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Until July 1st 1998, Montreal Schools were were divided by religion. The controlling School Boards were the Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal (English speaking Protestant schools), the Montreal Catholic School Commission (English-speaking Catholic schools) and the Commission d'Ecolier Catholique de Montreal (French speaking Catholic schools).

= English Protestant School
= English Catholic School
  This page is a work in progress and by no means complete. If you have info on any other 
English Montreal Schools please e-mail me with the details and I'll add them to the list. Also looking for brief histories on each school and any class lists, prize lists, newspaper clippings etc.that contain names of early students - anything that will help us on our genealogy quests.
Opened 1800s

The National School   1816- Bonsecours Street between
Craig and Notre Dame
British and Canadian School P 1822-1894 Cote street, at the corner of
transfered to Protestant School Board in 1866
Students transfered to Dufferin School in 1894
McGill University   1821-now    
Bishop's College School*   1836-now Lennoxville, Quebec*  
High School of Montreal  P 1843- corner of Dorchester
and University Avenue
transfered to Protestant School Board in 1866
Bishop's College*   1843-now Lennoxville, Quebec* renamed 'University of Bishop's College' in 1853
The Hervey Institute   1840s-1916?    
The Montreal Academy   1844-  St. Paul Street  
The Canada Baptist College P 1846-    
Lower Canada College P 1847-? AND
St. Mary's College C 1848- Bleury & St. Catherine Owned by the Jesuits
Had a French-language section and an English-language section.
Ann Street School P 1850-1907 Ann Street re-built & re-named William Lunn School in 1908
Villa Maria C 1854-now? Monklands maintained by the conregation of Notre Dame
McGill Normal School   1857-    
Quebec Suburbs School P 1850-1860 1.Private House on Papineau
Square;  2.Colborne Ave.
students transfered to Panet Street School
Panet Street School P 1852*-1891
*(or 1860?)
  students transfered to Lansdowne School
University of Bishop's College*   1853-1958 Lennoxville, Quebec* Formerly called Bishop's College
Renamed Bishop's University in 1958
St. John's School   1861-1909   name changed to Lower Canada College
Mrs. Simpson's Ladies School   1863- Mansfield Street early canadiana
Montreal Business College   1864 - 1. Nordheimer’s Building
2. Place d’Armes
3. cor. Vic.Sq. & Craig St.
Miss Black's Private School   c1869- SE corner of Clarke Ave. 
and Cote St. Antoine
de Salaberry Street School P 1870-1891   students transfered to Lansdowne School
Royal Arthur School P 1870-    
Protestant Institute for 
P 1870-1877   name changed to Mackay Institution for 
Protestant Deaf Mutes in 1877
The Prepatory High School P 1870-1891   transfered to the High School of Montreal
Cote St. Antoine Mission School P 1870-1891 SE corner of Clarke Ave. 
and Cote St. Antoine
St. Lawrence Street School P 1871-1874   students transfered to Sherbrooke Street School
Grace Church School P 1872-1876 +
  students transfered to Riverside School
Cote St. Antoine Academy P 1873-    
Westmount Academy P 1873-now? 1.Clarke & Cote St. Antoine
2.Stanton St.(1876-1893)
3.Cote St. Antoine & Argyle
YMCA (evening classes) 1873-1926 1873-1911 YMCA building at Dorchester & Dominion Square
1911 -1926 YMCA building on Drummond St.
Became Sir George Williams College in 1926
Sherbrooke Street School P 1874-1896   students transfered to Aberdeen School
Compton Ladies College*   1874- Compton, Quebec *  
Dorchester Street School P 1874-1894   Students transfered to Dufferin School in 1894
St. Matthew's Church School P 1874-1891   students transfered to Riverside School in 1891
Mill Street School P 1875-1887   students transfered to Britannia School in 1887
The High School For Girls P 1875-     
Point St. Charles School P 1876-1887 Favard Street re-named Riverside School in 1887
Ontario Street School P 1876-1886   students transfered to Berthelet School in 1886
The MacKay Institution for 
Protestant Deaf-Mutes
P 1877-1886    
Riverside School P 1887-   Formerly Point St. Charles School
Trafalger School for Girls P 1887-now cor. Simpson & MacGregor founded 1871, but not opened until 1887
Senior School P 1877-1906    
St. Gabriel School P c1878?-1891   students transfered to Lorne School
St. George's School P 1878-1886   students transfered to Berthelet School
Hochelaga School P c1884?-1907 1st?;  
2nd on Prefontaine
destroyed by fire on Feb. 26, 1907
replaced by Sarah Maxwell Mem.School 1908
Berthelet School P 1886-    
St. Jean Baptiste School    c1886?-1889   name changed to St.Urbain St. School 1889
Britannia School P 1887-    
Victoria School P 1888-    
St. Urbain Street School P 1889-1894   re-named Mount Royal School in 1894
Lansdowne school P 1891-    
Lorne School P 1891-    
Mount Royal School P 1894-   Formerly St. Jean Baptiste School (   -1889)
and St. Urbain Street School (1889-1894)
Dufferin School P 1894-1929   students transfered to Alexandra School
Cedar Park School P 1895-now Cedar Ave., Pointe-Claire http://www.cedarpark.pointe-claire.qc.ca
King's School P 1896-1960 Western Ave, Westmount Amalgamated with Queen's School in 1960 to form Westmount Park Elementary School.
The building on Western Ave was demolished in 1964
Aberdeen School P 1896-     
Loyola College C 1896-1974 1. 1896-1898 - Bleury & St. Catherine
2. 1898-1916 - former Tucker School on Drummond St.
3. 1916-1974 - Sherbrooke W.
Grew out of the English-language program of Collège Ste-Marie, a French language Jesuit school founded in 1848. Loyola became a separate institution in 1896.
St. Paul's School C 1898- 1. in a house formerly owned 
by Mr. Lallemand at the corner of Sherbrooke Street and Greene Avenue, Westmount
opened as St. Paul's Academy in 1898. Prior to the opening of St. Paul's, most English and French speaking Catholic children in the area attended Mount St. Mary, a boarding school of the Congregation de Notre Dame
Queen's School P 1899-1960 Olivier Avenue, Westmount Amalgamated with King's School in 1960 to 
form Westmount Park Elementary School
Baron de Hirsh Day School   ???? -1907 1.Elizabeth St. + 
2.Bleury St.
students moved to Belmont Street School

Opened 1900-1925

Wykeham House School P c1900-1933   founded by Thomas Holmes Orr
Berri Street School P c1905(?)-1911   students transfered to William Dawson School
McDonald College   1905-now Ste Anne de Bellevue  
McDonald High School P 1905(?) -now Ste Anne de Bellevue http://www.machigh.org
Commercial and Technical High School   1906-1922    
St. Leo's School  C 1906- Clarke Avenue, Westmount  
Boulevard School P c1906(?)-1908   students transfered to Earl Grey School
Belmont Street School P 1907-1932 in the McGill Normal School
students transfered to Berthlet, William Lunn 
and Royal Arthur Schools
Earl Grey School P 1908- corner of  Bellechsse and
Christopher Columbus sts
Lucas School P 1908-1912 Mackay Street re-named Selwyn House School in 1912
Sarah Maxwell Memorial School P 1908- on Prefontaine Built on the site of the former Hochelaga School
William Lunn School P 1908-   Formerly the Ann Street School
Miss Edgar's and Miss Cramp's P 1909-now    
Roslyn School P 1907/09-now Westmount  
Trinity School P 1909-1911   students transfered to the Alexandra School
Kensington School   1910-    
Delorimer School   c1910(?)-    
Fairmount School   c1910(?)-    
Alexandra School   1911-     
Cote des Neiges School   c1911(?)-    
Nesbitt School   1911-now   ??????
Rosemount Public School P c1911-c1950 Rosemount Blvd. re-named Nesbitt school c1950??????
William Dawson School   1911-    
Edward VII School   1912-    
Verdun High School    1912-1984  Argyle Avenue, Verdun  
Selwyn House School   1913-now   Formerly named Lucas School
Amherst Park Congregational
Church School
P 1913-1914   students transfered to Peace Centennial School
Amherst Park School P c1913(?)-1914   students transfered to Peace Centennial School
Bordeaux School P 1913-1931   students transfered to Ahuntsic School
Shaw Memorial Church School P 1913-1914   students transfered to Peace Centennial School
Strathearn School   1913-    
Westmount Park School   1913-now    
Youville School P c1913(?)-1914   students transfered to Peace Centennial School
F.A.C.E. School   1914-now    
Greenshields Avenue School P 1914-1928   re-named Barclay School in 1928
Longue Pointe School P c1914(?)-1917   students transfered to John Jenkins School
Peace Centennial School   1914-    
Tetreaultville School   1914-    
Westmount High School   1914-now Academy Rd., Westmount  
Bancroft School P 1915- now    
Duke of Connaught School P c1915(?)-1924   Students transfered to Connaught School
The Study P 1915-now 1. house on Sherbrooke st. 
2. Seaforth Ave.
3. moved to The Boulevard in Westmount in 1960
Founded by Margaret Gascoigne
Amherst School   1916-     
Hamilton Street School   1916-    
MacVicar School   1916-    
Terminal Park School   1916-    
School for Crippled Children P 1916-1960   amalgamated with the Mackay Institute for Deaf Mutes in 1960 to become the Mackay Centre for Deaf and Crippled Children
John Jenkins School   1917-    
Prince Albert School P c1918(?)-1931   Students transfered to Royal Arthur School
Royal Albert School P c1918(?)-1926   Re-named Gilson School in 1926
Cote St. Paul School P c1918(?)-1924   Students transfered to Connaught School
Royal George School P c1918(?)-1923   Students transfered to Herbert Symonds School
Royal Vale School P c1918(?)-now Somerled and Draper http://www.emsb.qc.ca/royalvale
Hudson High School*   1920-now Hudson, Quebec* http://www.total.net/~hudsonhs
Sir George Williams Evening 
High School
  c1920s- started by the YMCA on 
Dr. Saunders - principal?
Devonshire School   1921-    
Maisonneuve School   1921-    
Dunrae Gardens School   1921-now Dunrae Ave, TMR http://www.artmontreal.com/dunrae
Ahuntsic School   c1922(?)-    
The Commercial High School   1922-    
Cartierville School   1922-    
Crystal Springs School   1922-    
Baron Bing High School   1922-    
Elizabeth Ballantyne School   1922-now Northview Avenue,
Montreal West
Lewis Evans School   1922-    
Herbert Symonds School   1923- Built on the Royal George
School site
Lachine High School   1923-now 36th Ave (1923-1957)
Sherbrooke & 55th (' 57-now)
Options I High School   1923-now    
Options II High School   1923-now    
Venture High School   1923-now    

Opened 1925-1950

Hampstead High School   1925-now    
Gilson School P 1926-   Formerly the Royal Albert School
Sir George Williams College 1926-1959 YMCA building on Drummond Street. Formerly known as the evening classes taught at the YMCA from 1873-1926.
First day classes at Sir George began in 1932.
In 1959 it became Sir George Williams University
History of Sir George Williams University
Carlyle School P 1928-    
Rosedale School P 1928- Rosedale Ave. between Somerled and Terrebonne Aves  
Dunrae Gardens School   1929-now    
Willingdon School  P 1930-now    
Drummond School ...................... P 1931-    
Barclay School P 1931-    Formerly the Greenshields Avenue School
Royal West Academy   1931-now    
Iona Avenue School  P 1932-     
St. Raphael School   1935-now    
The Priory C 1947- 1. Originally located in N.D.G.
2. 1949 moved to a house on 
The Boulevard in Westmount
private Catholic school for boys and girls 
founded by Frances Ballantyne and 
Alphonsine Howlett 

Opened 1950-1975

Coronation School   1950-now    
Nesbitt Public School P c1950- Rosemount Blvd. Formerly called Rosemount Public School???
Mount Royal High School P c1950- 50 Montgomery, TMR  
Rosemount High School P 1951-now Beaubien St.(near PIE IX) Rosemount Website
Merton School   1952-now    
Parkdale School   1952-now    
Maple Hill Elementary School P c1950s-1980s Drapeau Street,
Montreal north
Closed down in the 80's to open as a French school named Ecole de la Fraternite
John Rennie High School   1955-now Pointe Claire http://www2.centra.ca/pages/rennie
St. Monica School   1955-now    
Gardenview School   1956-now    
Sinclair Laird School   1956-now    
Emily Carr School   1957-now    
Holy Cross School   1957-now    
St. Brendan School   1957-now    
St. Kevin School   1957-now    
Somerled School   1957-now    
Bishop's University *   1958-now Lennoxville, Quebec* Formerly called University of Bishop's College
Frederick Banting School   1958-now    
Edinburgh School   1959-now    
St. Pius X Comprehensive High School   1959-now    
Vincent Massey Collegiate   1959-now    
Allancroft Elementary School   1960-now Allancroft Rd,Beaconsfield Allancroft Website
Cedarcrest School   1960-now    
Dorval Gardens Elementary P 1960 - ??   building still exists
Malcolm Campbell High    1960-1987 Autoroute and Dudemaine http://members.xoom.com/classof1971/index.htm
Mackay Centre for Deaf and Crippled Children P 1960-1982 3500 Decarie Boulevard formed in 1960 from the amalgamation of the Mackay Institute for Deaf Mutes and the School for Crippled Children. In 1982 the name changed again to "The Mackay Centre" http://www.emsb.qc.ca/mackay
Marymount Academy   1960-now    
McLearon School   1960-now    
Westmount Park Elementary P 1960- On the grounds of the 
Westmount Athletic Assn.
Formed by the amalgamation of King's School 
and Queen's School
Courtland Park Elementary P c1960s- Carson Ave., Dorval  building still exists
Westmount High School P 1961-now   ??????????!
Dalkeith School   1961-now    
LaurenHill Academy   1961-now    
St. Ignatius of Loyola School   1961-now    
St. John Bosco School   1961-now    
Francesca Cabrini School   1962-now   Francesca Cabrini
Lindsay Place High School   1962-now Point Claire http://lphs.montreal.qc.ca/School/History/History.html
Our Lady of Pompei School   1962-now    
John Grant High School P       -1973 on former Lachine High
site on 36th Ave.
Paul VI / John Grant High   1962-now    
Outreach High School   1963-now    
St. Dorothy School   1963-now    
Wagar High School   1963-now    
Edward Murphy School   1964-now    
John Caboto School   1964-now    
Riverdale High School   1964- Pierrefonds http://www.microtec.net/khouryy/
John F. Kennedy Comprehensive High   1965-now    
Connections High School   1967-now    
Dante School   1967-now    
Doorways High School   1967-now    
Honore Mercier School   1967-now    
James Lyng High School   1967-now    
Laurier Macdonald High School   1968-now    
General McShane School   1969-now    
Laurier MacDonald High   1969-now Saint-Léonard http://www.emsb.qc.ca/lauriermac
Morison School       http://members.xoom.com/classof1971/10index.htm
Dorval High School P c1970s- Carson Ave., Dorval  building still exists
Nazareth School   1971-now    
St. Patrick School   1971-now    
Pierre de Coubertin School   1972-now    
St. Gabriel School   1973-now    
Concordia University   1974-now   Formed August 25, 1974 from the union of Loyola College and Sir George William University.
MIND High School   1975-now University Street in the
Bancroft School

Opened 1976-1998

Lester B. Pearson High School P 1976-now P.M. Favier, Montreal N. http://www.emsb.qc.ca/lesterbpearson
John Paul I Junior High   1977-now    
Leonardo da Vinci School   1981-now    
Mackay Centre School P 1982-now 3500 Decarie Boulevard originally formed in 1869 as the Protestant Institute for Deaf Mutes. Also formerly called the 'Mackay Centre for Deaf and Crippled Children'. Renamed Mackay Centre School in 1982 http://www.emsb.qc.ca/mackay
Michelangelo School   1990-now    

On July 1st, 1998 the old Protestant and Catholic School Boards ceased to be, and new School Boards were formed. These new School Boards are the English Montreal School Board and the French Montreal School Board (Commission Scolaire de Montreal).

Are Montreal's English Schools In Crisis?

A bunch of schools that I'm hunting for dates of opening before they go on the list:

Alfred Joyce Elementary (Protestant - grades 1-7 in Outremont)
Bishops College School
Canon O'Meara School (Catholic boys school on Manufacturers St. - now Augustin Cantin St. at the corner of Laprairie. Attended by children from Pt. St.Charles)
College of Physicians and Surgeons
General Vanier School (still open)
Guy Drummond  grades 1-7 (Lajoie & Dollard in Outremont)
King's Hall Compton
Loyola High School (Catholic - 
Mr. John W. Tucker's Private School
Maisonneuve Protestant School (in the 1895 Montreal directory it was listed at 300 Letourneux, Maisonneuve - w/ Miss Higgins as teacher)
Model School, Stanley Steet
Model School - Lachine Road, Verdun
Miss McDonnell's Academy
Monklands High School (formerly Westhill High. Operated in the 1960s & 70s? - the building is possibly now a nursing home?)
Montreal College
Montreal Collegiate School (opened pre 1866)
Montreal High School
Montreal Technical School
Mount St. Mary (early Catholic boarding school)
Mountrose Elementary School  (Protestant - in Rosemount)
Nun's School - Pointe St. Charles 
Sarsfield ElementarySchool (Catholic -on Center St.)
St. Anthony's school (Catholic school in St. Henri)
St. Augustin's School (Catholic school in NDG)
St. Gabriel's School (Catholic girls school)
St. John Brebeuf School (Catholic school in Lasalle)
St. Laurent High School
St. Patrick's School (Catholic school in downtown area)
St. Thomas Aquinas (Catholic high school for boys) 
St. Thomas Moore (Catholic school in Verdun)
Sir Arthur Currie (Rosedale Ave. south of Cote St. Luc Road)
Strathcona Academy (Cote St. Catherine in Outremont) grades 1-4 and grades 8-11 Protestant/Jewish
Thomas D'Arcy McGee High School (Catholic -co-educational but with separate classes for girls and  for boys)
West Hill High School (became Monklands High sometime between 1930s & 1960s?)
Weston School
University of McGill College
Vezina High School (still open)
Winston Churchill High
Woodland School (Verdun, between Lasalle Blvd. and Verdun Ave. It was later moved to the large Woodland School situated between Melrose Avenue and Desmarchais Blvd. on Verdun Avenue)

For more on English Schools in Quebec see:
English Montreal School Board
Quebec Federation of Home and School
Quebec English Schools Network
Quebec Association of Independent Schools

Most of the info on Montreal schools which opened pre-1930, I found through old books and old Protestant School Board reports. Later schools were harder to find, so thanks to the following people who wrote in to mention the missing schools that they, their friends and their family members attended:

Marlene Beattie
Ken Brady
Linda Bychok
Marty Byrd
Bob Carswell
Wayne Curtis
Liz Stephens Doll
Nancy Green
Winston Hodge
Loretta Knight
Peter Leonard
Sam Midgley
Gail Poirier
Jody Shaw
Rene Snow
Barbara Whitehouse

And special thanks to:

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