From: "A History of the Scotch Presbyterian Church, St. Gabriel Street, Montreal"
By Rev. Robert Campbell, Montreal 1887

Minutes - Montreal, 8th May, 1791

"The members of the Presbyterian congregation of  Montreal, having been regularily called from the pulpit, this day met for the purpose of electing a committee to manage temporals of said congregation the following gentleman : Messrs. Richard Dobie,   Alex Henry,   Adam Scott,   William Stewart,   Duncan Fisher,   William EnglandAlex Hannah,   Alex. Fisher,   John Lilly,   William Hunter
Peter McFarlaneGeorge King, John RobbThos. Oakes,   John Empie, John Russel."

Minutes - Montreal, 11th May, 1791

"The committee having met, proceeded to elect their officers.
Mr.R. Dobie was unanimously appointed President;
Mr. Adam Scott, Vice-President
Mr. William Hunter, Treasurer
Mr. John Russel, Clerk"

This was the committee which continued in office until the year 1800.

On 25th May, 1791, the committtee appointed Mr. Duncan Fisher to purchase a lot of ground on which  to build a church.  Mr. Fisher having  finally settled for the purchase of  the lot  from Madame Hertel ; Mr. Scott, Mr. D. Fisher, Mr. Hannah, Mr. Oakes and Mr. Russel were appointed a committee to settle with a carpenter. Out of the committee of sixteen members appointed to manage the temporalities of the church in 1791, ten were afterwards chosen as trustees, to hold propery in behalf of the congregation: Adam ScottWilliam Stewart, Duncan Fisher, William EnglandAlex HannahAlex. FisherWilliam Hunter,   Thos. Oakes,    John Empie  and   John Russel.

A resolution passed by the committe on the 20th April, 1792 :- "Agreed that the church should be built by subscription, and that when the pews in the church would be finished, they would be sold at auction to the highest bidder, and each subscriber's money would go on account of his seat"

HENRY, Alexander Twenty pounds
FORSYTHE, RICHARDSON & CO. (John RICHARDSON) Twenty pounds Scotch 6 & 47
JOHNSON, Sir John Twelve pounds Irish 83 & 84
McGILL, James Ten guineas Scotch
TODD, Andrew Ten guineas Irish
FROBISHER, Joseph Ten guineas English
McBEATH, George (fur trader) Master of  St. Peter's Lodge Ten guineas Scotch 95
WINTER, Francis (trader connected w/ the North-west Co.) Nine pounds 94
DUNLOP, James Ten guineas 19 & 99
GREGORY, John Ten guineas English
MURRAY, William (trader connected w/ the North-west Co.) Ten guineas
LILLY, John Ten guineas 21
AULDJO & MAITLAND (Alexander AULDJO) Ten guineas 72 & 73
H.O. & WOOLRICH (James WOOLRICH) Five guineas English 46
MORRISON, James One guinea

McKENZIE, Alex. Five guineas
MONTOUR, Nicholas Five guineas
GRANT, Robert Five guineas
PANGMAN, Peter Five guineas New-England Loyalist
McGILLIVRAY, William Five guineas
FRASER, Simon Three guineas Scottish
GRANT, Cuthbert Three guineas Scotch / Indian
SHAW, Angus Three guineas Scottish
McKENZIE, Rodk. Three guineas
THOMPSON, Robert Three guineas
THORBURN, William Three guineas
FINLAY, James Three guineas
GRANT, David Three guineas
FRASER, Alex. Three guineas
GRANT, Peter Three guineas 51
ST. GERMAIN, J. Fifteen shillings French

RUSSEL, John Ten guineas
FISHER, Duncan Ten guineas
STEWART, William Ten guineas Scottish 17
ENGLAND, William Ten guineas
SCOTT, Adam Ten guineas
HUNTER, William Ten guineas Scottish 2
FISHER, Alex. Ten guineas
HANNAH, Alex Ten guineas New-England Loyalist
OAKES, Thomas Ten guineas English 70 &101
GIBB, Benaiah Ten guineas English
DOBIE, Richard Ten guineas Scottish 20
LOGAN, James Ten guineas Scottish
YOUNG, John Ten guineas
FORBES & COWIE  (William FORBES & James COWIE) Ten guineas 31&78
McDOWALL, John and James Seven guineas
HOWARD, Joseph (Merchant in Berthier) (d.Dec.1797) Two pounds
DEIHL, John J. (grocery store owner) Two guineas German
STROTHER, James Five guineas
BUSBY, Thomas Five guineas English
PORTER, James Five guineas
MOLSON, John Five guineas English
BROOKS, Richard Two guineas English
FINLAYSON, John Five guineas
EMPEY, John Six guineas New-England Loyalist
CLARKE, Simon Five guineas English 89
McKERCHER, Donald Five pounds
McARTHUR, John Five guineas
FISHER, John Eight pounds
HUNTER, John Eight pounds
RUSSEL, William Five pounds
STANSFIELD, George Five guineas
MARSTON, Jacob Four pounds
SIMPSON, Alexander  (millwright) Two guineas
ADAMS, Samuel (tavern keeper in Pointe aux Trembles) Six guineas
NEAGLES, John One guinea Irish
SULLIVAN, Thomas One guinea Irish
WINCLEFOSS, Andrew (grocery store owner) One guinea German
GRAY, Jonathan A. One guinea English
DESLARD, Francis One dollar French
GRANT, D.A. Two pounds
GRAY, John One guinea English
ROBERTSON, Alex. Two pounds
SMITH, David (Innkeeper at Longue Pointe) (d.1809) Four pounds
BLAKE, Dr. One guinea
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