From: "The Ross Clan"
by: John Alistair and Rosemary Ross, c1978
Reprinted with permission from Ian Ross

A.F.C. Ross was born in Montreal and lived there all his life. He was a twin brother of Dr John W.Ross and, along with another brother James G. Ross, they were in Partnership in the Firm of  P.S. Ross & Sons which was founded by their Father Philip Simpson Ross.  A.F.C. eventually took over the internal organization and running of the Firm. Another brother, the late William G. Ross, had died in 1929.

Educated at the Montreal High School and the Montreal Business College,  A.F.C. entered the Chartered Accounting field and rapidly won recognition in business circles. He joined his Father's Firm in 1890. He was one of the oldest members of the Chartered Accountants Association of Quebec and was one of the Chartered Members of the Dominion Association of Chartered Accountants which he served at various times as Secretary, Vice-President and President.

He also represented, in this Country, the Institute of Accountants and Auditors of England and in 1900 was one of the Canadian Delegates to a conference in the United States at which the Certified Public Accountants Association was formed.

He was prominent in the Masonic craft, being Grand Treasurer for 22 years. On the 21st Anniversary of his election to that post his services were recognized by his being made an Honorary Past Grand Master of the Quebec Grand Lodge. He was also elected to the second highest office in the Scottish Rite. He was a Past Master of the Royal Albert Lodge in which he retained his membership as a Mason and was the first principal of the Royal Albert Chapter Arch Masons.

Formerly a member of the Church of St. Andrew and St. Paul, A. F. C. became a member of  St. Andrews Church, Westmount. He was actively interested in Church Charities and public welfare, was a generous supporter of the Montreal Sailors' Institute as his Father had been before him, and in his youth he was interested in the Y.M.C.A..

Tribute to A.F.C's. contribution to the work of the Montreal Sailors' Institute was paid by the Manager and Chaplain of the latter. Rev. William McLain recalled that A.F.C. was a Life Member of the Institute whose Board of Management he joined in 1897, while his Father, who had been one of the Founders, was Secretary, In the following 43 years the Chaplain said, he rendered signal service to the institute, especially in 1908 when the Institute Building was remodeled at a cost of $55,000.00. In 1914 the Board participated in the joint drive of the Navy League of Canada which remained in operation and raised $1,400,000.00 in Montreal.

A.F.C. was a Life Governor of the Montreal General Hospital. He was a member of the Royal Montreal Golf Club and an Honorary Life Member of the Mattewan Fish and Game Club.

He was actively engaged in business until about a year before his death when he became ill. He died in his 72nd year at his residence Braemar, Braeside Place, Westmount on December 21, 1941

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*Researching A.F.C. Ross...........
  • Ian Ross (great nephew)
  • John McCullough (cousin through marriage) 
  • Patty Brown (Although not related, A.F.C. Ross and his twin brother, J.W. Ross, were close friends of my great grandfather F.H. Wilson and they appear in dozens of our old family photos. I'd like to make contact with decendants of the "Ross twins" to compare photo albums!)

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