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If you read the intro for the "Report on the Montreal Women's Club 1894" written by Marguerite MacNaughton, or "Professions Open to Women" (c1900) by Carrie Derick, it was obvious that opportunities afforded to men in Montreal far out-weighed the opportunities offered to women. It's hard to believe that this was only a few generations ago. This section is dedicated to those women who sought to change all that ........... AND DID!

Notable Women of Montreal
Women's Clubs, Societies Etc.
Montreal Women during War Time


High School for Girls
Trafalgar School for Girls

Early Female College Students in Montreal 
Who were the McGill Donaldas
McGill Donaldas - first graduating class 1888
McGill Donaldas - students & graduates 1889-1896
McGill Donaldas - Students 1897 McGill Donaldas - Students 1904
McGill Donaldas - Students 1898 McGill Donaldas - Students 1905
McGill Donaldas - Students 1899 McGill Donaldas - Students 1906
McGill Donaldas - Students 1901 McGill Donaldas - Students 1907
McGill Donaldas - Students 1902 McGill Donaldas - Students 1908
McGill Donaldas - Students 1903 McGill Donaldas - Students 1909

McGill female graduates 1888-1925 who were alive and living in Montreal in 1924
McGill female graduates 1890-1925 who were alive and living in Montreal in 1946

Training School For Nurses - Royal Victoria Hospital
History of the School

Class of 1896 Class of 1902 Class of 1908 Class of 1914 Class of 1920
Class of 1897 Class of 1903 Class of 1909 Class of 1915 Class of 1921
Class of 1898 Class of 1904 Class of 1910 Class of 1916 Class of 1922
Class of 1899 Class of 1905 Class of 1911 Class of 1917 Class of 1923
Class of 1900 Class of 1906 Class of 1912 Class of 1918 Class of 1924
Class of 1901 Class of 1907 Class of 1913 Class of 1919 Class of 1925

Bishop's University Grads (early female Montrealers)
King's College Compton Grads (early Montrealers)

Professions And Careers Open To Women (c1898-1900)

Notable Women of Montreal
Just a starter list. Many more will be added. Since most women were not considered important enough to be written up in the old biographical books, finding bios is a bit more difficult. 
Maiden Name Married Name Noted : Related To:
Maude ABBOTT   Medical Researcher Elizabeth Abbott
Elizabeth BINMORE   Educationist  
Isabel BRITTAIN   Educationist Barb Maclean
Carrie Matilda DERICK   Educationist  
Jessica DOW   Philanthopist  
Mary DOW   Philanthopist  
Marguerita FRANCIS Marguerita McNAUGHTON Writer  
Ann Rebecca GALE Ann Rebecca HUNT
w/o T. Sterry Hunt
Mary Louisa GALE Baroness VON FRIESEN    
Harriet Amelia GOODHUE Harriet Amelia THOMAS
w/o F. Wolferstan Thomas
Isabella Sophia HARDISTY Baroness Strathcona
w/o Donald A. SMITH
w/o John W. Buckland
Georgina HUNTER   Educationist  
Eliza Ann McINTOSH Eliza Ann REID Organizer  
Janet Donalda MacFEE   Educationist  
Cairine Reay MACKAY WILSON Senator  
Sarah MAXWELL   Heroine  
Elizabeth Simpson MITCHELL   Medical Doctor  
Grace Julia PARKER Lady Julia DRUMMOND
w/o Sir George Drummond
Helen Richmond Young REID   Social worker, Educationist  
Octavia Grace RITCHIE Octavia Grace ENGLAND
w/o Frank R. England
Medical Doctor  
Amy Redpath RODDICK   Writer Patty Brown
w/o Francis Sloane-Stanley
Mary Temple ROSE Lady CLARKE
w/o Stanley de A. C.Clarke
Margaret McLeod ROSS Margaret McKENZIE
w/o Peter McKenzie
Mary Sollace SAXE   Writer  
Kathleen SHACKLETON   Artist  
Harriet SHAW Annie WHEELER
w/o T.B. Wheeler
Norma SHEARER w/o Irving Thalberg Actress Patty Brown
Matilda Caroline SMITH Lady ALLAN
w/o Hugh Allan
Charlotte TEMPLE Lady Charlotte ROSE
w/o John Rose
Marjorie Douglas WEIR    Writer  
w/o Peter Redpath
Philanthopist Patty Brown


Montreal Ladies Benevolent Society - founded 1815

Montreal Industrial Rooms - Established November, 1861
689 Dorchester Street. Outgrowth of Home and School of Industry established to extend the operations of the industrial department by giving employment to poor women. Committee of ladies representing the Protestant churches of all denominations. Object: to provide sewing for poor women irrespective of creed or nationality and to visit them in their, homes; to prevent the need of charity and preserve a spirit of inependence ; to sustain a provident gratuity fund for saving their earnings and to afford relief in extreme cases.Revenue: From sale of work and orders for fine work, collections from some of the City churches. President: Mrs. John McDougall. (source: Women of Canada : Their Life and Work, 1900)

Montreal Ladies Education Association (M.L.E.A.) - founded 1871

Montreal Flower Mission. - founded c1875
The first flower mission was organized in 1866, during a cholera visitation, by an unknown man, who, walking from bed to bed in a London hospital, laid a flower upon each. This was the inspiration, and from this act arose the Flower Mission. Has been carried on in Montreal for 25 years by a Committee of ladies. Supported by annual subscriptions and contributions of flowers. President:Mrs. S. Greenshields, 464 Clarke Avenue, Westmount. (source: Women of Canada : Their Life and Work, 1900)

Montreal Hebrew Ladies' Benevolent Society. Organized 1877
To assist and attend to every case where charity is required by Jewish women of Montreal. Supported by annual subscriptions, voluntary contributions and proceeds of entertainments given annually. Affiliated with the " Young. Men's Hebrew Benevolent Society." SecretaryMiss R. Rubenstein, 461 St. Urbain Street. (source: Women of Canada : Their Life and Work, 1900)

Montreal Society for the Protection of Women and Children  - founded 1882
772 Lagauchetiere Street. Organized 1883. Is at the service of the Montreal public, regardless of creed or nationality. Object: the protection. of women and children from any kind of wrong, abuse or cruelty. Revenue: City grant and private subscriptions. Secretary and Agent: Geo. My Marshall. (source: Women of Canada : Their Life and Work, 1900)

Montreal Women's Club - founded 1892

Montreal YWCA - founded 1893

Montreal.-Hebrew  Young Ladies' Sewing Society
Organized in 1894 to provide garments for the children of the poor. Has also a diet. dispensary to provide beef tea,. etc., for the poor. Supported by membership fees of $2.50 each. Secretary-Miss B. Levinson(source: Women of Canada : Their Life and Work, 1900)

Montreal Women's Branch of the Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Organized 1898
Object : Humanity to animals. Supported by donations and subscriptions.
Managing Committee of ladies which meets at Home of Women's National Immigration Society. Endeavors to awaken an interest in its work by lectures, stories in papers, etc. 
Hon. Sec. of the Montreal Women's Branch in 1900 - Miss M. S. Gillespie, 307 Stanley Street.
 (source: Women of Canada : Their Life and Work, 1900)

Soldiers'  Wives' League  - founded 1899

Daughters of the Empire - founded 1900

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