From: "Montreal History and Gazeteer to the year 1892"
By Rev. J. Douglas Borthwick, John Lovell & Son, Montreal 1892

The subject of this sketch was born at Barnston, Eastern Townships, Province of Quebec, on the 2nd December, 1813.
His father was Samuel E. Shorey, of English descent and a native of the United States, and his mother was Fanny Jones, of Three Rivers.   His father had come to Canada at eight years of age.   He was educated  at Hatley Academy, especially in a commercial course, which has been abundantly shown in the success of his after life.  At sixteen he began the world as an apprentice,  but when about twenty years of age, his father died and the  responsibility of a large family of brothers and
sisters, eight in all, fell entirely on his young shoulders.  He began business for himself in Barnston, where he remained for
over twenty years.  He came to Montreal in 1861, and was at first connected with the firm of  Wm. Stephen & Co., at the
time when the present Lord Mount Stephen was one of the partners.  For six years he was one of the most successfull travellers,  his field of operation being chiefly throughout the Eastern Townships districts, in which he made friends who  continue to this day. At last getting tired of this travelling he determined to begin business for himself.  In 1866, he laid the foundation of one of the largest wholesale clothing establishments in the Dominion with H. Shorey & Co.   After two years
he took as partner  his son-in-law, E. A. Small, to assist him.  After a long partnership of eighteen years, it was dissolved,
and Mr. Shorey then associated in his business his two sons, S.O. Shorey and C.L. Shorey, who now attend entirely to the duties of the establishment.

Mr. Shorey was for over eighteen years a member of the Council of the Board of Trade.  He was Chairman of the
Citizen's Committee during the small-pox epidemic, and did splendid work to alleviate the sufferings of the afflicted and
remove the causes which produced the disease.  He was elected an Alderman for the St. Antoine Ward in 1890, and has
been Acting Mayor during his incumbency.  He is President of the Montreal Improvement Association;  is Vice-President
of the Sanitary Association, and also a member of the Civic Board of Health.

He is a Governor of the General Hospital and also of the Women's Hospital, a Director of the Dispensary, and also a  Director of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  He was made a Justice of the Peace in 1887.

He married, in 1844, Miss Fanny Wheeler, of Barnston, who died in 1850.  In 1851, he married Miss Clara Gilson, of Vermont, U.S.  He has two sons and two daughters.  They are all grown up to man's estate and married, and he has no less
than fifteen grandchildren,  Mr. Shorey exemplifies, that a man with determination and energy is sure to succeed, that "just
and righteous dealing'' will always bring its own reward, and that a sober and industrious youth will always result in a happy
old age.

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