Founded December 16th, 1892,  incorporated April 4, 1893

From: Report of the Montreal Womens Club May 1894

"Neither need we enter upon any defence of our raison d'etre for when we remember the limited opportunities afforded to women in Montreal it will surely be clear to evey intelligent person that it was indeed time for women to study and discuss questions relating not alone to their welfare as a sex, but questions whose solution has a direct bearing on the well-being of humanity. When we remember that women have no seat on the school boards, nor hospital boards; that they are directly excluded from the Faculty of Medicine of our chief University; that our General Hospital and the Royal Victoria have refused to admit women medical students to their bedside clinics, and that even now, as has been lately declared by the Dean of the Medical Faculty of Bishop's College, the only place where women can obtain a medical education in this Province, a scheme is on foot to cause it's downfall; that it is now sought to establish as a precedent that no woman, however unquestioned her qualifications, need apply for the post of principal in a mixed school; that the School of Art and Design in this city, an institution supported by the Government, refuses to women students the tuition that it freely gives to men; when we remember these disabilities, and many others that I have not space to mention, and consider they are the result of ignorance and intollerance; we surely are doing right in casting light into such dark places, so that the on-coming of the clear day of knowledge and sympathy may be hastened, and that we may be found, like the wise virgins, in rediness for the high opportunities that have been won for us. 
For these objects our club has been formed." 
       .................Marguerite MacNaughton 1894
"On December 7th, 1892, a number of ladies at 
Mrs. Robert Reid's invitation met at her residence 
to hear adresses from Mrs. Celia P. Wooley, of Chicago, 
and Mrs. Julia Plato Harvey, Vice-President of the Chicago 
Women's Club. These two ladies had just completed a tour 
through the United States, delivering a series of addresses 
to some of the most prominant Women's Clubs. 

After a most interesting address on the organization and 
work of such societies, an informal discussion on the 
desireability of forming one in Montreal took place, and 
as there seemed to be a general feeling in favour thereof, 
a committee was appointed consisting of  Mrs. R. Reid
Mrs. R.C. AdamsMrs. Costigan, Mrs. Macnaughton
and Miss Hunter, to arrange matters for a public meeting 
which was held at the Fraser Institute on Friday, December 
16th, 1892. It was then unanimously decided that a Club 
be formed, the object being to promote agreeable and 
useful relations among women of artistic, literary, 
scientific and philantrophic tastes. 

After discussion the name was decided on as the 
Montreal Women's Club and the work was arranged to 
be done in the following departments Home and 
Education, Art and Literature, and Social Science. 
A provisional constitutionwas presented and discussed 
and the following executive was provisionally elected. 
President, Mrs. Robert Reid;
First Vice-President, Mrs. Sinton
Treasurer, Mrs. R.D.McGibbon
Secretary, Mrs. W.G. McNaughton
This with the addition of Mrs. John Lovell
as Second Vice-President became 
the permanent executive for the year.

At this organization meeting thirty-four ladies 
signed the membership roll.

The club was incorporated April 4th 1893, 
Mr. W.D. Lighthall having carried through the necessary 
legal formalities gratuitously; petitions were presented to 
the Western Hospital asking the appointment of a lady,
Dr. Grace Ritchie, on the out-door staff and to the
Legislature and Montreal Council, asking for the appoint-
ment of women on the Board of School Commissioners

The last meeting of the season, held on May 26th, 1893
was of a social nature.

Executive Committee 1894-95

First Vice-President 
Second Vice-President
Recording Secretary
Corresponding Sect'y
Mrs. Robert Reid
Mrs. John Lovell
Mrs. W.T. Costigan
Mrs. W.G.Macnaughton
Mrs. J.C. Sinton
Mrs. R.D. McGibbon

Directors of Departments
Art And Literature

Mrs Cumming, Chairman Mrs. Eglaugh, Secy
Mrs Walter Townshend

Home And Education

Mrs. Hunter, Chairman Mrs. J. Shearer, Secy
Mrs. W.N. Evans

Social Science

Mrs. Stroud, Chairman Mrs. R.C. Adams, Secy
Mrs. Freeland

Social Committee
Chairman.....Mrs Anson McKim

Mrs. J.S. Bullick      Mrs. R.G. Brown
Mrs. R.M. Liddell     Miss Linton
Miss Smith     Miss Lyall

Rooms and Library Committee
Chairman.....Mrs. Allan Parsons

Mrs. J. Liddell      Mrs. A. Grafton
Mrs. S. Munn     Mrs. J. Black
Miss Saxe     Miss Warren

Musical Committee
Chairman.......Miss Costigan

Mrs. C.F. Hayes      Miss H.R.Y. Reid

Honorary Councel

R.D. McGibbon, Q.C. Percy C. Ryan, B.A., BCL


(Not from the report !)
Mrs. R.C. ADAMS Mary Emily JOB, w/o Robert Chamblet ADAMS  
Mrs. M.C. BAKER Mary LOVELL, d/o John LOVELL & Sarah KURCZYN
w/o Malcolm Clapp BAKER
Mrs. W.S. BARNES Mary Alice TUNNER, w/o Rev. William Sullivan BARNES  
Miss BARJUM    
Miss E. (M.A.) BINMORE Elizabeth BINMORE d/o Thomas BINMORE & Mary C. MORTON  
Miss D. BISHOP    
Mrs. Jno. BLACK    
Mrs. W. BRETT    
Mrs. R.G. BROWN possibly Mary A. HIGHT, d/o William HIGHT & Matilda GAY
w/o Robert G. BROWN
Mrs. J.S. BULLICK    
Mrs. CAINS probably Amy COWANS, w/o George Lighthall CAINS
d/o Robert COWANS
Mrs. W.T. COSTIGAN Christina SHEARER, w/o William Thomas COSTIGAN
d/o James SHEARER & Eliza GRAHAM
Patty Brown
Mrs. W.T. CUMMING    
Miss C.M. (B.A.) DERICK Carrie Matilda DERICK, d/o Frederick DERICK & Edna COLTON  
Mrs. C.H. DOBBIN nee ROSS, w/o C.H. DOBBIN  
Mrs. T.G. DRUMMOND    
Miss EGLAUCH    
Mrs. W.N. EVANS    
Miss C.A. FRASER    
Miss E.S. FRANCIS    
Miss E. FRANCIS    
Miss G. FRANCIS    
Mrs. A.R. GRAFTON    
Mrs. GRANT    
Mrs. HAYES    
Miss HICKS    
Miss HUNTER    
Miss G. (B.A.) HUNTER Georgina HUNTER  
Mrs. KOLMYER    
Mrs. A. KYLE    
Mrs. Jno. LEWIS    
Mrs. J.H. LIDDELL    
w/o Robert Murdoch LIDDELL
Miss LINTON    
Mrs. Jno. LOVELL Sarah KURCZYN w/o John LOVELL  
Miss E. LOVELL probably Emily LOVELL, d/o John LOVELL & Sarah KURCYZN
soon (1898) to become the wife of Frederick G. FINLEY
Mrs. Robt. LOVELL    
Miss J. LYALL Jean Shearer LYALL, d/o Peter LYALL & Christina OMAN
soon to become the wife of David William LOCKERBY
Patty Brown
w/o Robert Davidson McGIBBON
Mrs. H. McINTYRE    
Mrs. Anson McKIM Bessie TRUE d/o Hon. George W. TRUE, of Portland Maine
w/o Anson McKIM
Mrs. Andrew McLAREN    
Miss McLEA    
Mrs.W.G.MACNAUGHTON Marguerita FRANCIS w/o William George McNAUGHTON
d/o John FRANCIS & Elizabeth PROSSER
Miss A.M. MAY    
Mrs. Geo MARTIN possibly Marion GASS, w/o George MARTIN  
Dr. Elizabeth MITCHELL Elizabeth Simpson MITCHELL, d/o Alexander MITCHELL  
Mrs. MUNN possibly Miss LOCKERBY, w/o D.J. MUNN  
Mrs. E.G. O'CONNOR nee VAIL, w/o Edward George O'CONNOR  
Mrs. Allan PARSONS    
Mrs. J.K. REID    
Mrs. Jas. REID    
Miss H.R.Y (B.A.) REID Helen Richmond Young REID, d/o Robert REID & Eliza Ann McINTOSH  
Mrs. Robt. REID Eliza Ann McINTOSH, d/o N.C. McINTOSH & Margaret BROWN
w/o Robert REID
Mrs. Jas. ROBERTSON    
Dr. Grace RITCHIE Octavia Grace RITCHIE, d/o Thomas W. RITCHIE
soon (1897) to become the wife of Dr. Frank Richardson ENGLAND
Miss May REYNOLDS    
Mrs. Carroll RYAN Mary A. McIVER, w/o Carroll RYAN  
Miss F. SAXE possibly Mary Sollace SAXE d/o James SAXE & Sarah SOLLACE  
Mrs. J.S. SHEARER Caroline Henrietta PELTON,  d/o T.J. PELTON, N.P.
w/o John Sharp SHEARER
Mrs. J.C. SINTON    
Miss A. SMITH    
Mrs. H. Wallace STROUD    
Mrs. Page THROWER    
Mrs. W. TOWNSEND    
Mrs. Jno TROTTER    
Miss WAND    
Miss E. WAND    
Miss E. WARREN    
Mrs. C.T. WILLIAMS    
Mrs. F.F. WORKMAN    

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