Taylor East End & Zion United church was formed from the amalgamation of Taylor Presbyterian Church, East End Methodist Church and Zion Methodist Church.

In 1863 a Presbyterian mission in the east-end of Montreal began Sunday School classes.  They moved about until 1876 when Taylor Presbyterian Church was officially formed into a congregation of the Presbytery of Montreal of the Canada Presbyterian Church.  Their place of worship was  Hudon Hall,  531 St. Catherine Street. In 1876 two other missions in the east-end joined Taylor Presbyterian, both Church of Scotland.  They were the St. Andrew's and St. Gabriel's mission (formed in 1872), and the East End Presbyterian Mission (formed in 1874). In 1880 a new church was built on Champlain Street.   In 1894 another church was built on the corner of Logan and Papineau. 

In 1925 the Taylor congregation voted for union.  East End Methodist, which had also joined the union, united with Taylor in June 1925.  The church was called Taylor-East End United Church. In April 1932 Zion (Methodist) United Church joined Taylor-East End. 

The unwieldy name Taylor-East End & Zion was changed in 1934 to St. Stephen's United Church. The building on Logan and Papineau was sold to a French Presbyterian congregation (Église St. Luc) in 1934. In 1959 Rosemount Central United and St. Stephen's United formed one pastoral charge. In 1962  when it amalgamated with Rosemount Central, St. Stephen's United sold its building on Cartier Street to the Grande Ligne Mission. In 1963 the name was changed to Mount Stephen United Church.

Source: United Church Archives - Beverly Levine

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