From: Canadian Men & Women of the Time 1912
Ed. Henry James Morgan, Toronto, William Briggs, Richmond St. W., 1912

Wood, Casey Albert, physician

Son of Orrin Cottier Wood and Louisa Leggo. His father was a well-known physician, a native of the State of New York, and a descendant of Epenetus Wood who emigrated from Berkshire, England and settled near Newburgh-on-Hudson, New York in 1717. His mother was the daughter of a captain in the Royal Navy who held a Crown appointment. Casey was born in Wellington, Ontario, Nov. 21, 1856. He was educated at Ottawa Grammar School, Ottawa College Institute (prizeman, 1872), Lennoxvllle University (M.D.,C.M., 1877 ; D.C.L., hon., 1903), and McGill University (M.D..C.M., ad eun., 1906) with further studies at Berlin, Vienna, Paris and London. In October 1886, he married Emma Shearer, daughter of James Shearer of Montreal. 

He is a member of the College of  Physicians and Surgeons, Ontario, licence from the College of  Physicians and Surgeons, P. Q., 1878; successfully practised his profession in Montreal for some years ; professor of chemistry and pathology, Lennoxville University, 1878-85 ; removed to Chicago, 1889 ; is attending ophthalmology to Stogy Luke's, Wesley, Passavant Memorial and Post Graduate Medical School Hospitals ; consulting ophthalmic surgeon to Cook Co. and St. Anthony Hospitals ; since 1890 has been professor of ophthalmology, Chicago Post Grad. Medical School ; professor of clinical ophthalmology, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Chicago, 1898-1906; professor ophthalmology, medical department, North West University, 1906-8; is a fellow American Acadamy of Medicine (president 1907-8) ; member of the  American Acadamy of Ophthalmology and Oto-Laryngol. (president 1905-6), International Medical Congress, Pan-American Medical Congress, Die Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Zoological Society, etc. ; chairman, Ophthalmoilog. sect., American Medical Association, 1899; president, Chicago Ophthalmolog. Society, 1902; Vice-President of the Medico-Legal Society, 1903. 

He was endowed the Wood gold medal in memory of his grandfather, Thomas W. Wood, Lennoxville University in 1884 and transferred this medal to McGill University in 1906. For many years he has been editor-in-chief of the "Annals of Ophthalmology," and now has charge of its department of Italian literature and is one of the principal editors of "Ophthalmic Record". Among other journals with which he has been connected are the Chicago "Medical Standard" and the "Anales de Oftalmologia," Mexico. He wrote "Wayside Optics" for "The Popular Science Monthly"; a series of illustrated papers on the " Eyes and LightSight of Printers" for the "Inland Printer". During trips to Europe and the East he wrote a number of serial articles, among them "Letters to my Hospital Internes " and "Notes of an Eastern Journey". He has also made extensive contributions to the medical press and has likewise published "Lessons in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Diseases" (1895), "The Toxic Amblyopias" (1896), "The Commoner Diseases of the Eye" (with Dr. T. A. Woodruff, in 1904), and "A System of Ophthalmic 'Therapeutics" (1909). He has translated numerous opthalmological works from German, French and Italian writers. He wrote chapters for the Posey - Wright Text Book of Diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat; the Hansell-Sweet Manual of Diseases of the Eye, and in conjunction with other authors the De Schweinitz and Randall "American Text Book of Diseases of the Eye and Ear," Hare's " Therapeutics," and other publications of similar nature. 

Casey Wood presented a collection of rare works on the diseases and surgery of the eye, to McGill University in 1911. He was presented with Mrs. Wood to His Majesty King Edward, Windsor Castle, June, 1905. 

Residence: 72 Madison Stogy, Chicago; Winnetka, Illinois
Clubs: University Club; Calumet Club; Caxton Club, Chicago.

"occupies a leading position among the ophthalmologists of America." - Montreal Gazette.

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