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1836 - circa. 1918

Bio by Marjorie Mikasen and Mark Griep, 2001

Richard Warminton Jr. was born February 17, 1836 in Barnstaple, Devonshire, England.  His parents, Richard Warminton and Jane Corey were both from Devonshire.  The Devon hills are rich with tin and Richard Sr. was a tinsmith.  When he arrived in Montreal in about 1850, he offered his services as a plumber, brazier and tinsmith.  His shop was located across the street from McGill College.

When Richard Warminton Jr. took charge of his father's business in 1860, he expanded it to include gas fitting, and in 1870, to include coal and wood stoves.  By 1885 he and his brother William Warminton started a successful tinware manufacturing company, located at 190 McGill.  Eventually, he sold his interest in the plant and became a real estate developer.  He also managed a coal and wood yard and several flats along St. Antoine Street.

In 1875, Richard Warminton Jr. built a house at 649 Cote St. Antoine (corner of Claremont) that still stands today.  It was among the first 30 houses built in Westmount, according to "Westmount:  A Heritage to Preserve", published by the Westmount City Council in 1988.

Richard Warminton Jr. married Isobella Nicol (1835 - 1900) in Montreal in about 1861.  They had four children, all born in Montreal:  John Warminton and Richard Warminton III, who both worked for Vilas CompanyWilliam Warminton, who moved to Winnipeg, and Mary Brigham Warminton, who married James John Snowdon, grandson of James Snowdon

*Researching Richard Warminton.............Marjorie Mikasen (g-g-granddaughter)

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