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Submitted by: Patty Brown 

I'm looking for the decendants of  Horatio William NELSON, b.1846 in Montreal, (son of Horatio A. NELSON & Maria DAVISON) and his wife Isabella Patterson CHRISTIE, b.1852 in Toronto  (daughter of Alexander Ritchie CHRISTIE and Margaret KILGOUR).

Horatio W. NELSON and Isabella CHRISTIE were married in Toronto in 1873 where they are also buried . Horatio's siblings appear to have remained in Montreal as did many of  Isabella's CHRISTIE cousins. 

I'm hoping that a Montreal CHRISTIE  or NELSON decendant will know what happened to the decendants of  Horatio & Isabella. One of their daughters, Helen NELSON, married Donald McGILLIVRAY and both are buried in the NELSON plot in Toronto. 

submitted by : Barbara Giannone Horn
related surnames : CANT

I believe my mother was born in Montreal, Canada on November 17, 1914 to Samuel Rennie NEWELL and Mary CANT Newell.  Her name was Maryann or Mary Ann NEWELL

She had three brothers: 
* Lionel NEWELL
* Lloyd NEWELL
* Thomas NEWELL
and one sister :
* Jeanette or Jeanetta (not sure of the spelling) NEWELL. Jeanette died in childhood.

Mary Cant NEWELL also passed away as a young women and Sam remarried.
The best information that I have is that when Sam remarried, it was in the U.S. and he sent for his children who were living in an orphanage somewhere up in Canada.  I think my mother entered the orphanage at around the age of 2 and was there until she was 10 or 11.  I think they were raised Episcoplian. Any information would be appreciated.

submitted by: Janet Cobb Lewine
related surnames : GREEN, PEACOCK, JACQUES

Looking for the descendants of Archibald NICOLL (b. England) and his wife Elizabeth GREEN (b. Canada  m. May 15, 1858 in St. Andrews Church, Quebec)

Known children:

* Balinda (?) "Belle" NICOLL b. 1861, Quebec (never married)
* Thomas NICOLL  b. 1863, Quebec d. 1934 Dorchester, MA
  +Ada Julia "Dolly" PEACOCK m. Dec.12, 1894 Montreal (b.1866 Montreal, d.1941  Dorchester, MA)
* Benjamin Green NICOLL b. 1865, Quebec
* Harriet Wallace NICOLL b. 1867, Quebec
* James Wallace NICOLL   b. 1876, Quebec
    +  Lilian JACQUES, m. 1907, Montreal (they had 2 daughters born pre-1824)

According to the bios on James Wallace NICOLL, he was educated at Montreal High Schools so they must have moved from Quebec City to Montreal sometime between the late 1870s and early 1890s. In the 1895 Montreal City directory, his father Archibald NICOLL is listed as an insurance broker and living at 103 Stanley street and his brother Thomas NICOLL as an insurance clerk living at 98 Durocher.

Submitted by: Patty Brown
Related surnmes: SIMPSON, O'ROURKE

George NIGHTINGALE married Eleanor Manson SIMPSON (1836-1893) (see SIMPSON query), daughter of Andrew SIMPSON and Eleanor O'ROURKE in Montreal in 1864.

They had at least 4 children:
* George NIGHTINGALE (c1865-1904)
* Andrew William NIGHTINGALE(died as an infant)
* Eleanor Manson NIGHTINGALE (died as an infant)
* Florence Blanche NIGHTINGALE (c1874-1895)

They are all buried in Mount Royal cemetery. Were there other children who lived to adulthood and had children themselves, or is the end of a branch?

submitted July 13, 2000 by: Becky Norman

I'm looking for information on the family of William Charles NORMAN of  England who married Catherine Anne WATSON (see Watson query) of  Montreal 10-10-1866 in St. Stephen's Church.

Their children were...

* Orlando James NORMAN, b. February 10, 1868, Montreal, Quebec,  d. 1948. 
        m. Jane Jennie BOSLEY, Abt. 1885.
* Frank (Francis) Henry NORMAN, b. October 03, 1869, Montreal, Quebec, 
        d. December 28, 1929, Sarasota, Florida; m. Florence "Flossie" Loretta KING, Abt.1909; 
        b. November 07, 1889; d. August 13, 1970, Sarasota, Florida.
* Charles William NORMAN, b. May 06, 1872, Montreal; d. July 20, 1943, Montreal 
    m. Rose DONALDSON.
* Ada Caroline NORMAN, b. January 20, 1877, Montreal; d. January 03, 1880, Montreal
* Ada Caroline NORMAN, b. Abt. 1878, Montreal; d. January 31, 1880, Montreal
* Eva May NORMAN, b. February 13, 1881, Montreal  d. May 06, 1888, Montreal
* Edith Elizabeth NORMAN, b. July 07, 1882, Montreal d. July 29, 1882, Montreal
* Amy Catherine NORMAN, b. October 08, 1883, Montreal d. October 24, 1885, Montreal
* Amy Jane NORMAN, b. December 20, 1885, Montreal; d. July 13, 1962, Dorval, Quebec; 
      m. Andrew Rupert DARLING.
* Albert Edward NORMAN, b. June 15, 1888, Montreal; d. November 26, 1890, Montreal
* Frederic Watson NORMAN, b. July 22, 1874, Montreal, d. July 12, 1940, Montreal
      m. (1) Mary Ann BARR, Apr.20,1904, Montreal,  b. Jan. 24,1881, Wales; d. Mar.7,1970, Ontario
      m. (2) Jane "Jennie" Kyle BARR, May 23, 1901, Montreal (?); b. October 21, 1874, Devenport, 
      Devonshire, England; d. March 24, 1903, Montreal  (see BARR query)
Frederic's first son married Sadie BYERS abt 1921 (see BYERS query)

Submitted by: Debbie Keillar
Related surnames: McMEEKIN - RUMSEY - WINDER - CUNDELL

My gg-grandfather Benjamin NORRIS was born, I believe, in the county of Devonshire in England, sometime between 1837 and 1838.  He came to Montreal, Canada where he married Jane McMEEKIN (daughter of William McMEEKIN, sister of Maria Sarah McMEEKIN). 

Benjamin and Jane had at least 2 children:
* Charlotte Catherine NORRIS, born Dec. 8, 1868. 
She married William Henry Lotham RUMSEY. (see RUMSEY query)

* Charles Frederick Benjamin NORRIS, born May 3, 1871. 
He married Mary WINDER, originally from Glasgow (see WINDER query). 
They had 10 children, one being David NORRIS, my grandfather. 

Would like to correspond and share info with anyone else in these family lines.

Submitted by: Patricia Greber
Related surnames: CRAWFORD, McNAB, HUGHES, ROSS

I am looking for more information on a NORTON family that left Quebec City and settled in Montreal, Robert Jeffrey NORTON b. 1865 in Quebec City & his wife Ida CRAWFORD.

Their children were
* Robert NORTON b. 1896
* Charles NORTON b. 1898 m. Jeannie Auld McNAB
* Leslie NORTON b. 1900
* Ida NORTON b. 1902 m. William HUGHES
* Russell NORTON b. 1904
* Dorothy NORTON m. Andrew ROSS in 1935

Submitted by: Patty Brown 

Andrew OMAN and Jane Traill SHEARER (sister of James SHEARER) had 9 children between the 1840s-1860s, in Caithness Scotland and at least 4 of them immigrated to Montreal. 

* Christina OMAN who married Peter LYALL (see Lyall query)

* William OMAN,  b: April 03, 1844 Olrig, Caithness,  d: April 24, 1906 Montreal 
.. married 1870 in Montreal to Mary Ann Martha Emiline PEARSON b: abt. 1844 Eng. d: 1927 Mtl 

Known children (all born in Montreal):
1)   Andrew Henderson OMAN (1871 1876) . 
2)   John Pearson OMAN b: Jan. 26, 1873. Married Nellie SHEPHARD, in 1907 in Montreal
        Had at least one child...........maybe more?
        i)   William S. OMAN
        married Marjorie E. MITCHELL  Nov. 02, 1937 at St. Peter's Church, Sherbrooke, P.Q. 
Looking for the decendants of John & Nellie AND for their son William S. & his wife Marjorie!
3)   William OMAN  (1874 - ????) Looking for William!
4)   Annie OMAN (1878 -1879) 
5)   Jean Shearer OMAN (1878 -1960)
6)   Dora OMAN (1885-1961)
* Traill OMAN b: April 10, 1846, Olrig, Caithness  d: December 23, 1922 .
..  +Lilieth Ridland GRAY b: 1858 Edinburgh, m: July 21, 1885 Montreal, d: May 20, 1938 Montreal  
Their children - all born in Montreal:
1)   James Shearer (Jim) OMAN (1886-1965) 
2)   Christina Catherine Farquarson (Chrisy) OMAN (1887-1947) 
3)   Lillias Traill (Lily) OMAN (1889-1970) 
4)   John Andrew OMAN (1891-1907) 
5)   Florence Caroline (Flo) OMAN (1893-1983) 
6)   Traill Shearer OMAN (1895-1983) 
         married 1917 in Montreal to Jane (Jennie) MOXON (b 1895 Scotland d: 1976 Montreal)
7)   Ethel "Jean" OMAN (1897-1971)
8)   Isabella Barbara (Bella) OMAN b: May 09, 1900 Montreal   d: February 10, 1941 Ottawa
      She married Leonard HOOK   who died after 1941. He was an insurance inspector  (in 
      Ottawa?) Bella & Leonard HOOK had 2 daughters, one married a McINTYRE & one 
      married a LEVINE Looking for the decendants of  Bella OMAN and Leonard HOOK!
9)  Stuart McDonald OMAN (1902-1903)
* James Shearer OMAN b. Feb.11,1850 in Caithness Scotland, d .Apr.22,1886 in Montreal

Submitted by: Susan Boon

Charles William PARKER married Elizabeth Lewis RAILTON in Glasgow,Scotland.
They emigrated to Canada after 1881,and had 8 surviving children.They were:

* Charles PARKER born 1879
* Annie PARKER   born 1881 married Percy BORIGHT, and moved to Waterloo, Quebec
* George PARKER born 1882
* Jean PARKER born 1887 (my great-grandmother) married George BENTON (see BENTON query)
* Richard PARKERborn 1891 never married, but was a Police Lieutenant in the Montreal Police Force
* Etta PARKER  born 1892 married (Richard?) MOORE, and moved to Detroit
* Ruby PARKER   born 1894 married Anthony BEARDMORE  of Acton (no kids)
* Robert PARKER born 1898

Both George PARKER and Charles PARKER served in the first World War (they wore kilts in the one picture I have), but there were too many George and Charles Parkers for the Nat'l Archives to narrow it down. One of the brothers at one time owned a beaver farm in Quebec.

Submitted by Malcolm Paterson 
Posted: April 21, 2000
Religion: Protestant

William PATERSON, a mariner born somewhere in Scotland about 1843, married Helen HAMILTON, in 1871 in Liverpool. She was a widow born in 1841 in Glasgow, daughter of  James McARTHUR and Helen ALEXANDER. (see McArthur query)

Their first child, Colin PATERSON, was born the following year. In 1874, the family emigrated to the US and three more boys, William Alexander PATERSON, David McArthur PATERSON, and James Bryce PATERSON were born to them in 1877, 1879 and 1881 respectfully. I have not yet determined where in the US they were, but in 1884 they turned up in Montreal. Helen died here in 1886 and William followed in 1892, leaving four minor aged sons behind.

As Colin PATERSON is my great-grandfather, I have only fragments of information about his 3 younger brothers:
* In 1900 William PATERSON married Catherine McMAHON, and they had a son named Lloyd PATERSON
* In 1910 David McArthur PATERSON married Janet ROSS
* In 1904 James Bryce PATERSON married Sarah DONALDSON and they had two sons, William James PATERSON and Kenneth Gordon PATERSON in 1906 and 1909 respectively.

In 1895 Colin PATERSON married Jane (Jennie) HUMPHREY, born in Wales in 1873. 
They had 6 children: 
1)Herbert Alexander PATERSON, born in 1897; married Violet DOUGLAS in 1917 and had two boys: 
i) Douglas Humphries PATERSON in 1918 
ii) Ross Herbert PATERSON in 1919. 
He died of a brain tumour in 1921

2)Colin McArthur PATERSON,1899; married Elizabeth CHAUVIN and had three children: 
i) Helen Elizabeth PATERSON b. in 1925,
ii) David Lawrence PATERSON b. in 1928, 
iii) Carol PATERSON b. in 1935.

3) David Malcolm PATERSON, b.1900; married Lucille BELAIR about 1930 and they had one son, 
i) Hugh PATERSON born in 1935.

4) Grant Reid PATERSON, b. 1902; married Grace SKEAD and had a daughter, Patsy PATERSON

5) Edward Rowland PATERSON, b. 1904; married Georgina EVELLEY and had two boys, 
i) Donald Malcolm PATERSON
ii) Lorne Edward PATERSON

6) Ruth Helen PATERSON, b. 1907.married Norman McFARLANE and had two children, 
i) Ian Garth McFARLANE
ii) Martha Jane McFARLANE

Most members of Herbert Alexander PATERSON's branch of the tree are still in Quebec, but others are known to have left, while the current location of many others is unknown.

Looking for ancestors and other descendents of William PATERSON and Helen McARTHUR

Submitted by: Maureen Clarke
Related surnames: ROBINSON, McNETTY, McNEY

Am looking for onfo on the family of  Ida Bell PATTERSON, b. 4 April 1888,  Inverness, Megantic County (daughter of  Thomas PATTERSON and Ellen Ann McNEY of Inverness) and her husband John James ROBINSON (son of Robert ROBINSON and Agnes McVETTY of Montreal). 

They had one son, Lloyd Spencer ROBINSON, b. 18 March 1904.  Did he marry and have children?  Were there other children in the family? The family lived in Montreal.

Submitted by: Patty Brown

Richard PHILBIN (b: Co. Tipperary, Ireland) and Abastenia ST. LEGER (b: Co. Cork, Ireland) immigrated to Montreal c1816 with their two children: 

1. Abastenia PHILBIN (b: Abt. 1815 Ireland  d: May 24, 1893 Montreal) married Richard McGINN in Montreal in 1837 and had 13 children. (see McGinn query). 

2. Richard Jr. (Rick) PHILBIN b: Abt. 1813 Ireland  d: January 12, 1873 Montreal. 
He married twice:

1st wife : Mary Ann KERFUT b: Abt. 1822 m: 1840 at Laprairie Anglican d: July 19, 1854 Montreal
Children of Rick & Mary Ann:
     * Michael PHILBIN (1841-1917)
          married Jane McGINN (1843-1921) in 1865 at 1st Baptist church
     * Elizabeth PHILBIN b: Abt. January 25, 1844  d: February 08, 1844
     * William Robert St. Leger PHILBIN b: 1846  d: February 14,1869 Montreal 
     * Thomas PHILBIN b: May 1848  d: June 22, 1848
     * Mary Ann Kerfut PHILBIN b: 1851  d: July 19, 1854 Montreal 
     * Marianne Kerfut PHILBIN b: September 07, 1852 

2nd wife : Jane McPhee FAIRBAIRN, daughter of  Thomas FAIRBAIRN and Elpath REDPATH (see Fairbairn query) was born March 17,1829 in Montreal and died April 16, 1902 in Montreal. She and Rick PHILBIN married on  July 03, 1855 in Montreal at Erskine Presbyterian church..
Children of Rick and Jane:
     * Donald McDonald PHILBIN b: April 13, 1856 Montreal d: August 06, 1914
          married Adelaide Blanche GARDNER  in February 1904 in Duluth, Minnesota
     * Sophia Abastiena PHILBIN b: June 19, 1857 Montreal  d: March 07, 1946 Montreal 
     * John F. PHILBIN b: July 29, 1858 Montreal d: June 14, 1895
           married Maggie HAZLETT b: October 1861 Durham Ont.  d: April 19, 1887
     * Richard PHILBIN b: September 07, 1859 Montreal   d: June 26, 1924 Montreal 
     * Elspath Jane PHILBIN b: February 14, 1861 Montreal d: December 23, 1894
     * Agnes Fairbairn PHILBIN b: March 15, 1862 Montreal d: November 24, 1862 Montreal
     * Thomas Fairbairn PHILBIN b: September 06, 1863 Montreal d: July 22, 1864 Montreal
     * Thomas Robert PHILBIN b: August 27, 1864 Montreal d: January 15, 1933
     * Margaret Jane PHILBIN b: March 08, 1866 
     * Ellen "Ida" PHILBIN b: March 09, 1868 Montreal d: September 10, 1868 Montreal 

Submitted by: Samuel C. Wait, Jr.
Related surnames: WAIT

Looking for any information about Robert PHILLIPS and his daughters: 
* Jane PHILLIPS, b in Ireland around 1820 - married James WAIT and was in Mineville, NY by about 1850. (see WAIT querie)
* Eliza PHILLIPS, b in Canada around 1828. 

Robert supposedly lived in LaPrairie and, according to family history,was a tailor who owned a hotel, a brewery and several farms.

Submitted by: Beth Bakenhus

Looking for the descendants of  Alexander POOLE who married Eugenie DENEAU

Their children:
* Betha POOLE
* Alfred POOLE
* Clara POOLE
all lived on Mont Ste. Marie, Montreal 1901

Alexander was baptized Methodist in Newfoundland but he is listed on the 1901 census as RC, so I would guess he converted after marriage.

Submitted July 11,2000 by: Glen Porteous

Searching for:
1.  origins and parents of  Thomas PORTEOUS born Dec. 8, 1765 either in Montreal or Scotland, died Feb.23, 1830 in Montreal. He was married to Olivia EVEREST b 1764 Connecticut, on Dec. 20, 1786 in Addison Vermont.

They had 8 children:

* William PORTEOUS b Feb 21, 1788 Addision VT.  d June 27, 1852 St. Ours,Que 
      m Sept. 2, 1814 to Julia GRIFFIN at Christ's Church (Anglican) in Montreal.

* John PORTEOUS b Mar. 23, 1790 St. Rose Que.   d. Nov. 4, 1837 St. Therese Quebec 
      m Amelia Gugy JOHNSON Dec. 22, 1818 Montreal

* Charles PORTEOUS b. Feb. 1, 1792 St. Rose Que. d June 7, 1821 Montreal 
      m Mar. 31, 1816 to Laura BROWNSON

* Mary PORTEOUS  b Apr. 27, 1794 in St. Rose Que. d May 5, 1852 in Clifton Island Station, N.Y. 
      m Henry GRIFFIN (son of Robert GRIFFIN & Mary CARR)

* James PORTEOUS b May 20, 1796 Terrebonne Que. d May 1, 1862 at Como/Hudson Que. 
      m 1) Caroline Elizabeth NORTHEDGE in 1820 
      m 2) Susanna FORTUNE Nov 21, 1840 (grand daughter of Col. William FORTUNE whom
      Pointe Fortune Ont. is named after) My descent follows James P. and Susanna.

* Agnes PORTEOUS b. Oct 4, 1797 Terrebonne d. May 27, 1822 Montreal, never married

* Margaret PORTEOUS b Sept. 1, 1799 Terrebonne,  d Feb 18, 1805

* Jane PORTEOUS  b. May 29, 1805 Terrebonne d. May 16, 1828. 
      m Oct. 25, 1823 to Frederick GRIFFIN

Also searching for the origins and parents of:

2.  John PORTEOUS born about 1741 either Montreal or Scotland, died 1782 in Montreal. 
He  married Josette Droit de CARQUEVILLE in 1771 in Montreal.
He was good friend of James McGill and in the will of James McGill, John's youngest daughter Charlotte PORTEOUS is mentioned and some provision is made for her.

Children of John Porteous and Josette Droit de Carqueville:
* Ann PORTEOUS b July 23, 1772 Montreal
* Mary PORTEOUS Sept 4, 1773 Montreal, d Sept 6, 1773
* JohnPORTEOUS  b Aug 28, 1774 Montreal d Sept 5, 1775
* Margaret PORTEOUS b Oct 22, 1776 Montreal
* John PORTEOUS b Oct 22, 1776 d ? m Christina GREGORY Dec. 22, 1818 Monteal
* William PORTEOUS b Nov 2, 1777 Montreal d July 12, 1825
* Mary PORTEOUS   no data
* James PORTEOUS  b. Nov 6, 1779  Montreal
* Charlotte PORTEOUS b 1789 Monteal d. 1813
* Andrew PORTEOUS b 1781 Monteal  m Ann MOMPESSON
* Sophie PORTEOUS b 1782 Montreal

Part of my research centres around trying to figure out how John PORTEOUS and Thomas PORTEOUS are related, because I believe they are but have never found any definitive proof yet. 
Any information appreciated

submitted by: Debbie Keillar

My gg-grandfather Matthew POUNDEN was born in Camolin, Wexford, Ireland around 1838.  He married Jane PLUMMER, probably of the same place. 
They had at least 2 sons: 

* William POUNDEN, born April 30, 1856 (my g-grandfather) 
* Richard Mathew POUNDEN, born June 22, 1865. 

William POUNDEN came to Montreal and married Amelia Allan GOODFELLOW in 1893. Amelia came to Montreal around 1881 to live with her uncle Thomas TENNANT and his wife Jeannie CAMERON? Amelia was born Feb. 16, 1866 in Glasgow, daughter of James GOODFELLOW and Catherine (Kate) TENNANT. She had 3 siblings, Christinn GOODFELLOW, Thomas GOODFELLOW & William GOODFELLOW.

William & Amelia had 11 children, 1 being my grandmother Christina Stoddart POUNDEN

My research has led me to believe that Catherine TENNANT's parents were James TENNANT and Christian (Christina) STODDART of Barony, Lanark, Scotland.  I am trying to trace the correct line of TENNANT and GOODFELLOW, as there seem to be a few of those family lines in Lanark, Scotland.

Would like to correspond and share info with anyone else in these family lines.

submitted by: Debbie Coxon Prince
related surnames: MEAD

Seeking contact with any descendants of  Henry PRINCE, born Canterbury, Kent, England in 1825. 
Married twice.  Emigrated to Montreal - second wife's name Lemira MEAD.

Henry was residing at 57 Bishop Street, Montreal when he died in 1889. He and family members are buried at Mount Royal Cemetery. Henry was the former bandmaster of the old XXth Regiment of Her Majesty's Infantry... also a top Canadian composer of music during his lifetime.  He also owned Prince's Music Store in Montreal. Obituary states that funeral was from St. George's Church - presume Anglican.

Known children:
* Edwin Mead PRINCE
* Arthur PRINCE
* Frederick William PRINCE
* Walter PRINCE
* Lilian PRINCE
* George Crocker PRINCE

* Also by his first marriage to "Unknown", father of  Mary Louisa PRINCE, accomplished pianist and at one time Principal of King's Hall - Ladies' School in Compton, Quebec.
Any further information or contact with family members would be much appreciated.

submitted by: Murray Quinn

John QUINN (b. June 24, 1821 County Westmeath, Ireland), eldest son of Patrick QUINN & Mary BOLAND arrived in Montreal in 1855 +/- 1 or 2 years. He married Ellen KAVANAGH (b. May 5, 1830, Ballywilliam, Wexford) on Feb. 10, 1857 in Notre Dame Church, Montreal. (see Kavanagh query)

John died July 2, 1875; his wife Ellen died Aug. 5, 1902. Each of them died @, & were waked @ their Point St. Charles home @14 Farm Street & buried from St. Anne's Church in Griffintown, Montreal, thence to Cote de Neiges Cemetery, Montreal.

John QUINN and Ellen KAVANAGH had 8 Children born in Montreal (4b+4g): 

* Mary Ann QUINN - b.1858. Married John SLATTERY Jr. (see Slattery query)
* Patrick QUINN- b.1859. Married Margaret SLATTERY (see Slattery query)
* Morgan John QUINN - b.1862. Married ?1st name?(Minnie) FINN
     1. Mary Ellen QUINN- b.1893 
     2. Grace L. QUINN- b.???? 
     3. Clare QUINN- b.???? 
     4. Morgan QUINN- b.????
* John QUINN-b.1864 - Batchelor - no children 
* Christina QUINN- b.1867 - died as a young child
* Sarah QUINN- b.1869 - died as a young child 
* Edward (Ned) Gerard QUINN - b.1871. Married Mary Louise (Minnie) L'ESPERANCE
      1. Edward (Eddie, Big Eddie) QUINN - b.1907. 
* Ellen QUINN- b.1873 - died as a young child 

Also looking for Townland &/or Parish birth place of Gr-G'father John QUINN in County Westmeath and  Twn'lnd. &/or Parish birth places & B./M./D. dates of John's parents, Patrick QUINN & Mary BOLAND 'presumably' of same Twn'lnd. &/or Parish. 

I have B./M./D./ data on a lot of the above people, but I can't locate some of the non-Quinn descendents to continue. So, c'mon you guys; I know you Quinn-related families are out there somewhere!

Note:- I am particularly anxious to hear from Morgan W. QUINN, Shaun E. QUINN, Timothy F. QUINN & Huntley R. QUINN, along with their sister Bridget QUINN (MacDONALD). 

submitted by: Claudia McArthur
related surnames: ATCHESON

I am seeking descendants of  John RALSTON, Parish of Montreal, and Jane ATCHESON his wife.  Their son John was born on the 21 Feb 1831 and baptized 14 Aug 1831 at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Montreal, by Alex Matheson, Minister.  Subsequently the family re-located to Ormstown, Quebec, to Ogdensburg, New York, and to Ontario.

submitted by: Alan Jackson
related surnames: KNIBB, FRAY

I'm trying to trace all descendants of the Missionary and Emancipationist William KNIBB
Winifred ''Freddie'' RAMSEY (nee FRAY) was his great granddaughter and she died in Montreal on 20 December 1968.  The surname might have been a RAMSAY not RAMSEY.  Her husband was a Doctor and she trained as a nurse, serving overseas in WWI.  She was awarded the R.R.C. by King George apparently. 

She had a son and daughter who survived her.  I have the names Blake RAMSEY and Betsy RAMSEY but am not sure if those are them. 

During WWII Blake was in some famous military outfit - (would assume from Canada) I can see a picture my grandmother had of him in kilts. Something GUARD, something WATCH or just plain something. Like some of the family things, I have not seen that picture either in years. Jogging the old braincells is driving me nuts. I also recall something swirling about Blake's head so don't recall if his service was outstanding or not. 

In the 1948 Montreal City directory there are 2 possible listings:
RAMSEY, G. Stuart, M.D.oculist, 1496 Mountain
RAMSAY, Mrs. Winifred, widow of Robert, 217 Percival Ave., Montreal West

Does anyone have knowledge of this family?

submitted by: Donald Harrison
related surnames: LINDSAY, RUTHLEDGE

My maternal Great Grandparents, John R.H. REDBURN born January 13, 1858 in Darlaston, Staffordhsire England, (died date unknown) and Edith Ida LINDSAY (apparently from Quebec - birth and death date unknown) married (date unknown) in Quebec, and settled in Montreal, more specifically in Lachine.  They lived out their lives there and raised a family, my grandfather Charles Henry REDBURN included. 

Charles Henry REDBURN, married Lillian Rose RUTHLEDGE while in England during WW1, and they returned to Lachine, living out their lives there and raising a family, my mother Ina Rose REDBURN  included.

I am looking for siblings of Charles Henry REDBURN, beleived to be: 
* Cecille REDBURN
* Genevieve REDBURN
* George REDBURN
* Mary Ida REDBURN
* James Duncan REDBURN

submitted by: Ann Gillespie Shoemake
related surnames: IRWIN, CARSON, GILLESPIE

Alfred Irwin RIDDINGTON (b 1876 in Toronto), son of Frederick RIDDINGTON & Eliza Susannah IRWIN, originally of Durham Co, England, was a stenographer according to the 1901 census for St Lambert.  In 1901, he married Ann Mabel CARSON, only daughter of Joseph Hugh CARSON & Isabella GILLESPIE. (see Carson query

They had 3 children: 
* Arthur Carson RIDDINGTON 
* Winona Grace RIDDINGTON
* William Irwin (aka Howard) RIDDINGTON 

Alfred & Ann Mabel RIDDINGTON are said to be buried at the Anglican burying ground in Mascouche, QC.  If anyone is in that vicinity, I'd like to know if this can be confirmed.  Any additional information about this family would be most welcome. 

Submitted by: Patty Brown 

William ROBB (1804-1888) and Ann MORRICE (1805-1863) married in 1832 in Old Machar, Aberdeen, Scotland. According to the family bible, William's parents were Alexander ROBB and Catherine???. William & Ann  had 2 children (William 1836-1915 and Annie 1841-1911) before emigrating to Montreal in the early 1840s. 
 They were:

* William ROBB (City Treasurer of Montreal) b: April 02, 1836 Aberdeen Scotland  d: Oct. 03, 1915 
Married April 21, Montreal to Margery BALLANTYNE (see Ballantyne query) b: March 21, 1839 Ottawa d: Jan. 21, 1911, Montreal 

William & Margery had 8 children, but only 5 of them married:

1) Edward Morrice ROBB b: Feb. 03, 1864 Montreal   d: Unknown ? 
Married Annie PIERSON nee MATHESON  October 24, 1898 in Montreal 
Was in San Francisco in 1919 - ref: obit of brother. Looking for the decendants of Edward!

2) Margery "Annie" ROBB b: Aug. 08, 1867 Montreal  d: Oct. 28, 1950 Montreal 
Married Bernard Boyle STEVENSON Oct.15, 1896 Montreal. b. Oct. 14, 1865 Reading Eng.

3) Harriette Fairbairn (Hattie) ROBB b: June 13, 1870 Montreal d: April 26, 1954 Montreal 
Married March 22, 1900 to David Robertson BROWN (1869 -1946), son of James BROWN & Elizabeth ROBERTSON (see BROWN query)

4) Ethel Winnifred ROBB b: October 24, 1879 Montreal P.Q.  d: May 22, 1955 
Married October 08, 1914 to Thomas McCall HUTCHINSON b:Jan. 03, 1878 d:Dec.12, 1952 

5) Fredrick Garfield ROBB b: September 25, 1881 Montreal  d: April 21, 1936 Montreal 
Married Jan. 05,1912 N.Y. to Jane MacNaughton THURMAN b: June 1878  d: May 15,1928 Montreal

* Annie ROBB b: Abt. 1841 Aberdeen, Scotland  d: March 06, 1911 Montreal 
   In 1861 she married George William MOSS in Montreal.  (see MOSS query)

Submitted by: Brooke Fry

Looking for ancestral and descendent data on Richard ROBINSON, b. Ireland abt.1784, d. 27 March 1860, buried Mt. Royal Cemetery in the family plot of Robert CAMPBELL, Sr. of Montreal.

Richard Robinson married: 1.Jane MATHEWS, / 2. Ann MATHEWS. (See MATHEWS query)

1Issue by Jane MATHEWS:
* Martha ROBINSON m. Wm. Henry SCOTT
* Margaret ROBINSON, (buried Mt. Royal Cemetery)  m. Robert CAMPBELL, Sr. 
* Jane ROBINSON, m/ 1 Thomas SCOTT, m/ 2 Edward CLEARY
* Richard ROBINSON

2 Issue by Ann MATHEWS
* Ann ROBINSON m. Edward BAIRD
* Wm. Henry ROBINSON

Submitted by: Maureen Clarke
Related surnames: McNETTY, PATTERSON, McNEY

Looking for info on the family of John James ROBINSON (son of Robert  ROBINSON and Agnes McNETTY) and his wife, Ida Bell PATTERSON , b. 4 April  1881, Inverness, Megantic County (daughter of Thomas PATTERSON and Ellen Ann McNEY). 

They had one son, Lloyd Spencer ROBINSON, b, 18 March, 1904. 
The family  lived in Montreal. Did he marry and have a family?  Were there other children?

Submitted by: Lucille Campbell
Related surnames: MCGREGOR, WHYTE, ALLAN

Seeking information about descendants of Alexander ROSS, cooper of  Montreal & his wife Elizabeth  MCGREGOR.

Their son Archibald ROSS, listed as printer, Cote St. Louis in the 1871 Canadian Dominion Directory for Montreal, married before 1862 Elizabeth Ann --- & had at least two children: 
* John Alexander ROSS, b.1862 
* Lucy ROSS, d.1868. 
Were there other children? 

Also looking for proof that MARY ROSS who married WILLIAM HUTCHINSON WHYTE in Montreal, 17 Apr 1849 was the daughter of Alexander ROSS & Elizabeth MCGREGOR

Will share information about descendants of Alexander & Elizabeth (McGregor) ROSS through their son WILLIAM ROSS, who married ANN ALLAN in 1840 at St. Gabriel Street Presbyterian Church, Montreal.

My mother can remember as a young child relatives of the ROSS and ALLAN families (See ALLAN query) coming to Vermont from Montreal to visit her grandmother, Annie (ROSS) PEARL, who was the daughter of William ROSS & Ann ALLAN. She doesn't remember their names, only that they were refered to as cousins or aunts. It would be nice to reconnect the US & Canadian branches of the family. 

Submitted by: Debbie Keillar
Related surnames: NORRIS

Looking for the descendants of William Henry Lotham RUMSEY who married Charlotte Catherine NORRIS in Montreal (see NORRIS query).

They had at least 2 children, 
* Henry Harcourt RUMSEY born Feb. 24, 1897
* William Norris RUMSEY, born July 19, 1894. 

Submitted by: Warren Sadler
Related surnames: MEYERS, HANNAN, KIRMAN

I have a lot of information on the SADLERs of the Châteauguay valley and the Upper Ottawa valley, many branches of which lived in Montreal from time to time after their first arrival in 1818. More recently, I have lost track of these Montreal cousins:

Forrest Edward SADLER (1880-1947) m. Ethel 'Olga' MEYERS
.......their son Edward 'Douglas' Meyers SADLER (1904-1970) m. Doris 'Elizabeth' HANNAN
..............their daughter Marilyn Arden SADLER m. Barry John KIRMAN

I believe it was a William SADLER who founded Sadler Conveyor, of Montreal (who recently changed their name to something else.) Anything on this family would be of interest. Also looking for more information on George W. Sadler of Montreal who operated Robin & Sadler from 1876 and then S & Haworth in the early part of the 20th century. 

For a more detailed genealogy of my SADLERs see Pioneer families of the Châteauguay

Submitted by: Warren Sadler
Related surnames: MATHER

John SANGSTER (1793 - 1867) m. Betty MATHER April 18, 1820 in St. Gabriel's Presbyterian Church, Montreal. I have many descendant lines and Betty's ancestry, but I have been unable to resolve "Which John?" among the many possible in Scotland. I'm also looking for descendants, of course.

For a more detailed genealogy of my SANGSTERs see Pioneer families of the Châteauguay

submitted Aug.11, 2000, by:  Lori Saunders Carpenter 
related surnames: ROWE, BUTLER, WEBSTER

Seeking descendants of  Richard SAUNDERS, born 1851 at Cupids, Newfoundland, died at Montreal 12 April 1912.   His second wife was Catherine ROWE, born 1853 in Newfoundland, died at Montreal  8 July 1926.  He married Catherine ROWE, also known as Catherine BUTLER, 2 June 1889 at Cupids.

They had three children born at Cupids:
* Susie and Harry SAUNDERS (twins) born 18 July 1890 at Cupids
* William SAUNDERS (1894-1895). 
The family was Methodist.

Richard's first wife was Priscilla (maiden name unknown) who died 27 September 1882 at Cupids. 
The only known child of Richard and Priscilla Saunders was 
* Edward SAUNDERS (1879-1942).

The family of Richard and Catherine SAUNDERS moved to Montreal around 1905. Richard's brother, William Henry SAUNDERS (1863-1945), left Cupids in 1898 and moved to Vancouver. In 1912, when Richard SAUNDERS died, William brought his family to Montreal for the funeral.  They were close brothers.  William said that his brother taught him the construction trade which became his occupation.

Edward SAUNDERS was born 3 October 1879 at Cupids.  He married Emily WEBSTER 1918 at Montreal.  Edward died 28 June 1942 at Montreal. 

We don't know if  Edward & Emily had any children, or when Emily Saunders died.  We are looking for their descendnts or other SAUNDERS relatives from this Montreal side of our family.

Submitted by: Raymond Marchand

I am seeking information on a Mark SCANLON and Catherine BARRON (or BOWEN) who were married in St-Gabriel Presbyterian Church on 6/6/1820.  This Mark Scanlon is apparently at the origin of several SCANTLAND families to which my wife belongs.

Mark and Catherine had at least two children:
* Sophie SCANLON married Michel TAILLIEUR
*Mark. SCANLON married Emilie MARTIN  (They had at least 10 children, 8 of them boys)
Both were married in St-Martin de'Ile-Jesus in 1836 (August 2) and 1839 (June 9) respectively. 

Mark SCANLON, the father, was then reported (in 1839) as staying in Ste-Genevieve de Pierrefond. 

There is a Francis SCANLON, listed in the 1858 Montreal directory as a 'clerk' at 98 Colborne who may have been a brother or cousin of Mark? 

I'm looking to find the parents of Mark SCANLON and Catherine BARRON / BOWEN (see BARRON query)as well as their country of origin if they were not born in the Province of Québec. 

Submitted by: Patty Brown

Andrew SIMPSON was born c1809 in Caithness, Scotland and immigrated to Montreal in the early 1830s where he met and married Eleanor (Helen) O'ROURKE, widow of Francis GRAHAM who had died a few years earlier, probably in the cholera epidemic.

Andrew and Eleanor had at least 4 children:
* Ann SIMPSON (b.1835)
* Helen / Eleanor (Ellen) SIMPSON (1836-1893) who married George NIGHTINGALE
* James Manson SIMPSON (b.1836)
* Andrew Manson SIMPSON (b.1841)

Ellen SIMPSON and her husband George NIGHTINGALE (see NIGHTINGALE query) remained in Montreal, but Ann, James and Andrew SIMPSON seem to have disappeared. 

submitted April 9, 2000 by Ted Bremer Sr
Related surnames: VALLIE

I'm trying to find a missing branch to my family tree:

Florence VALLIE Born: 1898 in  Hinchinbrooke Twp, Quebec. Died:  Montreal  (Date unknown)
Married: Ernest SIMPSON

I believe that they moved to Montreal immediately after their marriage as the rest of the family lost touch with them.  I also believe that they raised a family there as Florence is supposed to have died there.

I'm looking for any tie-ins with their descendant's or relatives in the area. If you recognize this couple in your family, please contact me.

submitted by : Ann Gillespie Shoemake
related surnames: CARSON, MILLER, BLACHFORD

Francis Charles SMILEY (1872-1914) was born in Rawdon, PQ.  About 1902, he married Lillian May CARSON, daughter of John Lovell CARSON (deceased) & Eliza Catherine MILLER (see Carson query).  According to Lovell's 1910 Montreal directory, Francis Charles SMILEY was a school teacher.

I know of two children: 
* John Carson SMILEY (1903-1988) married Dorothy BLACHFORD (1903-1983)
* Edwin Francis SMILEY (1905-1934)  

Most of this information comes from the Carson/Smiley tombstone at Mount Royal cemetery. Any additional information about this Smiley family would be welcomed. 

submitted by : Keith P. McCormick

I am researching William SMITH, who emigrated to Montreal from Cambridge in the 1820's, first farming in the Griffintown area now known as Smith Park and later moving to St. Lambert, where he married Sarah JOHNSTON (b. 1781, d. 1859). Several generations of his descendents are buried in Mount Royal Cemetery. The Smiths are the oldest English family in the St. Lambert suburb of Montreal.

Child of William Smith and Sarah Johnston :

* William SMITH Jr. (b. 1816 London, d. 1848 Montreal)
m.  Ellen CAUTHERS (b. 1815, d. 1900 Montreal)
   1.  William SMITH III (b. 1839, d. 1915)
   2.  Mary Elizabeth SMITH  (b. 1840, d. 1880) m. Thomas Arthur BRERETON  (see Brereton query)
   3.  Anne SMITH (b. 1841)
   4.  Johnston SMITH (b. 1847)
   5.  Robert SMITH (b. 1848)
   6.  Rebecca SMITH (b. 1848?)

I am actively researching this family and would be very pleased to respond to any inquiries.

submitted by :Marjorie Mikasen

I am looking for the descendents of James Snowdon Sr. and any information regarding the lives of our common ancestors

James SNOWDON Sr. born January 26, 1791 in Kennet, Scotland, died July 5, 1870 in Montreal
married October 22, 1813 in Crieff, Scotland, to Janet COMRIE (1790-1816)
remarried on June 12, 1833 in Petite Brulée, Quebec, to Jane WELLSTEED
Jane was born August 1,1803 in Dorchester, England, to John WELLSTEED and Mary WHITE.

James Sr. and Janet's children:
* Joseph SNOWDON (1816-1842) married in Canada to Elizabeth HUTCHISON 

Joseph and Elizabeth's children
1.  Janet SNOWDON, who died young
2.  Margaret SNOWDON
3.  Mary SNOWDON
James Sr. and Jane's children:
* John James SNOWDON (1834-before 1914)
married in Montreal to Mary GLUCKER, born in Bellevue, Ont. 
John James and Mary's children:
1.  Norma J. SNOWDON married before 1914 in Montreal to Harold K. DUTCHED
2.  Mary Glückler SNOWDON married Sept 7, 1914 in Montreal to Albert Kenwood BRODIE
* William Comrie SNOWDON
born December 7, 1834 in Petite Brulée,  died April 21, 1919 in Montreal
married about 1837 in Montreal to Annie GRANT, born in Glasgow (?-1876)
remarried June 14, 1882 in Mount Royal Vale, Que., to Catherine Jane STEPHEN (1856-1930). They had two children who died young. 
William Comrie and Catherine's children:
1.  Comrie Stephen SNOWDON (1883-1917) died in service during the Great War
2.  Grace Aird SNOWDON (1884-1989)
     Teacher at the MacKay School, taught deaf students
     married July 17, 1920 to Victor Frederick LILLY
3.  Linda Lydia SNOWDON (1887-?)
     married to Charles F. PASCOE (born in Wales)
4.  Myrtle Wellsteed SNOWDON (1890-?)
     married to William F. TURNER (born in Scotland)
5.  Milton Alner SNOWDON  (1893-1992)
* James John SNOWDON (Jr.) born December 7, 1837 in Montreal
married about 1866 in Montreal to Llewelyn GRANT (1838-1905). Remarried abt 1907 in Montreal to ? 
James John and Llewelyn¹s children:
1.  James John Wellsteed SNOWDON (about 1866-1939)
     married c1890 to Mary Brigham WARMINTON (c1867-1920) (see Warminton query)
     remarried about 1925 to Muriel Rachel JORDAN
2. Archibald Grant SNOWDON (1869-1952)
     married in Montreal to Margaret Elizabeth McGREGOR (1869-1959)
3.  Annie Grant SNOWDON (1876-1912) married to Peter FULTON
4.  John Walter SNOWDON (1881-1912) married in Montreal to Alice THOMPSON
5.  Melville SNOWDON (1883-?) married about 1913 to Amelia THOMAS
* Jane Gould SNOWDON, born October 31, 1840 in Montreal, died 1917
married after 1865 in Montreal to Charles JOHNSON (1850-1926) (see Johnson query)

Submitted by: Patty Brown

John STERLING/STIRLING married Louise Christina BRODIE, daughter of Hugh BRODIE and Christina CHRISTIE in 1890 in Montreal.

Their children, all born in Montreal, were:
* James Buchanan STIRLING (1891-1974) who married Beatrice M. HENRY (1891-1986)
* Irene Brodie STIRLING (1893-1895)
* Laurie Brodie STIRLING who married Irene NICHOL

James and Laurie each had at least two children . I'm looking for the decendants of these families to complete one of the lost branches of my KILGOUR/CHRISTIE tree.

Submitted by: Patty Brown

I have LOTS of Montreal Stewarts so this is a VERY long query. Any help with piecing together the missing branches would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thomas STEWART was born March 22, 1813 Edinburgh, Scotland  d: 1887 (in Montreal ?). On October 16, 1831in Edinburgh he married Elizabeth AITKEN (b: November 12, 1814 Edinburgh,  d: 1895 Montreal). They had 11 children all born in Scotland. Almost all these children immigrated to Montreal at various times during the the mid 1800s. The parents followed later.

* Robert STEWART b: March 16, 1833 Edinburgh, Scotland  d: November 26, 1877 Montreal P.Q.
    married Jessie WRIGHT b: 1841 Scotland  d: August 25, 1920 Montreal, P.Q. 

Children of Robert Stewart & Jessie Wright:
1) Mary Pitman STEWART  married Harry NEWLANDS
2) Bessie STEWART
3) Thomas DeGrey STEWART b: October 28, 1864 Montreal d: January 03, 1942 Montreal 
Married Sept.08, 1908 in Montreal to Jennie Alexandra FERGUSON (1868 - 1950)
4) Mickey STEWART b: 1866 
5) Jessie Wright STEWART b: 1868  d: November 23, 1949 London, Ont.
Married 1902 to Col. Thomas Edwin PERRETT b: 1871 Ontario d: Feb. 12, 1945 Toronto
6) Christina Wright (Tini) STEWART b: March 31, 1871  d: November 27, 1952
7) Isabelle (Billy) STEWART b: April 25, 1876 Edinburgh  d: November 24, 1943 Montreal 
Married 1910 to William John (Larry) LARMINIE (1870 -1965)
8) Alexander STEWART   d: 1959
9) Robert James STEWART b: Abt. October 1876 Scotland ??  d: August 15, 1877
* John STEWART b: Jan. 1835  Edinburgh  d: August 31, 1894 Prince Albert, N.W.T
He married Jane ROBINSON (or ROBERTSON)  after 1874 d: Abt. 1930 Scotland? 
Children of John & Jane (lived in Saskatchewan):
1) Charlotte (Lottie) STEWART
2) Alice (Dovey) STEWART   d: age 94 Married Fred McMAHON
3) Isabelle (Bell) STEWART   d: Abt. 1930
4) Elizabeth Ellen (Nellie) STEWART b: Abt. 1888  d: Abt. 1978. Married October 08, 1908 to Alexander Wallace HUTCHINSON b: January 20, 1878 Port Rowan, Ont. 
5) Marion (Mony) STEWART  Married ? McBlaine 
John STEWART was a "homesteader" of sorts, moving his family out west to Prince Albert, North West Territories (now Saskatchewan) opening a store and becoming Mayor of Prince Albert. His brother William STEWART soon followed. Sadly, both John and William died during epidemics in Prince Albert. John's family stayed out west, while William's widow and children returned to Montreal.

* Thomas STEWART b: October 08, 1836 Looking for ANY info on Thomas!

* James STEWART b: December 19, 1838 Edinburgh, Scotland  d: November 09, 1890 Montreal    He married Ann Jane TEES b: 1839  d: March 04, 1910 Montreal (see TEES query) 

Descendants of James Stewart & Ann Tees:
1) Thomas STEWART b: Abt. 1861 Montreal  d: January 16, 1917 New York
2) Frederick William (Fred) STEWART b: May 12, 1868 Montreal  d: Feb. 10, 1931 Montreal. Married Sept. 28, 1893 in Ottawa to Elizabeth Alexandra BOWIE (1871 -1954)
3) James Henry (Harry) STEWART b: Abt. 1870  d: October 17, 1898
4) Campbell STEWART b: Abt. 1873 Canada  d: Sept. 23, 1925 Montreal. married Ethel ??
5) Ida May STEWART b: Abt. 1865 Montreal P.Q.  d: May 12, 1918 Montreal 
6) Elizabeth (Lilly) STEWART b: January 20, 1871 Montreal  d: May 15, 1945 Montreal 
7) Amy Gertrude STEWART b: Abt. 1875  d: Dec. 06, 1900. Married Sydney C. PHILLIPS
8) Osborne STEWART b: January 03, 1880. married Camille ??
9) Helen Louise STEWART b: January 03, 1880  d: June 16, 1976
Married Harry Luxmoore ST. GEORGE b: March 24, 1878  d: February 07, 1954
* twins STEWART b: Abt. 1841  Both died young?

* David STEWART b: May 1845 bap. June 1, 1845  d: December 01, 1917 Montreal P.Q.
   He married Mary Ann HOWARD b: 1846 Whitby, England  d: June 29, 1918 Montreal P.Q. 

Descendants of David Stewart & Mary Ann Howard
1) Thomas "Howard" STEWART b: March 17, 1869 Montreal   d: Sept. 03, 1951 Montreal
Married Ella Ferndale COE b: Mar. 13, 1869 Framingham, Mass. d: Mar. 10, 1957 Montreal
2) Elizabeth STEWART b: June 1874 Montreal   d: August 22, 1928 Montreal
3) Helen STEWART b: 1880 Montreal   d: February 15, 1938 Montreal
4) Walter Moncrieff STEWART b: Feb. 06, 1881 Montreal  d: Dec. 12, 1968 Montreal 
Married May Beatrice SHARP b: Aug. 19, 1883 Jamaica, B.W.I.  d: Mar. 29, 1971 Montreal 
5) baby son STEWART b: Sept. 24, 1885 Montreal  d: Sept.25, 1885 Montreal
6)  Agnes STEWART b: June 22, 1887 Montreal   d: July 02, 1959 Montreal
7) baby daughter STEWART b: June 08, 1889 Montreal   d: June 09, 1889 Montreal
* Marion STEWART b: October 25, 1847  
Don't know who, where or when Marion married, but family lore says she may have moved back to Scotland and three of her daughters were Elizabeth, Helen and Margaret.
* William STEWART b: March 10, 1850 Scotland  d: December 09, 1884 Prince Albert, N.W.T.  Married August 28, 1879 in Montreal to Eliza SHEARER b: Nov.12, 1857 Montreal  d: August 15, 1913 Montreal  (see SHEARER query) 
Children of William Stewart & Eliza Shearer:
1) Eliza "Graham" STEWART b: March 04, 1881 Prince Albert N.W.T.  d: Sept. 05, 1955 Montreal. Married Dec. 01, 1904 in Montreal to Frank "Howard" WILSON b: June 14, 1873 Montreal  d: August 10, 1929 Lac Brule P.Q.(see WILSON query)
2) Thomas Shearer STEWART b: October 25, 1882 Prince Albert, N.W.T.  d: Dec. 23, 1965 Montreal. Married October 08, 1913 in Montreal to Alice Margaret GARDNER b: Dec. 03, 1888 Montreal  d: August 08, 1979 Lac Brule, Quebec
3) William STEWART b: August 05, 1884 Prince Albert, N.W.T.  d: October 20, 1918 France - killed in WWI. Married Nov. 05, 1913 in Montreal to Katie Ryall TINLING b: August 19, 1889 Hamilton, Ont.   d: April 1981
In the early 1880s William and Eliza moved to Prince Albert, N.W.T. where brother John STEWART had settled. When William died in an epidemic in 1884, brother David STEWART travelled to Prince Albert to bring his sister-in-law Eliza, and her children back to Montreal. She later married George Pemberton WALKER in Montreal and had 2 more children.

* Margaret STEWART b: 1852 married Dr. Charles HUNTER (in Montreal??) They had 2 known children and then went back to Scotland? 

1)   Edward Stewart (Teddy) HUNTER
2)   Alexander HUNTER
* Larew STEWART b: Abt. 1854  Looking for ANY info on Larew!

Submitted by: Warren Sadler
Related surnames: 

Brothers George TATE, Thomas TATE and Charles TATE ran "Tate Brothers Shipbuilding" in Lachine, into the late 1800s. At the time of the building of the canal, they were also a ship-owners and Captains, plying the river between Montreal and Quebec City. Captain George owned the Lord Sydenham, reputed to be the first vessel to run the Lachine Rapids. I have much of their ancestry. I'm looking for descendant lines, pictures and anything to do with the businesses.

John TATE b: 1772 Yorkshire d: February 18, 1828 Ormstown, Lower Canada
+Jane STABLER b: c. May 15, 1767 Wigginton, Yorkshire m: September 2, 1793 Wigginton, Yorkshire, England d: February 11, 1852 Bonsecours Street, Montreal, Canada East

Their children:
* Mary TATE b: Oct. 12, 1794 Wigginton, Yorkshire, Eng. d: August 27, 1883 Ormstown, Quebec
    +BenjaminGRANT (b: 1809) d: April 21, 1875 Tate's Corners, Quebec 
    m.March 22, 1832 Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal 

* Jane TATE b: August 14, 1796 Wigginton, Yorkshire, Eng. d: June 17, 1874 Montreal

* John TATE b: June 3, 1798 Wigginton, Yorkshire d: August 1, 1879 Ormstown, Quebec
   +Mary PARKINSON b: March 27, 1801 Yorkshire Eng. d: January 8, 1890 Ormstown
   m: September 17, 1828 Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal 
   Their children: 

1) Elizabeth TATE b: August 21, 1832 Ormstown d: March 11, 1915 Ormstown
   +Edward SADLER b: Dec. 16, 1822 Lachine d:December 7, 1897 Ormstown, Quebec 
    m: August 9, 1852 C of E, Durham, Canada East  (see SADLER query)
2) Jane TATE b: August 17, 1834 Canada d: December 9, 1907 Ormstown, Quebec
    +John 'Johnny' SADLER b: June 2, 1831 Ormstown, Lower Canada m: c1864 
    d: November 8, 1904 Ormstown (see SADLER query)
3) George TATE b: May 10, 1837 Ormstown d: 1847 Ormstown, Canada East
* Richard TATE b: January 13, 1801 Wigginton, Yorkshire, Eng. d: July 19, 1842 Montreal
   +Jane STETHEM b: c. 1805 d: March 11, 1875 Montreal, Quebec
   m: May 19, 1831 Christ Church Anglican, Montreal
   Their children: 
1) Jane TATE b: May 8, 1832 Montreal
   +Ewing G SMITH m: April 27, 1854 St. George's Anglican Church, Montreal
2) Margaret TATE b: July 23, 1834 Montreal, Lower Canada 
3) Elizabeth TATE b: February 12, 1837 Montreal d: Bef. March 1, 1840 Montreal
4) Mary TATE b: February 12, 1837 Montreal
   +Robert MITCHELL m: January 4, 1860 Montreal (see MITCHELL query)
5) Ann TATE b: January 30, 1840 Montreal
6) Richard TATE b: August 1, 1842 Montreal d: January 10, 1872 Montreal
* Ann TATE b: November 12, 1802 Wigginton, Yorkshire d: December 21, 1803 Wigginton, Yorkshire

* William TATE b: September 16, 1804 Wigginton, Yorkshire, England 
    married Maria MAFFRE February 27, 1845 Trinity Anglican Church, Montreal (see MAFFRE query)
    Their children: 

1) William Wilberforce TATE b: December 21, 1845 Montreal d: March 7, 1923
2) Lucy Jane TATE b: May 23, 1850 Montreal
3) George Henry TATE b: May 7, 1856 Montreal 
* Charles TATE b: July 18, 1806 Wigginton, Yorkshire, Eng. d: April 3, 1876 Montreal

* George TATE b: February 17, 1808 Wigginton, Yorkshire, Eng. d: January 5, 1885 Montreal

* Thomas TATE b: February 15, 1810 Wigginton, Yorkshire d: Sept. 3, 1896 Ormstown, Quebec
    married 1. Jane Marshall, 
    married 2. in 1846 to Jane 'Jennie' SADLER b: January 13, 1821 Lachine d: February 22, 1907
    Kilbride, Ontario (see SADLER query)

* Henry TATE b: March 9, 1812 Wigginton, Yorkshire, Eng. d: December 14, 1859 Ormstown
   +Helen McINTYRE b: c. 1806 Scotland d: April 19, 1870 Ormstown, Canada East 
   m: September 22, 1828 St. Gabriel's Presbyterian, Montreal 

For a more detailed genealogy of my TATEs see Pioneer families of the Châteauguay

submitted by: Rachel Willis
related surnames: McARTHUR, LOUGHMAN, O'DONNELL

Thomas TATLOCK was born in 1860 in the UK and he married Mary McARTHUR in 1888 at St Patrick's, Montreal.

Thomas and Mary had the following children: 

* William Thomas TATLOCK born 1898
* Alice TATLOCK born ? (possibly born after William Thomas).

His wife Mary McARTHUR died in 1910. He remarried in 1910 or 1911 to Molly (also known as Helen) LOUGHMAN, maiden name O'DONNELL.

Thomas and Molly had the following children: 

* Thomas John TATLOCK born 1911, 
* Kathleen Catherine TATLOCK born 1913, 
* Emily TATLOCK born 1915, 
* James TATLOCK born 1916, 
* Gemma TATLOCK born 1922.

Thomas TATLOCK had also been married in 1879 in the UK, but he deserted his wife and children and did not divorce. He was a comedian and dancer on the stage, but he also worked as a waiter in taverns.

I don't think Thomas was Catholic as he wasn't when he was in England, but I think his children were Catholic as both his second and third wives were.

I would be really interested in details of any TATLOCK families in Montreal, as I have a feeling he would have gone to Montreal because he had relatives there. I only know he lived in Montreal between 1888 to about 1930.
1895 and 1896 Montreal directories:
Tatlock, Thomas, roofer, 106 St. George
1922 Montreal directory:
Tatlock, T., labourer, 879 De l'Epee, Outremont
Tatlock, Wm., labourer, 1497 Alexandria

submitted by:Shelly Tees Blanco 

Looking for descendants of the TEES family of Montreal. David TEES and Ann KINGAN emigrated from Ireland to Montreal in early 1820's and had the following children:

* John TEES (1819-1889) married Jane COOK
* Jane TEES (1821-    ) married Clark JAMES?
* Alexander TEES (1824-    )
* William TEES (1826-1901) married Elizabeth CURRAN
* David TEES (1828-1899) married Mary Ann CURRAN
* Joseph TEES (1832-1912) married Sarah SMITH
* Andrew TEES (1835-1842)
* Ann Jane TEES (1839-1970) married James STEWART (see STEWART query)
* Andrew TEES (1842-1851)

They were connected with Tees & Co. Funeral Services and furniture company

Submitted by: Judy Thom

Surname -THOM, William Castle
Born - Montreal March 5,1882
Wife - Menithea

* Reginald THOM
* Clifford THOM
* Evelyn THOM
* Milton THOM

I have received World War 1 Military records for my gg grandfather, William Castle THOM, but so far have been unable to trace him any further.I am especially interested to discover his parents names. It seems William was not baptized so there are no records of his birth. I would be especially interested if anyone has any knowledge of this family.

Submitted by: Janet Packer (nee Thomson)

THOMSON family of ST LAMBERT 1840-1910
Searching for details of Thomson family originally from Scotland then sailed to Montreal Canada. 

My Great Grandfather James Charles THOMSON was Mayor of Saint Lambert from 1882 to 1886.  I have tried without success to find information about him for our family history. Can you help? It appears that, at that time, Council members named one of their number as mayor for a period of one year. For some reason my great-grandfather seems to have been an exception to this rule. I'm told that a Saint-Lambert resident may consult the council minutes for this period by appointment with the Assistant City Clerk (450-923-6531). Only in this way I could learn more about the events that took place during my great-grandfather's time as mayor.

James Charles THOMSON , who also owned a cabinetmaking business, and his wife Mary J.K. Thomson had the following known children born in Montreal:

* James THOMSON - b.15th Dec 1897, Montreal
* Violet Marguerite THOMSON  - b. 2nd October 1896, Monteal
* Hilda THOMSON - an older sister of the above - date and place of birth unknown.

The family returned to the UK early 1900s.

submitted by: Sharyn Thomson

Robert and Janet THOMSON immigrated from Scotland sometime after 1875.  I am told they died in Montreal but have not found dates yet.  They had at least 4 children: 
* Allan THOMSON (my grandfather), 
* Bessie (Elizabeth?) THOMSON
I am told that Mary Thomson was a dressmaker in Montreal.

submitted by: Marc G. Vallieres
related surnames: DUBOIS, STOREY

William THOMPSON: When he was married in Montreal (catholic) to Marie-Louise DUBOIS in 1813, he is said to be the son of John THOMPSON of Morpeth (Northumberland) and of the late Frances STOREY.  I have searched the records or all the town around Morpeth and have found neither his baptism nor his parent's marriage.  I have searched both Church of England and Non-conformist parishes, the IGI and Scots Origins.  I suspect they may have come from the Borders area of Scotland, as William's son will say later that he is of Scottish descent. (May be Border Irregular Marriage?).  My mother's great-grandmother was Sophie-Caroline THOMPSON, grand-daughter of William THOMPSON.

submitted by: Nancy Thornton
related surnames: STONE

Frank C. THORNTON Sr. b Nov 12, 1858 in Montreal, died Nov 23, 1934 in Chicago Illinois. Married Henryetta Bruett STONE b. April 1860 in Cornwall England, married about 1880 in Montreal, died about 1932 in Chicago.

Children, all born in Montreal between 1880 and 1886:
* William THORNTON (twin of Frank)
* Frank THORNTON (twin of William)

The family immigrated 1887 to Illinois. I have no information on the ancestors and am just beginning the search. Any tips would be appreciated.

Submitted by: Pam Watson
Related surnames: DONEAHAY, BARNETT, MAHER

TOOMER, William.  Birthplace and parents unknown.   In 1825  he was a private soldier at Fort George, Upper Canada (now Ontario).  Next I know he marries Rosa DONEAHAY on 06 May1827 in Montreal.  He was a drummer with the 76th Regiment at the time of his marriage and his regiment left soon after for Ireland.  It appears he was in Ireland until 1833 and then, still with the 76th, in Dominica in the West Indies 1834/5.

My great, great grandmother, Mary TOOMER born about 1829, was his daughter.  Mary married in Liverpool, UK, and migrated to Australia in the 1850s.

If anyone else is researching this line I would appreciate assistance pre 1825 especially for parents, birthplace and offspring of William TOOMER.  Willing to assist with information on Mary TOOMER (married name (1) BARNETT  (2) MAHER) in Australia.

Submitted by: Wendy Wilson 
Related surnames: KNOTT

Margaret Jane UPTON (b. Jun 12 1858 in Ashford, Co. Limerick,  d. Oct 2 1937 in Westmount, buried Mount Royal Cemetery Section L 1214) married to George Pomeroy KNOTT (see KNOTT query). 

She emigrated to Canada in 1873 from Ireland.  Her mother Margaret (b. Oct 22 1822) came to Canada in 1840(?) and was living with the family in 1901 at 4488 St Catherine Street.  At the time of Margaret Jane's death (1937) she was living at 4430 St Catherine Street.  I'm looking for any more details concerning this family and their life in Montreal and emigration from Ireland.

submitted by:  Wm Craig Laurence

My g-g-grandfather Henry Weston Peter URQUHART was born in Quebec City June 29,  1833, and baptised July 28, 1833, to parents H.B. and Amelia URQUHART, as per the National Archives of Quebec. I was unable to locate an H. Urquhart in the 1842 Quebec City census, but did locate a Henry URQUHART and wife J. in the  1842 and 1861 Montreal census' with their children. 

Mount Royal Cemetery informs that Henry  URQUHART, died Dec.7,1874, and Jane Watt URQUHART, died March 22,1863, are both buried in the cemetery. But I have not been able to make the connection, for certain. Perhaps Jane is a second wife. 

Submitted by: Samuel C. Wait, Jr.
Related surnames: PHILLIPS

Looking for James WAIT and his wife Jane PHILLIPS (see PHILLIPS query), who came to Montreal from Scotland. James was born in North Berwick, Scotland on 15 June 1816, and Jane in Ireland, possibly Londonderry, around 1820. By 1850 they had settled in Mineville, New York. 

Also looking for William WAIT who "built the docks at Montreal" according to family history. William was born in North Berwick on 7 June 1825.

Submitted by: Linda Wright
Related surnames: MARLIN

I am trying to find information on my paternal great grandparents 
John WALKER and Margaret WALKER nee BROWN.

According to the records at the Mount Royal Cemetery in Montreal John died before Margaret Brown. Margaret was born in Canada and died on April 28th, l925. She died at the age of 73 years. Her last residence and place of death was 631 Quebec Ave., Outremont, Quebec.

John and Margaret had several children: 
* Robert WALKER (a doctor he moved to Michigan and married . He and his wife had a son and  a daughter)
* William WALKER married and stayed in Montreal, (he owned a business with over l00 cab and horses in Montreal he died with no children to the best of my knowledge). 
* John Andrew WALKER born Aug.30, l873 married Isabella MARLIN and they had eleven children, he died in Montreal in November l945.
* Alice WALKER who married and lived in the Montreal area (she was alive in l965) 
* Lizzie WALKER

I do not know the year when John WALKER and Margaret BROWN were married. 
Anyone with information on them or connections to them please contact me.

submitted by: Brooke Fry
Related surnames: CAMPBELL

Looking for information on the WARD family in Montreal, mid to late 1800's. 
Eveyln WARD married George Allen CAMPBELL, b. Montreal 10 July 1854, d. BC 16 Apr. 1928.  Issue: 
* Mildred CAMPBELL

submitted by Marjorie Mikasen
related surnames:  NICOL, SNOWDON, WARMINTON

I am looking for the descendents of Richard WARMINTON Sr. and any information regarding the lives of our common ancestors

Richard WARMINTON Sr. was born in Barnstaple, England and died 1860 in Montreal
He was married in Barnstaple to Jane COREY (b. about 1819. died ?)

Richard Sr. and Jane's children:

* Richard WARMINTON Jr. (1836-about 1918)
Married in Montreal to Isobella NICOL. Isobella (1835-1900) was the daughter of John NICOL and Ann WILSON of Glasgow, Scotland.  Their other children were Ann NICOL, who married W. STEINHOFF, and John NICOL. Richard Jr. remarried about 1910 to Katherine ____

Richard Jr. and Isobella's children: 

1. John WARMINTON (about 1863-1915) died in service during the Great War
     married in Montreal to Gyp
2. Richard WARMINTON III (about 1860-1924) married in Toronto to Helen
3. Mary Brigham WARMINTON (about 1867-1920)
     married in Montreal to James John Wellsteed SNOWDON (see SNOWDON query)
4. William WARMINTON (about 1870-?) married about 1910 in Winnipeg to Maggie
Richard Jr. and Katherine's child: 
5. Katherine WARMINTON(1912-?)
 * William WARMINTON
married in Montreal to Lucia Ann WILKINSON

submitted July 13, 2000 by: Becky Norman
Related surnames NORMAN, BARR, BYERS

I am searching for info on the family of Catherine Anne WATSON who married William Charles NORMAN (10-10-1866) in the St. Stephen's Anglican Church in Montreal. She was born about 1842  in Montreal. He was born in England. 

They had several childen (see NORMAN query). William Charles died 11-8-1905... Catherine Anne died 6-18-1918. They are  both buried in Mount Royal Cemetery.

submitted by : Lucille Cuevas c/o Patty Brown
related surnames: MALT

Looking for any information about Rebecca WELBY (born c1890s?) probably in  England or Scotland. She immigrated to Montreal and married Dominic MALT. They had four children born in Montreal. (see MALT query

Rebecca WELBY died c1920s? Did she have parents or siblings who also immigrated to Montreal? There are only 2 WELBYs listed in the 1923 Montreal City directory. They're both listed as living in Verdun. Could these have been relatives?  Any information would be greatly appreciated!

submitted by: Kathy Zavada
related surnames: BARNES, HENDRY, SAVAGE

Edward WESTON (wife Ada BARNES) from Brighton, Sussex, Eng. emigrated about 1910-1914
with children:
* Agatha WESTON born Sussex 2 dec 1895 
    married Montreal  29 Jun 1926 to John Alexander HENDRY (see Hendry query)
* Elsie WESTON born Sep.1898 Sussex, Eng. married Canada to Thomas SAVAGE
    two children :
    1. Fred SAVAGE
    2. Joan SAVAGE
* Herbert "Bert" WESTON

Submitted by Jane Joy

Marion MAY married a Mr. WHITE, (Christian name unknown) c. 1900, somewhere in the Montreal area of Canada.  Marion, who was b. in Kent.ENG. died in Montreal in 1953. I am looking for decendants of this family.

Submitted by: Warren Sadler
Related surnames: LENNOX

Robert WHITEFORD (1782 - Bet. 1833 - 1839) is reputed to have died in a barn fire at or near Lachine. His his widow Margaret LENNOX Whiteford and his brother David WHITEFORD moved on to settle in the valley of the Châteauguay. I have ancestry and many descendant lines. I'm lacking knowledge about that fire and the specifics about my second great grandfather's death.

Robert WHITEFORD b: March 28, 1782 Burnshill, Stewarton, Ayrshire d: Bef. May 1839 Lower Canada. He married Margaret LENNOX b: c. May 21, 1786 Bent, Ochiltree, Ayrshire m: January 21, 1812 Ochiltree, Ayrshire, Scotland d:October 3, 1856 Ormstown, Canada East

Children of Robert WHITEFORD & Margaret LENNOX:
* Jannet WHITEFORD b: c. 1816 Scotland d: 1862 St. Louis de Gonzague, Canada East
* Jane Whiteford b: c1818 Scotland married Neil McEWEN in 1839 in Ormstown
* Robert WHITEFORD b: 1820 Ayrshire d: 1905 Ormstown, Quebec
   +Agnes SANGSTER 1823-1885 Ormstown (see SANGSTER query)

.. *2nd Wife of Robert Whiteford: 
Hannah H. McWHINNIE b: 1848 Canada East m:1886 Ormstown, Quebec d: 1924 Ormstown

Children of Robert WHITEFORD & Hannah H. McWHINNIE:
* David WHITEFORD b: c1823 Lower Canada d: Klondyke, Yukon Territory
* Agnes WHITEFORD b: August 2, 1826 Montreal,  d: August 20, 1826 Montreal
* Margaret WHITEFORD married John MORRISON of Lachine in 1850 (see MORRISON query)

For a more detailed genealogy of my WHITEFORDs see Pioneer families of the Châteauguay

Submitted by: Patty Brown 

I'm looking for the decendants of William WHITEHEAD and Carolina Wheatly Shearer NICHOLSON,daughter of  Peter NICHOLSON and Ann SHEARER (sister of James SHEARER). Carolina was born Dec.29, 1850 in Olrig, Caithness, Scotland and immigrated to Montreal with her parents and older siblings c1860 to join SHEARER kin already living in Montreal.

In 1874 Carolina married William WHITEHEAD at Crescent Church in Montreal. From Mount Royal cemetery records it seems they lived in Winnipeg for a while, where a couple of their children were born. Carolina died a widow in 1922 in Montreal. Her husband William WHITEHEAD is not in the family plot.  I have no idea when/where he was born or when/where he died.

Known children of William WHITEHEAD and Carolina Wheatly Shearer NICHOLSON:

* Anna Eva WHITEHEAD b: Abt. 1875 Montreal  d: August 25, 1876 Montreal (infant)
* Ethel Maude Dora WHITEHEAD b:December 10,1879 Winnipeg, Manitoba, d. Dec. 28, 1879 
    at 85 MacKay St., Montreal. (unmarried) 
* Harry Peter Nicholson WHITEHEAD b: Abt.1884 Winnipeg, Man.  d: January 28, 1948 Montreal 
   According to MR cemetery records, he was the husband of Mary HERRICK. She's not burried there.

There may have been other children born in Winnipeg or elsewhere?  I'd love to connect with any decendants of this branch.

submitted by: Lorraine Whitelaw Speers
related surnames: THOMAS

Looking for any information regarding my WHITELAW family, during the seven years they lived in Montreal.   JACOB WHITELAW and MARY JANE THOMAS immigrated to  Montreal in 1873.  He was from Duns, Berwickshire Scotland and she was from Liverpool, England. 

While in Montreal, three of their nine children were born: 
* Jacob James WHITELAW b.1875 
* Jessie WHITELAW  b.1878  d.1878 buried in Mount Royal Cemetery
* Jessie WHITELAW b. 1880. 

When daughter Jessie died in 1878 the family had lived at  508 Guy Street, Montreal.  In 1880 the family moved to Carberry, Manitoba.

I am still searching for where they were married, as it is rumoured they married in Montreal, or Liverpool.
Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

submitted by: Bernie Bradner
Related surnames: 

John WHITEWOOD born in England Abt 1833  Protestant. Moved to Montreal before 1867 and married Mary CORRIGAN at that time (see CORRIGAN query). Worked for the Grand Trunk Railway for most of his years.

Children born to John and Mary WHITEWOOD were raised as Catholics and are listed as follows. All married Montreal spouses.

* Mary Ann WHITEWOOD b.unknown    married Frank Thomas MOONEY
* Margaret Jane WHITEWOOD b 1870
* Sarah WHITEWOOD b.1870   married.Thomas HARNETT
* Elizabeth WHITEWOOD b.1872   married Edward STIRK
* Agnes Jane WHITEWOOD b. 1876   married Joseph BRADNER (see BRADNER query)
* Thomas John WHITEWOOD b 1877  married Bertha BROOKS
* Hugh Henry WHITEWOOD b. 1881   married Mary STEWART

I wish to hear from anyone with connections to the above families.

Submitted by: Patty Brown

My Wilson ancestry in Montreal begins with Samuel WILSON and his wife Elizabeth CROCKETT who immigrated to Montreal from Rasharkin, Co. Antrim, Ireland in 1842. They arrived with their two infant children, Annie WILSON (b.1838 in Ballymena) and James Crockett WILSON (b.1841 in Rasharkin). Three more children were born to them in Montreal. The family consisted of:

* Annie WILSON (1838-1931) married Robert Anderson BECKET (brother of John Cunningham BECKET) in 1858 in Montreal and they had 12 children. (see BECKET query)

* J.C. WILSON(1841-1899) (my gg grandfather) married Jeannie KILGOUR of  Beauharnois (dau of William KILGOUR and Ann WILSON [no relation]..) in 1863 and had 8 children, all born in Montreal:
1) Warden Crockett WILSON (died as an infant)
2) James Crockett WILSON (died as an infant)
3)William Walter Coulthard WILSON (1869-1924) married Mellie MARX (1871-1948) (no children)
4) Frank Howard WILSON (1873-1929) married Graham STEWART (see Stewart query)
5)Edwin Howlett WILSON (1875-1943) married Mabel Frances ELLIOT (1879-1964) (2 children)
6) Ethel Florida WILSON (1877-1949) married Percy McINTOSH (1875- )(no children)
7) Lawrence Crockett WILSON (died as an infant)
8) Annie Lachute WILSON (1883-1967) married Edgar Campbell BUDGE (1882-1943) (2 children)
Jeannie KILGOUR died in 1897 and in 1898 J.C. WILSON married a widow named Catherine Elizabeth SIMPSON (nee TAYLOR). Family *rumour* suggests they may have had a son.

* Maria WILSON (1844-1845)
* George Samuel WILSON married Edith Ann ALPORT  in 1880 and had three children - none of whom seem to have married.They're all buried in Mount Royal cemetery.
* Elizabeth WILSON (1848-1849)

Elizabeth CROCKETT died in Montreal in 1849 and her husband Samuel WILSON is said to have remarried. In 1851, at St. Gabriel's Church there is a record of a Samuel WILSON (widow) marrying Catherine WALKER
They had at least 2 children:
* John WILSON 1851-1859
* William WILSON 1853-1854

Sam died in Montreal in 1856. I don't know if he had any other children with Catherine WALKER. 

Submitted by:Leyda Blais
Related Surnames: DAIGNAULT, LOFTA

I am searching for the marriage of Alexander WILSON and Juliette DAIGNAULT in Montreal 1915/1919. This was the first marriage for Juiette...her second was to Oscar LOFTA. Nothing is known of the Wilson family.

I have no idea if he was Catholic or Protestant but Juliette was Catholic so perhaps he was too.

Submitted by: Debbie Keillar

My great-grandmother Mary WINDER (originally from Glasgow), married Frederick Benjamin NORRIS in Montreal (see NORRIS query). 

Mary had a brother, John WINDER, who married Maggie CUNDELL on Sept. 14,1883. They had 9 children.  John operated an upholstery shop on Notre Dame St. in Montreal until his death at age 41 in 1905.  I belive Maggie's parents were William CUNDALL and Margaret McKENZIE.

Would like to correspond and share info with anyone else in these family lines. 

Submitted by: Penny Carpenter
Related surnames: EVANS

In 1876 Robert WOOD went into partnership in Montreal with his nephew, Frederick William EVANS, under the name of  Wood & Evans Insurance Agents. Frederick William EVANS was the son of  Robert WOOD's sister, Selina Anna WOOD, and her husband William EVANS (see EVANS query). Robert immigrated to Canada in 1834 and died in Montreal in 1886. That's all I know

I'm looking for ancestors and descendants of  Robert WOOD, and his sister, Selina Anna WOOD, and any other siblings they may have had. Also looking for any info on Robert's career.

Submitted by: Heather Wall
Related surnames: BEALE, McKEOWN

I'm looking to find out more about who my great-grandmother's parents were,
MARY ANN WOODWARD b. 1856 (not sure where yet) married Chas Martin BEALE at St. Judes, Montreal, in 1875 with the permission of her father ALEXANDER WOODWARD as well as the signature of  EMMA WOODWARD (not sure yet whether mother sister aunt?). She died 1927 and is buried at Mount Royal cemetery in the BEALE family plot. 

I have seen an ancestral file of an Emma WOODWARD whose father is Alexander WOODWARD  who went to Mass. USA to marry and live? and died in Montreal 1934 and is buried in  Mount Royal Cemetery but the address is no longer valid, it was submitted by Robert W. McKEOWN whom I'd like to get in touch with. 

Submitted by: Karen Young Shreve

I am looking for my great, great grandfathers 3 brothers: 
* Henry YOUNG born 1818 Avoch Scotland. 
* John YOUNG born 1823 in Avoch, Scotland
* and another John YOUNG born in 1824 in Avoch)

One of the brothers (which one I do not know) emigrated to Montreal prior to 1872. He had a son named Donald YOUNG who worked for the Montreal Gazette.  The other 2 brothers emigrated to New York.

When my  g g grandfather Simon YOUNG, and his son, William YOUNG emigrated in 1871,  they went first to New York and then on to Montreal, where they stayed with the Montreal brother.

My great grandfather William YOUNG worked for the railway for a while, before they moved to Ontario.

My ggg grandfather was Robert YOUNG a merchant in Ross & Cromarty, and held railway stock at the time of his death.   Many of my relatives worked for and helped build the CPR.

Submitted by: Paul Zappa

Can you help me  in locating any ZAPPA immigrants from 1860 to 1900 ? 
My grandfather was Agostinon ZAPPA who arrived from  L'Aquila, Italy with, I am told, two brothers.
He settled in Montreal while his brothers apparently moved on to the U.S.

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