From: "Canadian Men & Women of the Time 1912"
Ed. Henry James Morgan, Toronto, William Briggs, Richmond St. W., 1912

Son of  the late James E. Shatford, Indian Harbour, Nova Scotia; born St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia; educated College School and King’s College University, Windsor, Nova Scotia (B.A., with 1st class honours in English literature, 1895; M.A., 1898); ordained deacon, 1896; priest, 1897; curate Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, 1895-1900; rector North Sydney, Nova Scotia, 1900-6; since then has been curate at the Church of  St. James the Apostle, Montreal; a delegate Pan-Anglican Congress, London, 1908; grand chaplain Grand Lodge of Freemasons, Nova Scotia, 1903-6; since then has been grand chaplain, ditto, ditto, P.Q.; a delegate to the General Synod; a delegate to the Ch. Congress, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1910; spoke on “Parochial Problems” there; “to-day,” in his opinion “it is Canada for the world and we think of England as the center of an Empire which tends to the solidarity of the human race and the universal brotherhood of man.” 

Residence: 85 St. Mark St., Montreal

“One of our most popular preachers.” – Halifax Herald

“An accomplished extempore speaker and a preacher of great power.” – Montreal Gazette 

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