Below is a list of volunteers who have Montreal books/fiche/films/documents at home or within a short distance, who are willing to do free look-ups. If you have any records at home or nearby that you'd be willing share with others please add your name to this list by contacting me at

If you have access to archives & libraries but can't afford the time to do free research outside of the home, yet would love someone else to visit their local archives to do a look-up for you, why not add your name to the Montreal Trading Post.


  • Christ Church Cathedral Marriages 1766-1850*Patty Brown

  • MARRIAGES FROM ANY CHURCH IN MONTREAL...... from the *GREAT* Bill Fleming!:
  • To access Bill's wonderful free look-ups you need two things :
    1. to subscribe to the "Quebec Research" mailing list   (Bill only posts answers to the list)
    2. to promise that if you ever pass by Brockville Ontario you will contact him in advance & plan to stop at Tim Hortons & buy him a coffee!

    (please note - some of Bill's index resources (Drouin records plus others) contain marriages that are not listed in the Montreal BMD index and the Montreal BMD index contains some marriages that are not in Bill's resources. Also, in indexing these records, some typo errors occured so checking both is advised if something appears *funny*.)
  • Births & Marriages 1876-1882

    I have transcribed St. Ann's  R.C. Montreal, (Griffintown mostly Irish), births and marriages, from 1876-1882 inc. I will do look ups.  What I need, is the first name and last name.  I won't be able to look up requests such as, all the Kellys or all the McCarthys. Sheila Hennessy
*Please note - these are "in-print" publications. If you only need to know if one or two family members are in them, then using the free look-up service is fine, but if you need to access it many times for your research please buy the publication to support the authors who made it possible.

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