formerly Strathmore Union Church and later..
Dorval-Strathmore United Church

Strathemore Union Church began with informal meetings in the homes of residents for Sunday worship. The first service apparently took place in the summer of 1915 in a boathouse owned by a Mr. Strachan at the foot of Lake Avenue.  Services moved to the homes of John MacArthur and William Stewart during the fall and winter months. The congregation was a mix of Presbyterian, Methodist, Anglican and other Protestant denominations. The earliest minutes are from October 1,1916, when it was decided to form a congregation. 

Land on Strathmore Blvd. was rented. In 1916 land on Lake Avenue was bought from a Mr. Turner and construction begun. Services were taken alternately by Methodist and Presbyterian ministers. The first service in the new church was held December 17,1916. In April 1917 an Anglican minister's services were acquired for every third Sunday. 

The name of the church changed officially from Strathmore Union Church to Strathmore United Church in 1925. In 1927 Strathmore United, Valois United and Beaurepaire United formed a joint pastoral charge in order to acquire the services of a full time minister. 

In 1937 Beaurepaire was added to the Pointe Claire charge and Valois-Strathmore became a two-point charge. An addition to the church was built in 1948. In 1953 Strathmore and Valois became separate charges. 

In 1954 land was acquired on Thrush (Carson) and Touzin Avenues for a new church and in 1955 a manse was bought at 370 Brookhaven Avenue. The first service in the new building was held Easter Sunday, April 1.1956. In 1962 a home adjacent to the church was acquired for a Christian Education Centre and additional Sunday school space. 

By 1968 enrolment was down and the property was sold. That same year the manse on Brookhaven was sold and a larger manse at 175 Neptune Blvd. was bought.   

Strathmore amalgamated with Dorval United in 1984, to become Dorval-Strathmore United Church and the congregation now worships in the Strathmore church.

* In 1979 there was a BA gas station in that location

Source: United Church Archives - Beverly Levine

Dorval-Strathmore United Church
310 Brookhaven Avenue
Dorval, Quebec
H9S 1X7

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