(researching other denominations in Montreal)
In most cases, Quebec records (such as births, marriages & deaths) are divided into Catholic & non-Catholic. Newspapers, books and historical papers are written in the language of those who they pertained to, so much of the information in this site will be helpful to those seeking other non-Catholic families, as well as families with English speaking Catholic ancestors.

To this point, these pages have been primarily dedicated to researching the Anglo-Protestants (Scottish, English & Scots-Irish) who settled in the Montreal area, but an effort is being made to gather and present better details on researching IRISH CATHOLICS and other English-speaking Catholics in Montreal. 

There is an Irish/English Catholic surname list on this site. The Notable Montrealers list, Montreal Roll of Honour, Montreal English schools, Women of Montreal and and other pages where religion is not an issue also include English speaking Catholics. 

A page listing the Catholic churches in Montreal, in which most Irish and other English Catholics attended, is in the works. There is also other research material that is dedicated just to the Irish Catholics in Montreal which will emerge as some of our expert Leprechans submit articles to the site.

Trivia.....Did you know that the Montreal Shamrocks (the Irish-Catholic amature hockey club) won the Stanley Cup in 1899 & 1901.

For more info on other denominations & cultures:

FINALLY !!  Kudos to Sylvie Gauthier who has developed the Francophone GenWeb Montreal site. It's all in French but there are many free translation sites on the net to help you 

The early Jewish population of Montreal was primarily English-speaking so there will be a fair bit of info in this site in different sections, but for 
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Protestant Church information can be found on this site, and information on anything else related to your French Montreal ancestors will be found on the Francophone Montreal GenWeb site.

There are now dozens of faiths and cultures in 20th century Montreal . If anyone has a genealogical interest on any other group please let me know.

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