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From: "Lake St. Louis, Old and New" (Supplement)
By Desire Girouard, Montreal, 1903
Sketch on St. Paul's prepared by Revd R. Hewton, M.A.,  Rector

St. Paulís Church, Upper Lachine, was formally set apart as as a separate Parish, having Rev. Richard Hewton, M. A., as first Rector by ď Decree ď of the Lord Bishop of Montreal, Right Reverend William Bennett Bond, D. D., L. L. D., granted on the seventeenth day of May, 1897, which was duly confirmed by the Synod of the Diocese in the following year, all legal formalities having been complied with.

Its boundaries extend from Dawes Avenue in the town of Lachine on the east to the western boundary of the municipality of Dorval on the west, and from Lake St. Louis on the south to the northern boundary lines of the Towns of  Lachine and Summerlea, and the municipality of  Dorval on the north. Previous to 1897, however, the church building was erected, and a practically independent congregation, consisting of the summer residents of  Upper Lachine, provided a clergyman approved by the Bishop, and supported Sunday services during three or four months each year, without any connection with the Parish Church. 

Early in 1873, a meeting of the summer residents of Lachine was held at the house of  Thomas Porteous, Esq., 73 Victoria Street, Montreal, to consider the advisability of erecting a church near "Stoney Point", Upper Lachine, in what was known as the Roman Catholic Parish of St. Michel de Lachine, county of Jacques Cartier.

There were present at that meeting Col. Dyde, who acted as chairman, Messrs. C. J. Meeker, Thomas Porteous, Charles Handyside and Herbert Wallis, and, by Messrs. Jackson Rae
J. LewisH. E. Murray, E. Rawlings, C. C. Dunlop and H. Shackell.

The consensus of opinion was in favor of carrying out the idea for which the meeting was called and proceeding with the work with the least possible delay. Accordingly, committees were struck by selecting and securing a site, collecting subscriptions, and erecting a suitable building. There is a record of a second meeting held at the house of  Mr. Porteous, January 21st, 1873, to further consider the details in connection with the proposed church. A communication from the Lord Bishop in answer to a letter sent to him by the secretary, was laid before the meeting approving of the proposed church on condition that nothing was done antagonistic to the interests of the church already existing in Lower Lachine.

In the summer following, a meeting, called by a circular letter, issued to the residents of Upper Lachine, was held at the house of  Herbert Wallis, Esq., 17 Upper Lachine, on the second day of August, 1873,at which it was decided to proceed at once with the erection of a church. To carry out this decision, trustees were elected consisting of  Messrs. Jackson Rae, Hannibal H. Whitney, Chas. Handyside and Herbert Wallis, who acted to such purpose that in the month of October following a deed of sale was signed, by which John Popham, Esq., advocate, conveyed to them two lots of land situated on the west side of Brewster Avenue, in the Town of Lachine, containing about 15,450 square feet, which he had acquired from Dr. Brewster, being formerly part of the property of  Mr. Jean Baptiste Quesnel. Upon this land a wooden church was built and completed at a total cost of about $5,000, of which $3,000 was collected at the time leaving a debt of $2,000 covered by a mortgage bearing interest at 8 per cent, which was lifted on the fifteenth day of October, 1890.

The church was opened for Divine service on the seventh day of  June, 1874, by the Lord Bishop of the Diocese, and the late Rev. Joseph Albert Lobley, M. A., D.C. L., an Honour graduate of Cambridge University, England, Principal of the Montreal Diocesan Theological College, afterwards Principal of the University of Bishopís College, Lennoxville. The sermon was in aid of the Building Fund, and the offertory amounted to $50.33. The evening service was taken by Rev.J. A. Lobley and Rev. Robert Phelps, the latter being at that time Incumbent of  St. Stephenís Church, Lachine. The offertory in the evening, also devoted to the Building Fund, amounted to $34.08. Rev. Dr. Lobley acted as summer chaplain regularly until the end of the season of 1877, when he left the Diocese to accept the post of  Principal of Bishops College, in the Diocese of Quebec.During part of the summer of 1877, the services were conducted by Rev. E. J. Houghton.

Rev. Canon Henderson, D. D., succeeded Dr. Lobley as Principal of the Theological College in Montreal, and his name appears on the Vestry Record Book for most of the time from 1878 to 1882. The Rev. J. A. Newnham, B. A., now the Missionary Bishop of  Moosonee, officiated during the month of June, 1878.  During the month of June, 1880, Rev. Canon Fulton, the Rector of St. Stephenís acted as officiating minister. In June, 1881, the name of Canon Anderson appears and holds almost undisputed possession of the chaplaincy until the end of the season of  1883.

In 1884, Rev. W. Windsor became Rector of Lachine, followed by Rev. R. L.. Macfarlane, B.A., in 1885, who was succeeded by Rev. H. J.Winterbourne in 1887. By some arrangement with the Trustees, through C. Handyside. Esq., the three clergymen, above mentioned were responsible for all service.s held in St. Paulís church, during the time that they, respectively, occupied the position of Rector of Lachine, from 1884 to the end of the summer of 1889.

In 1890, Rev. R. Hewton, M.A., was appointed Rector of Lachine, after which none of the Trustees resided in Lachine consequently new arrangements had to he made. The Vestry of St. Stephenís agreed to pay to Mr. Handyside, who represented the Trustees, $100 a season, to cover repairs, insurance and other necessary expenses, for the use of the church. Under this arrangement, with the help of  temporary curates, and J. G. Brock, Esq., a licensed Lay Reader, services were held regularly morning and evening, during the summer months, until 1894, when the Trustees transferred the church properrty together with all moneys on hand, books, records and papers, to the Rector and Wardens of  St. Stephenís Church, Lachine.

Extensive repairs and alterations were undertaken in 1895 at a cost of $1,500, in order to fit the church for use in winter. To accomplish this it was necessary to again mortgage the property for $1,000, only $500 having been collected at the time. Henceforth, the Vestry Record Book shows continuous services, morning and evening all the year round.

In 1895 a church school was established in Lachine, with Rev. C. H. Brooks, B.A., occupying the dual position of Head Master of the school, and Curate in Charge of St. Paulís Church. At the end of two years, however, the school was discontinued, and Mr. Brooks resigned. 

At the Easter Vestry Meeting of St. Stephenís, 1897, it was decided to divide the Parish of Lachine, since which time St. Paulís Church has sailed under its own colours.

The mortgage placed on the church in 1895 was paid off five years later and the property was once more free from debt. The year 1900 marks an important epoch in the history of the Parish. It saw the consecration of the church to the honour and glory of God, when on October 30th the Lord Bishop of the Diocese set it apart from all profane and common uses and dedicated it to Almighty God for the ministration of  His Holy Word and Sacraments, and for public worship according to the rites and ceremonies of the Church of England, by the name of St. Paulís Church.

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