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From: "Lake St. Louis, Old and New" (Supplement)
By Desire Girouard, Montreal, 1903
Sketch on St. Philips by Rev. F.A. Pratt,  Rector

The parish of  St. Philip, Montreal West, was formed in 1891.  Previous to the incorportion of  the town  of  Montreal West, the parish formed part of the municipality of  Coteau St. Pierre.

For some time previous to the year 1891, the Reverend R. Hewton, M.A., Rector of  Lachine, conducted Divine Service, on Sunday afternoons in a private house, walking from Lachine, a distance of several miles, for that purpose.

In 1891, the Lord Bishop of Montreal formed the District which is now the town of Montreal West. - a residential suburb of  Montreal - into  separate mission under the charge of  Mr. W.A. Mervyn - since deceased - then  a Divinity Student in the Montreal Diocesan Theological College. Mr. Mervyn succeeded in a short time in collecting about $2,000 for which he had erected a neat frame church which is still in use. David S. Leach, Esq., B.C.L., son of the late Ven. Archdeacon Leach, and his sister Mrs. Howell having donated a beautifully situated and suitable site for the church and other parochial buildings.

In October 1891 the church was opened by the Lord Bishop of Montreal, assisted by the leading clergy  of the City and District. Among those who contributed to the erection of the church may be mentioned the names of A.F. Gault, Esq., Messrs. Armstrong and Cook, T.A. Trenholm, Esq., and C.I.W. Davies, Esq. Since the erection of the church it's chief  benefactors have been Mrs. C.I.W. Davies, who gave a very fine cut stone font,  Mrs. T.A. Trenholm whose offerings  have been  numerous  and  costly, and  Mr. Gerald L. Banks. The Ladies Guild have also done much for the church.

In 1893 the Rev. W.A. Mervyn resigned the incumbency, being appointed curate of Christ Church Cathedral and was succeeded by the Rev. G. Johnson who continued Incumbent until 1898 when he resigned and was succeeded by Rev. F.A. Pratt, who is at present rector of the parish.

Birth, marriage and death records for St. Philip's Anglican church in Lachine are available through the following sources:
1891-1897 M 336/61 2027719 contact church
1898-2001 none none contact church

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