(Rosemount First United Church)

Rosemount First United Church's beginnings were in the Petite Cote Mission on Petite Cote (now Carrière) and Victoria (now Papineau). This  was  founded  in 1862 as a Sunday school  for Erskine Presbyterian Church members who lived in what is now the Rosemount area. A frame building was donated by Mrs. George Hastings for the Sunday school in 1874.  In 1882 the property was deeded to the Sunday school and evening services began to be held there as well. 

In 1910 the congregation moved into the assembly hall of  Rosemount Public School. An institutional building was erected to serve as a lecture hall, recreational centre as well as a church until the population warranted a separate church structure.  The building was dedicated in 1914. The name changed some time after the move from the Petite Cote Mission.  It became Rosemount Presbyterian and sometimes Rosemount Presbyterian Institutional Church. The first printed annual report was for the year 1917. 

In 1925 the congregation voted in favour of union and became Rosemount First United Church. In 1970 Rosemount First United Church, Mount Stephen United Church and Trinity United Church amalgamated into Trinity United Church.

Source: United Church Archives - Beverly Levine

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