From: "The Dictionary of Canadian Biography"
By W. Stewart Wallace, MacMillan Co.of Canada, 2nd edition 1945

Second Baron (1883-1938), lawyer and financier, was born in Montreal, Quebec on September 29, 1883, the son of the first Baron, Thomas George Shaughnessy.  He was educated at McGill University, at Trinity College, Cambridge, and at Laval University (LL.M., 1910); and was called to the bar in 1910 (K.C., 1920).  He served in the first Great War as captain and adjutant of the Duchess of Connaught’s Irish-Canadian Rangers, and afterwards as a staff officer in France.  In 1920 he was promoted to command the Irish-Canadian Rangers, on amalgamation with the 199th Irish Rangers, and he retained command until 1926.  He succeeded his father in the peerage in 1923; and he died in Montreal, Quebec, on October 4, 1938. 

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