The congregation which formed Westminster Presbyterian Church, came from the Inspector Street Mission of the American Presbyterian Church in 1895. This mission had itself grown out of a day school in Grey Nun Street in 1843, run jointly by the American Presbyterian and Zion Congregational Churches. Westminster Presbyterian Church was erected in 1895 on Atwater Avenue. 

The same minister, Reverend N.S. Oxley served the congregation from 1895-1916, when they amalgamated with Calvin Presbyterian Church and became Calvin Westmister Presbyterian Church. After amalgamation, for a time, morning services were held in one church and evening services in another.  Mid-week activities were held in both churches. With the branch school in St.Henry three Sunday Schools were in operation. The building on Notre Dame Street was eventually sold to a Jewish synagogue.

Calvin Westminster Church joined the United Church in 1925. That year the congregations of West End Methodist and Ebenezer Methodist joined Calvin Westminster. In 1931 (or 1933 - see Inspector St. history) the Inspector Street Mission joined with Mountain Street Church to form Central United Church.

In 1940 Central United joined with Calvin Westminster to form Westminster Central United Church. In 1960 the original Calvin Presbyterian Church near Seigneurs Street was occupied by a dairy. The former Central United now houses the Old Brewery Mission.

Source: United Church Archives - Beverly Levine

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