From: "Bibliotheca Canadensis - or A Manual of Canadian literature"
By Henry J. Morgan, Published by G. E. Desbarats, Ottawa, 1867

Weir, Robert Jr., A Canadian journalist, born about 1809 and died at Montreal May 16, 1843. 

In November 1833 he purchased the Montreal Herald of which he remained editor and proprietor from that time up to his death. He was one of the most unflinching advocates of British supremacy, and during the unfortunate troubles of 1837 ably wielded his pen in support of the connexion with the mother country, and in deprecating the foul spirit of disloyalty then so widely disseminated throughout the Province.

He is spoken of as:

"Leaving behind him a name that will ever be fondly remembered by every Englishman in the country, and his death has occasioned a void which his friends will ever regret."

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