe he was Protestant as were most of our lines. Joseph and Sadie were married by a Reverend, so I will assume Protestant. Joseph King was a tailor. At some time they moved to Massachussettes (Boston) where they  had at least 1 child.

* Clarence Henry KING in 1878. 
Clarence went to NY and married Sadie LOCKWOOD in 1910 (Sanford, NY in Broome County) Sadly both died in 1918 of the flu epidemic 4 days apart from each other. They had no children. Anyone have these KINGs in their line? 

submitted by: Wendy Wilson 
related surnames: UPTON

George Pomeroy KNOTT (b. Mar 25, 1854 England or Ireland, d. before 1937 in  Westmount, buried Mount Royal Cemetery)  married to Margaret Jane UPTON (see UPTON query) in  Nov 1880 (Anglican - possibly in Montreal). 

They had two children:
* Adelaide KNOTT (Aug 1881) 
* George KNOTT (Jun 1883). 

On the 1901 Census, they are living at 4488 St Catherine St. and George is listed as a Plasterer.  I am looking for  any information regarding this family and details of George's emigration to Canada abt 1874.

submitted by : Barb and Cliff Bowles

Adam Lymburner MACNIDER  b. 1788 in Kilmarnock, Scotland
m. 1812 to Rosina AIRD in Scotland (see AIRD query)

* William MACNIDER b. 1814  m. Philadelphia Anne WISHART in 1837 
* Janet Aird MACNIDER b. 1816  m. John SPIERS in 1838 
* Anna Markland MACNIDER b. 1818  m. Francis Walker SHERRIFF in 1838 
* Susannah Ann MACNIDER b. 1820  died as infant 
* John Macnider MACNIDER b.  m. John Abigail JOHNSON in 1845 
* Mary Susannah MACNIDER b. 1824 1822   m. Robert SOMERVILLE in 1840 
* Adam Lymburner MACNIDER b. 1826 died as infant 
* George Markland MACNIDER b. 1828  m. Helen Schaw HUNTER in 1855
      1. Annie MACNIDER b. 1856  m. Wm MILROY and 2nd Frank EGAN
      2. Helen Bertha MACNIDER b. 1858  m. John RITCHIE in 1876 (see RITCHIE query)
      3. Mary Summerville MACNIDER b. 1860   m. George COOKE
      4. George MACNIDER b. 1862  m. Mattie WELLER in 1889
* Rosina Arabella MACNIDER b. 1830  m. George WALKER
* Adam Robert MACNIDER b. 1832  m. Eliza FALCONER in 1873

Adam Lymburner MACNIDER was a Montreal Merchant and also resided in Metis, PQ. 
We have oil portraits of Adam and Rosina in our dining room which were done before 1832

submitted by: Marjorie Mikasen

I am looking for the descendents of Joseph MAFFRE Sr. and any information regarding the lives of our common ancestors.

Joseph MAFFRE Sr. born about 1792, raised in England from about age two. died c1855 in Montreal
married about 1815 in Lymington, England, to Lucy THOMAS (about 1792-1849)
He was a leading musician, composer, and music instructor in Montreal during the 1840¹s

Joseph Sr. and Lucy¹s children:
* Frank MAFFRE (1815-?) furniture maker in Montreal and later New Glasgow
* Joseph Ludwig MAFFRE, Jr. (1817-1881) musical instructor in Montreal
   married June 28, 1843 in Montreal to Julie Theophile PERRAULT (1819-1857)
   married April 22, 1858 in Montreal to Jeannie CARRUTHERS (?-about 1864)
   married 1865 in Montreal to Theresa LESEUER (?-?)
   Joseph Jr. and Julie PERRAULT's children 

1) Leopold Alfred MAFFRE (1844-1891)
music instructor in Montreal and organist at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church
received the Fellowship of College Organists Award in 1889
served as President of the Académe de Musique de Québec from 1890-1891
married October 1870 in Waterloo, Quebec, to Sara ELLIS
2) Georgiana Australina MAFFRE Fairbairn (1847-1937)
married first to ?? but he died and left her with two children
married 2nd on July 23, 1870 in Montreal to William John FAIRBAIRN (see Fairbairn query)
3) Frederick Arthur MAFFRE (1853-1939)
married about 1878 in Montreal to Catherine CARRUTHERS
married November 2, 1886 in Montreal to Maria Louisa GURNEY 
Joseph Jr. and Jeannie CARRUTHER's child: 
Anna MAFFRE Cook (1859-1940)
adopted about 1864 by Raphael and Laura COOK of Brockport, NY
married to Mades LENCK (1861-1926)
* Frederick MAFFRE (?-?) Furniture maker in Montreal and later in New Glasgow
* Marie MAFFRE (about 1821-?)
   married February 27, 1845 in Montreal to William TATE (b.1804) (see TATE query)
   Their children: 
1) William Wilberforce TATE (1845-1923)
2) Lucy TATE  (1850-1915) married about 1895 in Montreal to Malcolm GREGORY
3) George Henry TATE (1856-about 1910) married 1885 in Montreal to Harriett RICHARD
* Henry "Harry" Maffre (1823-?) Music instructor and later dance master
* Mary Anne Maffre (1826-?)
* Alfred Maffre (?-?)
* Charlotte Maffre (?-?)

submitted by : Lucille Cuevas c/o Patty Brown
related surnames : WELBY

Looking for any information on the ancestors and descendants of Dominic MALT and his wife Rebecca WELBY. Dominic was of Italian background and Rebecca immigrated to Montreal from either England or Scotland. She was probably born in the 1890s?  (see WELBY query)

Dominic and Rebecca were married in Montreal probably in the 19-teens. 
They had four children: 

Tommy MALT
daughter MALT
Susie MALT b. 1923 in Montreal

They lived on Versailles street. After the death of their mother (1920s?) the children were sent to live with other families in Montreal. Susie MALT went to live with the VAUGHAN family on St. Antoine street, the unknown daughter went to live with a family in Westmount, but we have no idea where Tommy MALT and Rita MALT went. We know they were living somewhere in Montreal in the 1940s.

Susie MALT attended the High School of Montreal in the 1940s and had teachers such as Mr. SPEERS and Miss PICKEN. She became a musician and won many awards. The family attended St. George Anglican church.

Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated!

submitted by : K.R. Johnson KRJohnson@InfoAve.Net
related surnames : STENHOUSE

Looking for relatives of Fanny Selina MASLIN, b. 1863, London, England.
Married Adam STENHOUSE 28 Oct 1889, Montreal, Taylor (Anglican?) Church.  Died 15 Sep 1893, Washington, DC.  Parents: John James and Mary Ann MASLIN.

Known Siblings: 
* Agnes Maria MASLIN and 
* John Henry Albert MASLIN
also born & christened in London.

I'm wondering if the whole family emigrated to Canada or whether Fanny came alone.  Family history alleges that she had brothers who became lumberjacks. 

submitted by: Janet Noyes (nee Mason)

I'm looking for information on my G-G Grandmother  Jane HERBERT.  All I know is that she married George Albert MASON in 1865 in Montreal.  They settled in the Eastern Townships, Brome County. 

submitted by Brooke Fry
related surnames: ROBINSON, SHAW

Sisters, Jane MATHEWS and Ann MATHEWS, b. Ireland. Migrated to Montreal.
Both married Richard ROBINSON, b.Ireland abt. 1784.  (see ROBINSON query)

Also trying to confirm whether Jane and Ann MATHEWS were sisters of Martha MATHEWS, wife of William SHAW, founder of Shawbridge, Quebec, now Prevost, and whether Sgt. Major Daniel MATHEWS was their father or brother. Looking for any MATHEWS data.

submitted by: Linda Wampach
related surnames: BRASSINGTON, BOMMER, IMRIE

Radcliffe MAWHINNEY (b. Northern Ireland c1857), and Hannah Eliza BRASSINGTON came to Montreal with their 12 children in 1905-1906 from Bolton/Manchester, Lancashire, England. 
Their children were:
* John MAWHINNEY(c.1898-1915)
* Radcliffe MAWHINNEY(c.1896-1918)
* Elizabeth MAWHINNEY

All seven boys  served in the Canadian Army in WWI; 
John MAWHINNEY and Radcliffe MAWHINNEY died in France and Belgium during the war.

David MAWHINNEY  moved to New York.
Walter MAWHINNEYwent out west

Thomas MAWHINNEY married Louisa BOMMER while they were in England.  The had eloped in Bolton in 1905.  Theirs was an elopement with a twist.  His mother did not want him to marry Louisa and locked him in his room.  His friends came in the night, pushed a ladder up to his window and helped him escape.  He and Louisa were married 2 days before Christmas.  He went to Canada with his father and some brothers and Louisa followed a year and a half later with his mother and the rest of the family. 
They had 4 children: 
* Florence MAWHINNEY
John was born in England because Louisa had moved back to her family while her husband was serving in France. Thomas died in 1942 and Louisa in 1968 and are buried in Mount Royal cemetery.  Their eldest daughter Lillian MAWHINNEY married John IMRIE and eventually moved to California. (See IMRIE

I am looking for any information on the people above; specifically about Radcliffe MAWHINNEY. He was born somewhere in Northern Ireland around 1857.  At some point, he moved to England where he met and married Hannah Eliza BRASSINGTON in 1880 in Bolton, Lancashire.  Hannah died in 1925 and Radcliffe in 1929. They are both buried in Mount Royal cemetery. I know that Radcliffe's  father, Robert MAWHINNEY, was a farmer and died about 1893 but I have no clue as to a location except Northern Ireland.  I am also collecting information on descendants which I will post with permission.
Please visit my web page at to see an indexed surname list.

submitted by Malcolm Paterson

James McARTHUR, a mason, b.abt.1810, married Helen ALEXANDER, "Married at Glasgow the 25th November 1831 by the Revd Michael Willis, minister of the original Burghor Chapel, Renfield Street, Barony Parish." James died bef. 1857. Nothing is known of Helen's death. 

James and Helen had 6 children, all born in Tradeston, Gorbals, LKS, four of whom survived to aduldhood:
* Colin(1) McARTHUR, b.14-Oct-1832, died in infancy or early childhood;
* Colin(2) McARTHUR, b.13-Feb-1835; died 8-Dec-1901
* Helen (1) McARTHUR, b.8-Jan-1837, died in infancy or early childhood;
* David McARTHUR, b.24-Mar-1839;
* Helen (2) McARTHUR, b.3-Jul-1841;
* James McARTHUR, b.26-Nov-1843.

Nothing more is known of David or James.

Helen McARTHUR married a man by the name of HAMILTON, was subsequently widowed, and in 1871 she married William PATERSON (see PATERSON query).

* Colin McARTHUR, m.(1)15-Sept-1857, Largs, Ayr to Margaret Graham JAMIESON (b.Aug. 1835, Largs, AYR, daughter of David JAMIESON and Margaret LADE). Margaret died bef.1874. 
Colin and Margaret had three children:
1) Helen  McARTHUR, b.29-Apr-1859;
2) David Jamieson  McARTHUR, b.4-Jul-1860; d. 26-Feb-1902
3) Margaret  McARTHUR, b.17-Oct-1863. d. 31-Jan-1923 in Waterbury, VT

Colin, m.(2) bef.1874, Annie WILLIAMSON. (b. in Mar or Apr of 1848, possibly the daughter of John and Hannah WILLIAMSON in Childwall, Lancs.) This marriage seems to have been childless.

In 1874 Colin brought his family to Montréal, Québec, Canada where he founded a Wallpaper Manufacturing company. He died 8-Dec-1901. Nothing more is known of Colin's first child, Helen. She may have died in infancy or early childhood.

2) David Jamieson  McARTHUR, m.30-Jul-1889 to Rose Mary WILKINSON, dau. of  Thomas Coxon WILKINSON and Jane Pierce THURSBY
They had two children:
i) Colin  McARTHUR, b.12-May-1890; d. 22-Oct-1932
ii) Annie Thursby  McARTHUR, b.16-Jan-1892, d.22-Aug-1892.

David  Jamieson McARTHUR died 26-Feb-1902. His son Colin  McARTHUR, died 22-Oct-1932. No more is known of him at this time.

Colin McARTHUR (Sr)'s third child, Margaret McARTHUR, seems never to have married. She died
31-Jan-1923 in Waterbury, VT where she was apparently visiting or vacationing. She is buried with the rest of the family in Mount Royal Cemetery in Montréal.

Looking for ancestors of  James McARTHUR and Helen ALEXANDER, possible descendents of Colin McARTHUR (Jr), and generally fill in the gaps.

submitted by:  Don MacDougall
related surnames: BROWN, MONK

Duncan McDOUGALL m. Elizabeth/Isabella BROWN at St. Gabriel's church Montreal in 1832.  Duncan d. 1846?; Elizabeth/Isabella d. 1845. (see BROWN query).  Any info on where buried?  Duncan was a farmer in Long Point 1834-1843.  Anyone know how to get info about Long Point during that period; ie land records etc? 

Duncan may be related to Alexander McDOUGALL, Montreal blacksmith who married Jane MONK,  March 1835, St. Gabriel Church.  Any related information or clues appreciated.

Submitted by: Penny Carpenter
Related surnames: CHRISTMAS

Jane Gillespie McCAUGHEY b. 7 July 1848 St.Henri de Montreal, Quebec d. 7 Dec1913 Mtl.
d/o James Scott McCAUGHEY b. ca 1813 Ireland d. 3 Mar 1869, Westmount; & Jane KEERY

m. Thos.Henry CHRISTMAS 25 June 1874 American Presbyterian Church, Montreal
their issue 8 sons, 1 daughter (see CHRISTMAS query)

Other known children of James Scott McCAUGHEY were:
* Isabella Alexandria McCAUGHEY, (1852-1921)
* Margaret Hannah McCAUGHEY, (1854-1869)
* Lena Rachel McCAUGHEY, (1856-1920)
* Henrietta McCAUGHEY, (1858-1903)
All born and died in Montreal, and buried in Mount Royal cemetery. Were there others?

Am interested in finding out more about the family of James Scott McCAUGHEY who left Ireland for Quebec(?) right after his marriage to Isabella KEERY (sailed for Canada 9 May 1839)

submitted by: Patrick Boylan

I'm looking for information on McKennas from Montreal. The information that I have now is listed below:

Thomas MCKENNA  was born Abt. 1860.  He married Bridget O'NEILL in Montreal. She was born Bef. 1870. Thomas may have been born in Montreal however, went to School at Chistian Brothers academy in Chicago.

Children of Thomas MCKENNA and Bridget O'NEILL are:

* James "Jim" MCKENNA, b. Abt.1870 (played with Montreal Shamrocks and won the Stanley Cup)
* ALICE MCKENNA. born c1870s
* GRACE MCKENNA. born c1870s
* FLORENCE MCKENNA (not sure about this one)
* Patrick Charles MCKENNA, b. November 1876, Montreal
    married Sept. 21,1904 to Mary Helen Gertrude SEXTON, daughter of Thomas SEXTON and
    Margaret FERNS. Mary was born Bet.1880-1890 in Montreal, and died May 06, 1952 in Lakeside, 
Their children:
 i. Mary Clare MCKENNA, b. May 31, 1909, Montreal; d. October 1984, Atlanta, Georgia.
    She married John William HAMBLIN, October 24, 1936 in Montreal, son of John HAMBLIN and 
    Alice TEMPLETON.  John William HAMBLIN was born October 14,1902 in Clapham Junction, London, England, and died November 28, 1958 in Montreal.
 ii. Marie MCKENNA, b. June 17, 1913.
 iii. Marjorie MCKENNA, b. July 24, 1905.
 iv. Pauline MCKENNA, b. November 07, 1907; d.November 07, 1907.

submitted by: Gary Mair
related surnames: CREIGHAN

John or James McKENNA who married Mary CREIGHAN had 13 children, three daughters died along with parents of the flu around 1914.  He worked for the Railroad as an electrician.  Any info would be greatly appreciated as this is all we know.

Submitted by: Brooke Fry
related surnames: ROBINSON

Looking for information on Hugh MILLAR who is buried in Section L 535 at Mount Royal Cemetery.  He was a widower of Mabel Alice ROBINSON; born Montreal October 9, 1883; died: May 8, 1967 at age 83 years.  His late residence was 72 Belmont Crescent, Westmount.  I am a Robinson descendent, and would like to know how his wife was related to my Robinson's.(see Robinson query)

Submitted by: Ann Gillespie Shoemake
Related surnames: LOVELL, CARSON

Adam MILLER (d 1826) and Theodora LOVELL (d 1848) came to St Johns, PQ in 1820 where Adam was schoolmaster at the government school.  Some years after his death, Theodora and her children moved to Montreal.  

By 1841, Adam MILLER Jr and Robert MILLER were active booksellers, specializing in school texts & distributing publications from John LOVELL.  In 1850, Ann MILLER, probably a younger sister, married Hugh CARSON at St James Methodist church. (see Carson query

The Miller association with bookselling continues for at least two more generations.  Because this family re-uses so many given names, it has been difficult to reconstruct the family group.  Just how many children did Adam & Theodora have?   

Submitted by: Warren Sadler
Related surnames: TATE

Looking for the descendants of:

Robert MITCHELL and his wife Mary TATE  b: Feb. 12, 1837 Montreal (see TATE query) who were married  January 4, 1860 at St. George Anglican church in Montreal

Their children: 
* Richard Ramsay MITCHELL b: Montreal, Quebec 
* Jennie Ritchie MITCHELL b: Montreal, Quebec d: April 12, 1938 Westmount, Quebec
* Margaret E. MITCHELL b: Montreal, Quebec 
* Lily M. MITCHELL b: Montreal, Quebec 

Robert MITCHELL was the founder of Robert Mitchell & Co, also known as Montreal Brass Works (founded c1851). 

Submitted by: Warren Sadler
Related surnames: WHITEFORD, BROWN

On December 31, 1850 at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Montreal, John MORRISON of Lachine married Margaret WHITEFORD (see WHITEFORD query)

They had the following children:

* Mary Morrison 
* Agnes Morrison 
* John Morrison b: October 27, 1851 Lachine
* Margaret Morrison b: May 18, 1853 Lachine,  d: December 13, 1854 Lachine
* David Morrison 
* Margaret Morrison b: July 22, 1856 Lachine married ?? BROWN

Does anyone have any info on this family?

submitted by: Patty Brown 
related surnames: ROBB

George William MOSS married Annie ROBB, (see Robb query) daughter of  William ROBB and Anne MORRICE in Montreal in 1861 and had at least 5 children. George, Annie and two of their children are buried in Mount Royal cemetery but the others seem to have disappeared. 

 George William MOSS b: Abt. July 12, 1835 (or 1826! ) Manchester, Eng. d: May 22, 1895 Montreal 
..  +Annie ROBB b: Abt. 1841 Aberdeen, Scotland m: 1861 Montreal d: March 06, 1911 Montreal
Their children were:
* Henry Akes MOSS b: 1861 Montreal, d: May 19, 1864 Montreal
* Annie Whitehead MOSS b: Abt. 1863 Montreal d: October 22, 1910 Montreal
* William MOSS b: Abt. 1865   (lost branch)
* George MOSS b: Abt. 1871   (lost branch)
* Jessie MOSS b: Abt. 1873      (lost branch)

submitted by: Carol White
related surnames: FERGUSON

Mary Jane MUNRO was born in Scotland in the late 1800's. She  married  John FERGUSON in the 1900's in Dunbarton, Scotland and had 3 children. The family came to Canada in 1922 and resided in the Montreal area till her passing in 1953. (See Ferguson query)

submitted by:Kathleen Holland

I am looking for a link to Michael MURPHY (parents Michael and Bridget)  who was born in Pittsburgh, PA in the 1870's and emigrated to Canada c1900?. 

All I have to direct me to Montreal are two photographs; one is of a family of four and the husband most definitely looks like one of our Murphy men.  The photo was taken by O.J. Desjardin, 1509 Rue St. Catherine, Montreal.  The second is of two little boys dressed up like farmers, taken by J. H. Fournier, 329 Rue St. Catherine, Montreal.

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