Montreal - 1803-1918

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church was established in 1803 by a dissident minority of the St. Gabriel Street Presbyterian Church which seceded to form a separate congregation.  Inititially this new congregation had connections with the Presbyterian Churches in the United States but in 1824 the congregation called a Church of Scotland minister and became connected with the Church of Scotland while a minority of Americans withdrew to form the American Presbyterian Church of Montreal. 

In 1875 when the Presbyterian Church in Canada was formed, a majority of the St. Andrew's congregation, with their minister, the Rev. Gavin Lang, opposed the union and did not enter the Presbyterian church in Canada, remaining connected with the Church of Scotland.   The minority who favoured union amalgamated with St. Paul's Presbyterian Church in Montreal, after attempting to maintain a separate congregation. 

In 1918, after the membership had dwindled, St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church amalgamated with St. Paul's Presbyterian Church as the Church of St. Andrew's and St. Paul, thereby entering The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

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