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submitted by: Barb and Cliff Bowles 

Robert AIRD b. Scotland 1753 & d. Montreal 1806, m. Janet FINDLAY in 1782 in Scotland. Robert was a Montreal Merchant. We have 2 or three generations back of Robert in Scotland.

Issue - all born in Montreal:
* John AIRD b.1784 
* Martha AIRD b.1786 
* Anna AIRD b.1789  married Hon George H. MARKLAND in 1812 
* Rosina AIRD b. 1791 married Adam Lymburner MACNIDER in 1812 (see MacNider query)
* Janet AIRD b. 1793 
* William AIRD b. 1795 died as infant 
* Robert AIRD b. 1799 - married Mary MUNDELL in 1839 
* James AIRD b. 1803 died in infancy 
* Finlay AIRD b. 1806 

submitted by: Lucille Campbell
related surnames: ROSS, SCOTT, WATSON 

Seeking information about the family of  JAMES ALLAN, shoemaker, of  Montreal, and his wife MARGARET SCOTT. Several children were born and died in Montreal between 1821-1832. 

Am looking for birth date for their son James ALLAN, born after 1825. Can anyone confirm whether JAMES ALLAN, batchelor, who married AGNES WATSON, spinster, on 26 Mar 1862 in St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Montreal was the son of James ALLAN & Margaret SCOTT, or the son of James ALLAN, farmer, of Pointe aux Trembles and his wife Jane? 

Will share  information about descendants of  James Allan & Margaret SCOTT, through their daughter ANN ALLAN who married WILLIAM ROSS in 1840, St. Gabriel Street Presbyterian Church, Montreal. (see ROSS query)

submitted by: Sandra Shaw
related surnames: CONNERY

Mary ANDERSEN nee CONNERY, came to Montreal in 1885 with her parents John and Margaret Jane CONNERY and her sisters Hannah and Elizabeth CONNERY. There is no record of her husband, Charles ANDERSEN's arrival but we have letters from Mary and Charlie written to a cousin in Ireland.

In 1907 there was a fire in a Hochelaga school in which Jalmar Frederick ANDERSEN died along with 15 other children and a teacher this was Charles and Mary ANDERSEN's only son. John CONNERY died in 1908 and Margaret Jane in 1903.  They are burried in Mount Royal cemetery.  We think Charles ANDERSEN died in 1936.

We know that Hannah CONNERY had a baby that died and then a baby girl but no mention of a husband. We know nothing of Elizabeth CONNERY. There is an Isabella Gilliland? CONNERY

We would like to find  information on living relatives or anything on the family. Both the CONNERYs and ANDERSENs lived in  St Germain, Montreal. Connery until death.

1910  living at: 183 St.Valier Street, Quebec
1915  living at: 49 8th Avenue, Limoilou, Quebec

submitted by: Catherine Keelan-Parsons  (from the Great Down-Under)
related surnames: CHAUVIN

Stone-walled with Joseph ANDERSON b. c1804 m. Florentine CHAUVIN in 1825 at St.Stephens, Chambly, Quebec   His parents possibly were James ANDERSONm. Ingrea August (???). 
Joseph's siblings appear to be:

* Alexander Swanson ANDERSON
* Frederick ANDERSON
* William ANDERSON
* Jean-Baptiste ANDERSON
* Jane Margaret ANDERSON
* Joseph ANDERSON b. c1804

Joseph and Florentine (Florence) had seven children, some of whom were christened in the Catholic Church some years after being  christened in the Protestant church.

Do hope someone can come up with a clue as to this families origins.

submitted by: Lori Anthony
related surnames: MANN, COX, METCALFE

I am researching the BAILLIE name from Montreal. 
Hugh BAILLIE  b. 6/5/1859 married Harriet Dingwall MANN in Quebec 6/1/1887

They had 6 children :
* Elspeth Ethel BAILLIE b.1889 in Montreal whom I can't find any info on. 
* Sarah Beatrice BAILLIE b.1890 in Montreal (my great grandmother) whom I can't find any info on. 
* Leonard BAILLIE (twin of Leslie) b.1893 Montreal OR Howick, Quebec 
* Leslie BAILLIE (twin of Leonard) b.1893 Montreal OR Howick, Quebec
* Louedna Agnes BAILLIE b.1897 
* Wilbert Hugh BAILLIE b. 1906 no info. 

Harriet Dingwall MANN was born in Dundee Scotland. She also had an illigitamate child Peter Mann COX b. 3/2/1880, in South Georgetown, Quebec. No info. 

Hugh BAILLIE's parents were Robert BAILLIE and Sarah METCALFE also no info. 
Any help would be appreciated.

submitted by: Jennie Foley

I have been doing research on my husband's (Michael Baird Foley) family since last fall.  He recently donated two portraits of Nicol and Mary BAIRD to the National Gallery in Ottawa, and I am trying to get as much family genealogy information as I can to send to them for their files.

Nicol Hugh BAIRD (born Aug 26 1796 in Glasgow, Scotland, died 18 Oct 1849 in Brattleboro, Vermont), son of Hugh Nicol BAIRD (1770-1827), the surveyor to Forth & Clyde Canal.  Mother: Margaret BURTHWAITE

Nicol Hugh BAIRD emigrated to Montreal in the spring of 1828 where his first assignment was
Clerk of Works on the Rideau Canal.  Other engineering work:  Trent Canal, Windsor (Whitby) Harbour, Cobourg Harbour, Presqu'ile Point lighthouse.

N. H. BAIRD married Mary Telfer WHITE (b. ? in Montreal, died Aug 20, 1847 in Montreal),  daughter of Andrew WHITE (born circa 1783, Scotland, died of cholera 11 July 1832 in Montreal), a prominent businessman and builder. Her mother was Mary TELFER.  There is a possible linkage to the BETHUNEs through this latter woman.

Mary and Nicol's 8 children:

* Mary Telfer BAIRD b. 13 Sept. 1832, possibly in Montreal. 
   died July 25, 1918, buried in Paris, Ontario.  Married Robert THOMPSON, M.D.
* Captain Andrew Hugh BAIRD, former businessman and mayor of Paris. b.March 1,1834, Montreal
   died July 17, 1909, Paris, Ontario.  Married Cynthia Cole CAPRON (1834-1919)
* Hugh Nicol BAIRD b. Sept. 24, 1836, Cobourg, Upper Canada, died Nov. 17, 1910, Toronto.
   Married Amelia CAPRON (1839-1906).
* Charles I. BAIRD
* Margaret Maria Louisa BAIRD (b. 1845, Montreal)
* Hamilton BAIRD
* Charlotte BAIRD born Aug 13, 1847 (twin of Jane Rubidge BAIRD)
* Jane Rubidge BAIRD born Aug 13, 1847 (twin of Charlotte BAIRD)

I would very much like to find out what happened to children # 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8. 

Fortunately, both Nicol BAIRD and his wife's father, Andrew WHITE, are written up in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography.  However, I would like to see where some of the others have 'disappeared to', and hope that this query can lead to more information. 

submitted by: Del. Christien
related surnames: PITTS

Looking for ancestors and descendants of :
Charles BAKER (b. England) and his wife Elizabeth PITTS (b. Montreal). 

Their children were :
* Frank Edgar BAKER b. 01 Aug 1889. 
* William A. BAKER  - no birth date 
* Vic BAKER- no birth date 
* Violet BAKER - no birth date 

submitted by: Patty Brown 

My great-great-grandmother Margery BALLANTYNE ended up in Montreal in a round-about way. Her parents were John BALLENTINE of the Orkney Islands and Margaret FAIRBAIRN, daughter of Thomas FAIRBAIRN and Elspeth REDPATH (sister of John REDPATH of Montreal). The FAIRBAIRNs had immigrated to Montreal in the 1820s, (see Fairbairn query) but soon moved to Ottawa where, in 1833, daughter Margaret FAIRBAIRN married John BALLENTINE  and had 3 children: 
* Euphemia BALLENTINE b.1834

Margaret FAIRBAIRN died in Ottawa in 1840 at the age of 29 and her husband John BALLENTINE is next found in Kingston in 1841 where he married Janet Barbour GLASSFORD. They eventually  settled in Napanee, Ontario where John BALLENTINE, his second wife Janet and their 3 children  are buried.
* Jane BALLENTINE (husband of John HAY)

Margery BALLANTYNE met her future husband William ROBB (see ROBB query) while visiting FAIRBAIRN cousins in Montreal and they married in 1860. I have no idea when she and her brother Peter BALLANTYNE changed the spelling of their surnames. They are both buried in Mount Royal Cemetery. Peter doesn't appear to have married. 

There is a family of BALLANTYNEs in Montreal often refered to  as "the Murray Ballantynes" who also originated in the Orkney Islands, but I've yet to find a connection. I don't know if my John BALLENTINE settled in Montreal before moving onto Ottawa. He was born in Orphir, Orkney,  in 1803, son of Peter BALLENTINE and Margery HAY. His siblings were Margery, Peter, Cicily, Robert, Andrew, Margaret, Isabella, Anne and Magnus. On birth records those surnames vary between Ballantyne and Ballentine. I'm looking to find any other Montreal BALLANTYNE / BALLENTINEs connected to this branch. 

submitted by: Karen Morse 
related surnames: McFARLANE, PRESLEY

I am looking for any clues to  my  great great grandfather, Gordon Duncan BARNETT, and  his wife Agnes McFARLANE. They had the following children: 

* Isabella Elizabette BARNETT born Mar 31, 1851 
* John Edward BARNETT born Oct 16, 1853
* Christiana Agnus BARNETT born June 17, 1856 
* Robert Daniel BARNETT born Apr 13, 1858 

All the children were born in Montreal.  Gordon BARNETT was listed as a shoemaker from 1851-1858, not sure beyond that. Some of their records were found at the Mountain St Methodist Church & the American  Presbyterian Church.

Robert Daniel BARNETT and Mariah Agnes PRESLEY, of Ontario, were married in Montreal in June 1881 where he was part of the Wales Police Force of Montreal. In 1895 they migrated to Michigan.

Would appreciate any help with finding the elder Barnett's and Robert's siblings.

Submitted July 12, 2000 by: Becky Norman
Related surnames: NORMAN, Mc DOWELL, FORTIER

I'm searching for info on the family of  Robert BARR and Mary Anne Mc DOWELL of Montreal.

There were four children:

* Jane "Jennie" Kyle BARR, b. Oct.21,1874, Devenport, Devonshire, Eng. d. Mar.24, 1903, Montreal
    m. Frederic Watson NORMAN, May 23, 1901, Montreal(?); b. July 22, 1874, Montreal, 
    d. July 12, 1940, Montreal (see NORMAN query)
* Harriet BARR.
* Robert BARR, m. Marie Louise FORTIER; d. October 24, 1962, Sherbrooke, Quebec
* Mary Ann BARR, b. January 24, 1881, Wales; d. March 07, 1970, Ontario
    married Frederic Watson NORMAN (1874-1940) on April 20, 1904, in Montreal

Note that Jennie BARR and Mary Ann BARR both married Frederic Watson NORMAN.

I'd love to find out more info both on the parents of  Robert and Mary Ann and also on their children.

submitted by: Bruce D. Barrett
related surnames: PRIMET

I am looking for any info on the family of  Thomas James BARRETT, who came to Montreal at the age of 4yrs.Married Annie Edith PRIMET.born 1843 d 19 April 1884

Their children:

* Margaret BARRETT
* William Dufferin BARRETT b 12 August 1873.  (served in the Boer War)
* James Taylor BARRETT b 1878;  d 29 April 1912
* Edith Ellen Victoria BARRETT.b 27 Sept 1869 

Submitted by: Raymond Marchand
Related surnames: SCANLON / SCANTLAND

Catherine BARRON (or BOWEN) married Mark SCANLON (see SCANLON query) on June 6, 1820 at  St-Gabriel Presbyterian Church in Montreal. I'm looking to find any information on her parents, siblings and country of origin.

submitted by: Susan Boon
related surnames: McBURNEY, PARKER

John Edward BENTON married Marguerite McBURNEY, sometime after his arrival in Canada (in 1878).  Census info has her born in Canada. They had at least 5 children, but a family feud (sons marrying Protestants, daughters marrying Catholics) has very little communication between siblings.

Children were
* John (or John Weaver) BENTON (possibly married a Suzie)
* Elizabeth BENTON
* George BENTON (my great-grandfather) married Jean PARKER (see PARKER query)
* Garnet Regina BENTON.

John Edward BENTON was in the Montreal Garrison Artillery, and fought in the Riel (Northwest) Rebellion. Please contact me if you have any other information.

submitted by: Lynn Giasson
related surnames: WETMORE

My gggrandfather, Walter BONNELL, a merchant, lived in Montreal from approx. 1865 until his death  in 1890.  Parents are unknown, birthplace England. Walter married in 1860 in New Brunswick to Mary Anna Maria WETMORE (known as Annie).  Her parents also unknown. 

They had 7 children; 
* Walter C. BONNELL. born Halifax 1860 or 61 (he married in 1903 in Toronto); 
* Annie Edith BONNELL born London, Eng. 1862, died 1880;
* William Archibald BONNELL (my gg-father) born London, Eng 1864, died 1927 Devon, Eng.; 
* Elizabeth Augusta BONNELL born 1868, Montreal;
* Alice Maud BONNELL born 1870, Montreal; 
* Florence Kate BONNELL born 1873, Montreal; (3 girls unmarried); 
* Horatio Wetmore BONNELL born Longueuil, 1878.

Walter BONNELL's widow, Annie WETMORE, died in 1894 in Toronto. 
Would like to find any descendants of Walter C. BONNELL and Horatio Wetmore BONNELL and any info. regarding their life in Montreal.

submitted by: Barb and Cliff Bowles 
related surnames: CUNNINGHAM, REID

James BOWLES  b. 1835 in Ireland and married Euphemia CUNNINGHAM in 1866 in Montreal

* Alexander James BOWLES b. 1869 in Montreal.  m. Mary REID in 1894 
* Mary Julia BOWLES b. 1867 in Montreal and died age 4 years. 

submitted by: Bernie Bradner

Joseph Henry BRADNER was born Protestant in Cheltenham England in 1880. Father was Irish born. Moved to Amhurst Nova Scotia in 1888 with step father William YEATES and mother Mary Anne BRADNER (nee CRABB). Relocated to Montreal abt 1900 and married Agnes Jane WHITEWOOD, who was Catholic. (see Whitewood query)

I am researching all BRADNERs that might trace back roots to County Wicklow Ireland as well as YEATES that may be connected to this family.

submitted by : Keith P. McCormick

Arthur BRERETON (b. 1792 Kings County, Ireland) and his wife Jane WHITFORD (b. 1812 Queens County, Ireland) came to Montreal in 1846, leaving some of their married children in Bolton, England, but bringing their son Thomas BRERETON and their daughter Jane BRERETON. At least ten BRERETONs  from several generations are buried at Grace Church in Mascouche, and others at Mount Royal cemetery.

* Jane BRERETON (b. 1824 England)  m. William ROBINSON in Montreal

* Thomas Arthur BRERETON (b. 1821 Bolton, England, d. 1885 Montreal)
Thomas married (1)  Jane MOSSGROVE (b. 1840 Philadelphia)
children of Thomas and Jane:
       1. Henry Arthur BRERETON (b. 1860 Montreal) m. Georgianna CAMERON
                child of Henry & Georgianna:
                    i - John Francis BRERETON (b. 1884 Montreal, d. 1954 in California)
       2. William Edward BRERETON (b. 1962 Montreal)
Thomas married (2)  Mary Elizabeth SMITH (b. 1840 Montreal, d. 1880 Montreal) (see SMITH query)
       1.  Robert Johnston BRERETON (b. 1867)
       2.  Thomas BRERETON Jr. (b. 1871)
       3.  John BRERETON (b. 1877)
       4.  Mary Helen BRERETON McCormick (b. 1878 St. Lambert, d. 1964 California)
       5.  Nelly BRERETON (d. in infancy)

I am actively researching this family and would be very pleased to respond to any inquiries.

submitted by: Patty Brown 

David BROWN was born in Edinburgh in 1810, son of John BROWN and Jean FAIRWEATHER*.  He married Hannah DALZIEL in Edinburgh in 1832 and they emmigrated to Montreal c 1833 where they had 8 children, only 4 of whom lived to adulthood:

* Martha BROWN b: February 26, 1840  d: March 13, 1935 Montreal 
.....  +Hugh CAMERON  m: June 03, 1869 Montreal (see CAMERON query )

* James BROWN b: April 04, 1842 Montreal d: January 20, 1920 Montreal 
.....  +Elizabeth Adam Cunningham ROBERTSON b: July 1842  Renfrewshire, Scotland
         m: June 24, 1868 probably Montreal, d: June 19, 1915 Hudson Heights P.Q.

* David BROWN b: September 27, 1845 Montreal 
.....  +Christina Elliot BRODIE b: March 10, 1847 Montreal  m: June 03, 1873 Montreal 
This branch disappeared out of Montreal in the 1880s. Does anyone know where they went??!!:
Their children were:
. 1   Euphemia Sutherland BROWN b: March 08, 1874 Montreal 
. 2   David Dalziel BROWN b: June 15, 1876 Montreal 
. 3   Christina Elliot Brodie BROWN b: November 19, 1879 Montreal  d: December 17, 1881 Montreal 
. 4   John Brodie BROWN b: May 25, 1881 Montreal 

* Thomas BROWN b: July 09, 1848 Montreal d: May 25, 1922 Montreal 
.....  +Annie Sophronia BREWSTER b: March 04, 1855 Montreal . m: October 23, 1877 Montreal
        d: December 17, 1881 Montreal 

* Also looking for other children of John BROWN & Jean FAIRWEATHER who may have come to Montreal? David BROWN's sister Janet BROWN (b.1805) is buried in the family plot at Mount Royal cemetery. Did any of the other siblings come to Montreal also? They were John BROWN (b.1803), Thomas BROWN (b. 1807), and Ann BROWN (b. 1814).

submitted by: Don MacDougall

* Elizabeth/Isabella BROWN b.1811 (where?) m. Duncan McDOUGALL at St. Gabriel's church Montreal in 1832.(see McDOUGALL query) Elizabeth/Isabella d. 1845; Duncan d. 1846(?).

Elizabeth/Isabella was the daughter of William and Elizabeth BROWN, maybe in Montreal 1832-35.

* Elizabeth/Isabella's sister m. W. CUNNINGHAM, carpenter of Long Point at St. Gabriel's 1838(?). Anyone know how to get info about Long Point during that period; ie land records etc? 

* Brother Joseph BROWN innkeeper/grocer in Montreal 1846 m. Mary EVELEIGH.

Other Brown siblings:
* John BROWN m. Margaret PORTER
* James BROWN
* William BROWN, baker in Montreal 1846; 
* Mary BROWN
* Sarah BROWN
Any related info or connections would be appreciated. 

submitted by: Sheila Hennessy
related surnames: DOODY, KING, POWER

John BROWN was born in Renfrewshire, Scotland,  son of John BROWN and Mary KING.  He married Ann DOODY, b. Montreal 1830s, daughter of John DOODY and Eliza POWER (see Doody query) at Notre Dame, Montreal on  Nov. 14 1854
Most of their married life was spent in Pointe St.  Charles, and St. Gabriel's R.C. Church

* Ann BROWN, b abt. 1857, 
* Elizabeth BROWN, b. May 9, 1860,
* Agnes BROWN, b. abt. 1863, 
* Ellen BROWN, b. Feb. 14 1864, 
* Catherine BROWN, b. Mar. 6 1866, 
* Sarah BROWN, Mar. 6 1866, 
* John BROWN, abt. 1868, 
* Patrick BROWN, b. July 29, 1870, 
* Martin Thomas BROWN, b. Nov. 9 1874

submitted on May 12, 2000 by Dee Dee Rypka

Daniel Charles BROWN born in Montreal 12 March 1818 to John BROWN and Olive UNDERWOOD.  He married Lucy Ann WOLF in Saranac, Clinton County, NY in 1849.

Their children were: 
* Charles W. BROWN
* Alvira Elizabeth BROWN (m. Daniel ZONES, Lewis CHOINARD, Simon WERNER), 
* Carolyn Olive BROWN (m. William JACOBS in Todd County, MN)
* Orin L. BROWN (m. Mary JACOBS in Todd County, MN 1880). 

John BROWN  may have been born in Massachusetts, grandson of Daniel and Mehitable (SANFORD/SANDFORD) BROWN, from Sandisfield, MA. Olive Underwood may have been the daughter of Rogers and Judith (DEMING) UNDERWOOD. If so, she was born in Sandisfield, MA 1779. John Brown may have been a merchant in Montreal in 1818. Any information regarding BROWNs or UNDERWOODs appreciated.

submitted by:

Thomas BUSBY b.Jun 1735 (Montreal?) d. 22 Oct 1798, Montreal 
married Christina ______  in Montreal b. Abt 1748 d. 24 Jun 1793

* Jane/Jean BUSBY b. 11 Oct 1777, d. 5 Aug 1825
Married 1st-  Francis (Francois) LACASSE (c1771- pre1813) (aged 25 - shopkeeper) Jane was age 19. At Christ Church on Dec. 5, 1796. Witnesses: James Noel, Andre Winckelfos, Conrad Marstellar, Thomas Busby, William Clarky. See Lacasse query
Married 2nd: William WILLIAMS (yeoman) Christ Church April 14, 1813. Witnesses: Thomas Busby, George Clark. See Williams query

* George BUSBY (farmer) b. 9 Mar 1772, d. 9 Jul 1817
married Ann EUDELL at Christ Church 24 Sep 1799 (witnesses Thomas Busby, James Noel, John ?)
George BUSBY b. 6 Oct 1817, d. 7 Aug 1819
Christiana BUSBY 12 Apr 1809
Anne BUSBY b. 10 Aug 1806
Thomas BUSBY b. 4 Sep 1800
Jane BUSBY b. 11 Sep 1802
Catherine BUSBY b. 14 Sep 1804

* Christiana BUSBY b. 17 Apr 1780 d. 23 May 1798

* Margaret BUSBY b. 27 Jun 1775, d. 3 Sep 1807
married John WRAGG 19 Jan 1794 at Christ Church, Montreal See Wragg query

* Mary BUSBY b. 3 Dec 1773 d. 2 Feb 1819
married Isaac BARNES 2 Feb 1794 at Christ Church See Barnes query

* Thomas BUSBY b. 16 Dec 1768 d. 8 Sep 1836
married Margueritte LACASSE 23 Jun 1793 at Christ Church, Montreal 

* Andrew BUSBY b. 23 Jan 1805, Montreal
* Thomas BUSBY b. 29 Jan 1801, Montreal d. 5 Oct 1837, Montreal
married: Mary LAGASSE (b. Abt. 1803) 15 Dec 1824, Montreal 
* Emma BUSBY b. 7 Oct 1827, d. 13 Oct 1837
* Charlotte BUSBY b. 24 Oct 1831, d. 30 Jul 1834
* Christiana BUSBY b. 1 Mar 1826, d. 15 Aug 1826
* Thomas Irwin Grant BUSBY b. 24 May 1830, Montreal d. 20 Apr 1862
married: Elizabeth C. GREENE married 13 Jun 1853 
* Ellen Gertrude BUSBY b. 23 Feb 1858
* Irwin Leslie BUSBY b. 12 Apr 1856, Montreal d.6 Aug 1869, Dundee, P.Q.
* Frederick Augustus BUSBY b. 22 Jun 1861
* Ogden Charles BUSBY b. 25 Jul 1859
* Sarah Ann Maria BUSBY b. 31 May 1837
* Elizabeth BUSBY b. 29 Jan 1803, d. 24 Jun 1803
* George BUSBY b.31 Jan 1810
* Charles BUSBY b. 10 Feb 1804
* Caroline BUSBY b. 22 Feb 1809
* Jane BUSBY b. 10 Apr 1800, d. 24 Sep 1800
* Frederick Gonnerman BUSBY b. 17 May 1813, d. 24 Jun 1813
* William Grant BUSBY b. 17 Jun 1806, d. 1 Jul 1806
* Margaret BUSBY b. 20 Jun 1794, d. 4 May 1824
   married Joshua PELTON 3 Aug 1815 (See PELTON query)
* Mary BUSBY b. 2 Jul 1797, d. 18 Sep 1797
* Alexander BUSBY b.17 Jul 1798 d. 18 Oct 1836
* Christiana BUSBY b. 2 Nov 1795
   married Samuel BELTON 23 Jan 1815, Montreal

submitted by: Gordon Dewhirst

Lt. Col. Thomas Page BUTLER (1845-1932) was a prominent lawyer in Montreal; Commander of the Prince of Wales Fusilliers; Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Freemasons of Quebec; prominent in the Anglican Church in Montreal; for a time Councillor and School Trustee for Longueuil in the early years of its history. Later a resident of Westmount. I have a fair bit of information on his biography and his antecedents. 

His wife, Mary Jane COOKE, was the daughter of Major Ballantyne COOKE of Drummondville, Que.

Seeking information on thier descendents (3 sons and 5 daughters) 
* Alan B. BUTLER
* Percival P. BUTLER
* Harold D. BUTLER
* Ellen BUTLER  - married D. Norman MacVICAR
* Ruby BUTLER  - married A.P.B. WILLIAMS
* Grace M.BUTLER  - married E. Godfrey BURR
* May BUTLER  - married Benjamin Stewart BURLAND
* Beryl BUTLER

Also seeking the descendents of T.P. BUTLER's sister Clarissa BUTLER.

Submitted July 12, 2000 by: Becky Norman

I'm searching for info on Sarah "Sadie" BYERS of Montreal who married Eric Barr NORMAN about 1921 in Montreal.(see NORMAN query

I have her siblings listed as 
* Arthur BYERS
* William BYERS
* Victor BYERS
* Bertha BYERS
* Maude BYERS
* Gertrude BYERS

Sadie BYERS and Eric Barr NORMAN separated sometime after the birth of  their son Richard Watson NORMAN (b. 7-21-1928). Sadie did then remarry Clovis "Ted" RACICOT." She died  2-3-1964 and was buried in the Notre Dame Cemetery in Ottawa.  I don't have anything else on the family.

submitted by: Patty Brown 
related surnames BROWN, BERWICK

Hugh CAMERON married Martha BROWN, daughter of David BROWN and Hannah DALZIEL in Montreal in 1869. They had at least 6 children, but only 2 seemed to have married. Those two were:

* Isabella Anderson CAMERON b: September 26, 1875 
..  married David James BERWICK  in Montreal, 1902

* A son born c 1877 to Hugh and Martha (first name unknown) appears to have had a son named 
Ken CAMERON who was the witness at the the burial of one of his aunts who was buried in the 
Brown plot in Mount Royal Cemetery in 1956.  Ken Cameron was a dentist or doctor. I'm trying to find the names and decendants of Ken Cameron's parents for my BROWN tree.

submitted by: Brooke Fry

Looking for ancestral data, and data of the times, on Robert CAMPBELL, Sr., b. abt. 1800 in (I think) Edinburgh, Scotland, d. 856 Dorchester Street, Montreal, Canada, 30 December 1874. 

He married Margaret ROBINSON, b. abt. 1811, d. 856 Dorchester Street, Montreal, Canada 27 April 1878; Both are buried Mount Royal Cemetery, Section A56, Outremont, Canada. 

Robert was to have migrated from Sligo, Ireland before 1832, establishing an important mercantile trade at Montreal. He was to have been born in Edinburgh, Scotland; not validated.

Issue of Robert CAMPBELL Sr. and Margaret ROBINSON (11 children) as follows:

* Allan CAMPBELL - d. October 06, 1851; buried Mt. Royal

* Emma CAMPBELL - buried Mt. Royal

* Margaret CAMPBELL - single

* Selina CAMPBELL - single

* Robert CAMPBELL, Jr. - b. Montreal abt.1832; m. Agnes T. HUTCHINSON; d. 13 April 1890
Buried Mt. Royal Cemetery, Section A 56. Late residence 285 University, Montreal.

Copied from the Evening Star
(which became the Montreal Daily Star newspaper):
"CAMPBELL: At 285 University street, on the 13th April, Robert Campbell, aged 58 years.  The funeral will leave his late residence on Tuesday, the 15th inst., at 2:30 p.m., for Christ Church Cathedral, thence to Mount Royal Cemetery.  Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to
attend."   (Paper date: 14 Apr 1890) 

* Anna Mary CAMPBELL - b. Montreal Bet. 1833 - 1834; d. July 10, 1857
Married John Albert NELLES, M.D. 
As per the Nelles book: "She died in childbirth at London [Ontario] on 10 July 1857, aged only 24 years, and was buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, London."

* Richard Robinson CAMPBELL - b. Montreal 14 August 1837; 
married Portsmouth, VA 03 September 1870 Annie Frances HURST
Died-  603 West 180th Street, New York, NY 29 January 1914; Buried Mt. Royal cemetery

* Amelia CAMPBELL - b. abt. July 1839; d. October 1839; buried Mt. Royal.

* William CAMPBELL - b. Montreal abt. 1848; d. 4 April 1880, Montreal
Single.  Late residence 125 Mansfield Street, Montreal.

From the Evening Star newspaper Apr 5th, 1880:
"CAMPBELL: On Sunday morning, the 4th April, William Campbell, aged 32 years, and 4 months.  The funeral will leave his brother's residence, 285 University Street, for Christ Church Cathedral, and thence to Mount Royal Cemetery, on Tuesday, the 6th instant, at 8 p.m. Friends are invited to attend." 

* Alfred Brett CAMPBELL - b. Montreal abt. 1852; d. 6 April 1873; buried Mt.Royal.
Single.  Late residence was 856 Dorchester Street, Montreal.

From the Evening Star newspaper Apr 7th, 1873:
"CAMPBELL:  On Sunday the 6th instant, at 7:30 o'clock a.m., from the effects of an accidental fall through a trap door on Saturday, the 5th instant, Alfred B.Campbell, aged 20 years and nine months, son of R. Campbell.  The funeral will take place from his father's residence, 856 Dorchester Street, to Mount Royal Cemetery, on Wednesday afternoon, 9th inst., at 2 o'clock. Friends and acquaintances are invited to attend."   (paper date April 7th)

* George Allan CAMPBELL - b. Montreal 10 July 1854; married Mary Evelyn Halsnod WARD
Died:  Vancouver, British Columbia 16 April 1928; buried Ocean View Burial Park, Section : Empire, plot 57; Burnaby, B.C. 

From: Vancouver Province Newspaper - Friday April 27, 1928: 

"George Campbell Has Passed Away.  Well Known Boy Scout Leader Dies After a Brief Illness.
George Allan Campbell of 1549 - 32nd Ave., West, well known Vancouver Business man, member of the Board of Trade and leader of the Boy Scout movement in B.C., passed away Thursday after a brief illness.  Born in Montreal in 1854, Mr. Campbell came west to Victoria in 1899 and to Vancouver in 1908. He founded the firm of George A. Campbell and Co. clothing manufacturers.  During late years, Mr. Campbell had become keenly interested in the Boy Scout movement in the City.  He had been assistant commissioner of Wolf Cubs and cubmaster for several years.  He attended Camp Byng for 2 years. He is survived by his son Gordon and 2 daughters Mrs. Charles F. Covernton and Mrs. M. Schucking. His wife predeceased him in January 1927. The Boy Scouts of Point Grey and 13th and 28th Wolf Cub Packs in uniform will attend the funeral services which will be held at St. Pauls Church, Jervis Street at 2 pm Saturday.  Rev Harold O. King will officiate.  Pall bearers will be scoutmasters of the city.  Center and Hanna has charge of the arrangements."

Submitted by: Susan Caney 

(Charles) Thomas CANEY was born in London, Middlesex, England on August 22, 1874.  I found him in St. Mary’s Orphanage in the 1881 British Census (London Region).  He was shipped to Rimouski as a Home Child in 1884 at the age of 10 (or 14, according to official records) by the Catholic Emigration Society – Westminster Diocese.  He married Elizabeth FURLONG on August 23, 1892 in St. Anne’s Church.  They both lived in Montreal until his death on February 4, 1943 in Montreal (she predeceased him in 1922).  The family attended  St. Anne’s Church, then Holy Family Church (Roman Catholic).  All children were born in Montreal. 


* Mary EthelCANEY (“May”):  (b) May 28, 1893;  (d) June 1, 1979 
      (m) George Ernest WEISS:  no date of marriage 
* James Jules CANEY (“Jim”):  (b) March 5, 1896;  (d) June 7, 1973 
      (m) Mary Nora Helena O’REILLY (“Lena”):  before 1923 (see bio on their son, Tom Caney)
* William Thomas Patrick CANEY:  (b) August 19, 1897 
* Margaret CANEY:  (b) July 8, 1899 
* William Joseph CANEY (“Billy”):  (b) December 9, 1900 
      (m) Omega ? 
* Thomas Linton CANEY: (b) September 26, 1902 
* Monica Geraldina CANEY (“Violet”):  (b) February 10, 1904 
      (m) Gerald R. FURLONG:  September 30, 1930 (see FURLONG query)
* John Francis CANEY:  (b) January 11, 1906 
* Elizabeth Ellen Margaret CANEY (“Marjorie”):  (b) January 2, 1907 
      (m) Joseph Alexandre LAROUCHE:  October 30, 1930 
* Bertha Naonie CANEY:  (b) March 16, 1909 
      (m) Harold DULEY
* Edmund Leo CANEY:  (b) October 18, 1911;  (d) August 30, 1977 

James Jules CANEY is my grandfather, and I have the descendants from his line. Any info anyone might have regarding the siblings or parents of James CANEY would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted by: Ann Gillespie Shoemake 

Joseph Hugh CARSON (1854-1931), son of Hugh CARSON & Ann MILLER (see Miller query) of Whitehall NY, Montreal and St Johns, PQ, married Isabella GILLESPIE (1852-1922) of St Johns. (see Gillespie query)

They had one daughter, Ann Mabel CARSON in 1879, who married Alfred Irwin RIDDINGTON in 1901 at St James Methodist church (see Riddington query).  In 1920-21, Joseph Hugh CARSON served as president of the Irish Protestant Benevolent Society

Joseph's older brother, John Lovell CARSON (1852-1885) married Eliza Catherine MILLER (1854-1947) and was a Montreal bookseller and stationer located at 1730 Notre Dame until his death at age 33.  Their daughter, Lillian May CARSON , married Francis Charles SMILEY, a school teacher in Montreal. (see Smiley query)

Would be happy to exchange information related to this Carson family. 

Submitted by Ray Chard

Seeking information on Henry John CHARD who arrived in Montreal in 1894, a wine merchant. He was in the district of St Antoine in 1901. 

Submitted by: Penny Carpenter

Thomas James CHRISTMAS, b.15 Nov 1831 UK. immigrated to Canada 1841 d.11 Jan 1919 Montreal, Quebec. Residence: Edgehill,Westmount,(Montreal) Quebec 
m. Charlotte Margaret HARDISTY  b. ca. 1834

They had 5 sons and 3 daughters:

* Thos. Henry (Harry) CHRISTMAS, b. 4 Aug 1852, Montreal, d. 27 Aug 1928, Lachine
He was President of Aetna Life Insurance Co. and lived at 21 Edgehill,Westmount. 
married Jane Gillespie McCAUGHEY (1848-1913) on 25 June 1874 (see McCAUGHEY query)
Harry and Jane had 9 children born in Montreal:
1 Henry Albert CHRISTMAS, (1876-1926) m.Emily Claire DRENNAN
2 Ernest James CHRISTMAS, (1877-1955) m. Bertha Selina Marion EVANS (see EVANS query)
3 William Cecil CHRISTMAS, (1879-1941) m. Ellen Harriet TURK/TURKINGTON
4 Archibald Pearl CHRISTMAS, (1880-1946) m. Gertrude Anne WILKERSON
5 Howard Milton CHRISTMAS, (1882-1963) m. Leontine Rosa GUERARD 12 June 1907
6Alexander Edwin CHRISTMAS, (1884-1960) m. Louise ?
7 Percival Septimus CHRISTMAS, (1885-1959)
8 Walter CHRISTMAS, (1888-1939) m. Daisy  aka: Marguerite?
9 Eva Jennie CHRISTMAS, died as an infant

* Catie CHRISTMAS, died as an infant
* William CHRISTMAS, died as an infant
* Norman Jas. CHRISTMAS, 1859-1891, married ?
* Martha Jane Haddock CHRISTMAS, b.c1860; married - ? SHARKEY
* Albert Edward CHRISTMAS, c1862-1880
* Wynn Ellis Horace CHRISTMAS, c1863-1937
* Charlotte M.H. CHRISTMAS, b. 1866 Montreal (St.Antoine)

My g-g-grandfather Thomas James CHRISTMAS owned a Montreal Bleury St. Haberdasher (beaver hats etc) business. Oral history has it that it was also his father's trade in Soho, London,England.

Looking for any info on this family, and also on the family of  Charlotte Margaret HARDISTY

Submitted May 20, 2000 by Patricia Jo Kern

I am looking for decendants of  John CLARKE b.1781, Montreal Canada, d. 7-28-1852, Outremont. Buried on the slope of the Mountain, at the top of  Clarke Ave. [book: by Adele Clarke dau.] 

John Clarke had three wives. He married:

1. Josephte KANHOPITSA c.1812, and had one daughter:

2. Maria SPENCE 1815, no children

3. Mary Ann TAUCLAR in 1821, Montreal d.1906.
Eight children were conceived of this marriage:
* Simon CLARKE, b.1824 at Fort Pelly, Rupert's Land., d. young
* William CLARKE, b.1826 at Lake Winnipeg. d. young
* Caroline CLARKE, b.1827 at Fort Pelly. d. young
* Priscilla CLARKE, b.1830 at Fort Pelly. d. young
* Adele Priscilla Cecilia CLARKE, born ? , at Mingan, Labrador
* William Tidy CLARKE, b. ?, d.1906
* John CLARKE, b.1837, d. age 62
* Louise Waldorf CLARKE, b.?, 

Of these, four died in infancy or childhood - Simon, William, Caroline and Priscilla.  John CLARKE died at age 62, and William Tidy CLARKE died in 1906. The remaining two, Adele Priscella Cecilia CLARKE and Louise Waldorf CLARKE, were still living in 1906. I am looking for marriages and decendants of these two women

Also seeking information on Simon CLARKE and Ann WALDORF, parents of  John CLARKE.

Submitted July 9, 2000 by Eileen (Clarke) Truesdell
Related surnames: DUFFY

Searching for my elusive great grandfather James CLARKE born 1812 England. He belonged to Church of England. He came to North America with the British Army. He was in the 77 Reg't and most likely in Montreal in 1846 to May 1848. He was married to Bridget DUFFY born 1817 Donegal Ireland.  She was Roman Catholic. 

They had three children 
* James CLARKE born 1846, 
* William CLARKE born 1849 
* Sarah CLARKE born 1857

I have not found the baptisms for these children. They were probably baptized in the Catholic church. In 1853 he had a child born in Kingston, Ontario, where he settled after his discharge. He received his discharge in 1857 while with the Royal Canadian Rifles.

For more info on my CLARKEs see my website at

submitted by: Mary Anca
related surnames: CURREN, LUNDRIGAN, CRANE

John Francis CONWAY (Army Captain) married Matilda Margaret CURREN in  Erskine Church in Montreal on July 3, 1866.
Witnesses were  Nathaniel James FILBERT (or GILBERT) and Georgina Caroline SCOTT

Of this marriage the following children were born :
* Frederick CONWAY
* Francis CONWAY
* John Arthur CONWAY,b. 1882 
* Arthur CONWAY
* Isobel CONWAY married James CRANE
* Eva Marie CONWAY, b. 1878  married Joseph LUNDRIGAN
* Maude CONWAY
Other possible children:
* James CONWAY
* Joseph CONWAY
* Cecilia CONWAY

Possible Locations this family might have lived in: Montreal, Verdun and Trois Riviers

submitted by: Thomas Coonan
related surnames O'NEIL

Looking for info on the following individuals:
John COONAN (1812-1862) born in Ireland, emigrated to Canada (date ?), thought to have lived in Montreal for awhile, married, had 3 sons, and moved to Champlain NY in 1850. I do not know the name of his first wife who is rumored to have died during the birth of the third son.  John Coonan's second wife was Ellen O'NEIL (1812-1893) who was born in Ireland and is buried in Champlain NY.

The three sons, all of whom were born in Canada, are: 
* John Coonan (born Sept.23, 1841 - unknown when died); 
* Thomas Coonan (Oct 10, 1843-1932), 
* Patrick Coonan (December 24, 1844-Sep. 17, 1862). 

I believe the family lived in Montreal at some point, and the children may have been born there, based on discussions I had with my father long ago.  I also recall my father travelling to Montreal to look at church records as part of his genealogical research (Notre Dame ?).  Thomas Coonan was married in a Catholic church in Champlain so I assume the whole family was Catholic.  If anyone has any knowledge of this family and/or can give me some tips on finding info on them, I appreciate it.

Submitted by: Gene Jeffrey
Related surnames: JEFFREY

Seeking information on the CORNELL family of Montreal and particularly 
* George Henry CORNELL  h/o Helena Margaret JEFFREY, married 1885 
* Walter Harold CORNELL h/o Ida May JEFFREY, married 1894 (see Jeffrey query)

submitted by: Bernie Bradner
Related surnames: WHITEWOOD

Mary CORRIGAN born Ireland abt 1837 and Roman Catholic. Moved to Ste Sylvestre Quebec before 1861. Relocated to Montreal and married John WHITEWOOD.(see Whitewood query)

According to 1861 Census other family members are as follows:
? CORRIGAN (first name unreadable) age 54 - B.abt 1807
Mary Ann - Spouse age 60 - B.abt 1801
Anne CORRIGAN Servant age 27-B abt.1834
Patrick CORRIGAN labourer age 25 B. abt 1836
Mary CORRIGAN Age 24 (above person) 1837

I wish to hear from anyone that can connect with this family.

submitted by: Renée Cummings

I am looking for more info on Duncan CUMMINGS. Would like to find out when he arrived in Canada, whether he arrived alone, or with his parents, their names, country of origin and any other children. 

All that I have on him is that he was, a cooper,  b.abt 1728 . He was married Nov.18, 1771 at Christ Anglican Church, Montreal,  to Agatha CHARPENTIER, b.12/12/1755  daughter of Jean CHARPENTIER and Madeleine GIROUX.  The CHARPENTIERs were Catholics.

An Archive record has the death on a Duncan  CUMMINGS on Jan 16, 1806, St Gabriel St Presbyterian church, Montreal, but no relatives are mentioned, so it cannot be confirm that he is the one above. I have traced these children, some in the Anglican records and others in the Catholic records. While daughter Marguerite was baptized in the Anglican church she was married in the RC church. Notre Dame de Montreal  Her marriage record says her parents were of the same parish.

Following is the list of the children and grandchildren. It is hard to say where to look for  parents, Anglican or RC. If any one has any info I would greatly appriciate your help.

* Marguerite CUMMINGS b.Aug 8, Bapt Aug 12, 1773 at Christ Anglican Church, Montreal
She was married  2-21-1791 to Francois DEROME dit DECARREAU( b. abt 1771)  son of JEAN Baptiste DEROME  dit DECARREAU and Madeleine UNEAU.

* Florence CUMMINGS, b. Jan, 6, bapt 7, 1779 Christ Church Anglican, Montreal

* JEAN CUMMINGS, a cooper by trade, was born abt. 1793, in Montreal and died c1871-74 
He was married  Feb.5,1816 to Marie Josepthe LEROUX b.10 June 1797, daughter of Charles LEROUX & Geneveive RAVERY-FRANCOEUR, at St-Joseph-De-Soulange, Que., She died Sept.28,1875 at Glen Nevis, Ontario 
They moved to Alexandria, Ontario sometime around 1830.
Their children were:
1) Marie Rose Delphine CUMMINGS, b. Sept.11, bapt. Sept.12, 1820 at Les Cedres, St-Joseph-De-Soulange, Que.
2) Jean Baptste Alexandre CUMMINGS,  Born. Dec 18, Bapt. 19, 1822 Les Cedres,  St-Joseph-De-Soulange, Que, married Mary LECLAIR, Jan. 1,1856, Alexandria, Ontario.
3) Marie CUMMINGS, b. & Bapt Oct. 18, 1824 at Les Cedres,  St-Joseph-De-Soulange, Que.
4) Janet CUMMINGS, b. abt. 1827. (RC, age 24 in 1851 Alexandria, Ont. census)
5) Marguerite Nathalie CUMMINGS, b.& bapt. July 21, 1833 at Les Cedres,St-Joseph-De-Soulange. 
6) **Falia (Flora) CUMMINGS b. abt. 1834 (17yrs in 1851 Alexandria, Ont. census, b.Canada, RC )
On Sept.27,1851 Flora Cummings, daughter of John Cummings & Mary Leroux (They had anglasized their names by this point) married Angus McDONALD, Son of Rodrick & Marg. McDONALD (Co. of Glengarry Ontario repertoire 39, page 424)
7) William CUMMINGS, who died Nov 4 1845 aged 6 years, in Alexandria, Ontario was the son of John Cummings, a cooper by trade. There is no mother mentioned but I assume he was also the son of John & Mary (aka Jean & Marie)

submitted by: Barbara Hammer
related surnames FAY

Francis Clarence T. CURREN (born around 1905) was living in Montreal in the 1940's. He was born in either North Dakota or Saskatchewan. His parents were Timothy (Ted) CURREN and Emma Marie FAY who died in Saskatoon in 1942 and 1944. I do not know when or if he married, or when he died.  Would like to find this lost (to me) branch of my family if possible.

submitted by: Julia Dalgleish Sauter
related surnames: AIRD, RUTHERFORD, LAMPARD

Birth: 15 Sep 1801, Midlothian, Scotland
Death: 3 Jul 1876, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Burial: 5 Jul 1876, MountRoyal Cemetery ,Montreal, Canada
Occ: Military Secretary Office,  Montreal for 45 years
Reli:  Presbyterian. Elder in the old Cote Street Church and St Gabriel's Street Church
Father: Robert DALGLEISH (1766-1848)
Mother: Marion RUTHERFORD (1768-1848)

Spouse: Mary AIRD
Birth: 7 Aug 1809, Kirkmichael, Ayr, Scotland
Death: 21 Apr 1906, Montreal, Canada
Buried:  Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal Canada
Father: William AIRD (1783-1860)
Mother: Mary HUNTER (1782-1862)
Marr: 19 Jul 1830, Garrison of Quebec Anglican Church , Quebec City, Quebec

* Marion (1831-1832)
* Mary DALGLEISH (1832-1904)
* Harriet DALGLEISH (1834-1867)
* Marion DALGLEISH (1836-1863)
* William DALGLEISH (1838-1881)
* Isabella DALGLEISH (1840-1842)
* Isabella DALGLEISH (1842-1867)
* Robert DALGLEISH (1844-1845)
* Jessie Speirs DALGLEISH (1846-1888)
* George Henry DALGLEISH (1849-1910)
* John James DALGLEISH (1851-1851)
* Edith Anna Rutherford DALGLEISH (1854-1881)

1901 Census Mary AIRD, son George Henry DALGLEISH and Daughter Mary Dalgleish LAMPARD located at 14 Overdale Avenue, Montreal

submitted by: Lesley (Dalrymple) O'Neil 

At least 2 Dalrymple brothers (Robert DALRYMPLE b.1789 and John DALRYMPLE b. 1801) emigrated from Fifeshire, Scotland to Montreal c1820s. Looking for ancestors, siblings and missing descendant branches of this family.

* Robert DALRYMPLE, b. 1789 in Fifeshire, Scotland. d. Nov. 3, 1875 in Montreal 
He was married June 1, 1822 at St. Gabriel's Presbyterian Church to Ann Elizabeth FURRY (b: June 25, 1806 in Montreal) see FURRY query 

Their Children:
* Ann DALRYMPLE b: 1823 d. 1825
* Christiann DALRYMPLE b: Feb. 13, 1825. d. 1848
* John "Harold" DALRYMPLE b: Feb. 7, 1827 in Montreal. d. 1898 in Clarence, Ontario 
   married July 5, 1854 Eglise Evangelique Francaise da la Rue Craig, in Montreal to 
   Elizabeth WOOD(S) (1834-1878). They had 9 children and moved to Clarence, Ontario.
* Elizabeth (Eliza) DALRYMPLE b:Nov.18, 1829 l'Assomption,PQ. d. Mar.26, 1886 Montreal
* Ellen (Helen) DALRYMPLE b: 7 JAN 1832
   married George IRVING
* Sarah ? DALRYMPLE b: 1832 in Quebec. d. 1861
* Robert DALRYMPLE b: 26 APR 1835 in l'Assomption,Quebec
   married Virginie DEBUSSAT DIT ST. GERMAIN (b: 1835) in l'Assomption Oct.28, 1861
   They had 10 children and moved to Cumberland, Ontario
* Caroline DALRYMPLE b: 2 OCT 1837
   married David STEELE see STEELE query
* Jane (Jennie) DALRYMPLE b: 8 MAR 1840
   married at Centenary Methodist Church to Thomas Watson EWAN see EWAN query
* Mary DALRYMPLE b: 1843
   married: Feb 28, 1872 in Pointe St.Charles to James WALMSLEY See WALMSLEY query
* George DALRYMPLE b: 26 APR 1845
   married: March 28, 1872 at Pointe St. Charles to Ann SMITH of St. Lambert. 
   Ann was the daughter of William SMITH and Ellen CAVERS OR CAVENS)
Their Children:
* Annie Louisa DALRYMPLE b: June 4, 1878. d. Sept. 6, 1878 
* Georgina DALRYMPLE b: 1873. d. 1940
    married Benjamin BRERETON OR BEBRETON See BRERETON query
* James DALRYMPLE b: Oct. 12, 1847 in l'Assomption,Quebec. d. Dec.1, 1922 in Montreal
    James married twice:
    1. married Oct. 3, 1871 at Centenary Methodist Church to 
        Mary Letitia MURPHY (b: 1853 in England)
Their Children:
* Alice Maud DALRYMPLE b: June 16, 1873 in Montreal (no issue)
* Lilian (Lily) Elizabeth DALRYMPLE b: Sept. 13, 1874. d. June 14, 1875 Montreal
* Robert Edwin Charles (Charlie) DALRYMPLE b: Dec.19, 1875. d. Feb.15, 1946 
* Clara Emma DALRYMPLE b: 15 OCT 1876. d. July 18, 1877 Montreal
* Norman (Leslie) DALRYMPLE b: 1877. d. Was killed in one of the first automobile accidents in Canada
* Agnes Mabel DALRYMPLE b: 1878. d. 1955
   married ? LEGALLAIS
* Ethel Amelia DALRYMPLE b: Feb. 12, 1881. d. Sept. 25, 1881
* Grace DALRYMPLE b: 1887
* Alfred James DALRYMPLE b: Feb. 21, 1891. d. Aug. 9, 1891, Montreal
    2. Second wife of James Dalrymple: 
        Elsie Edith PEARSON (b. March 28, 1871 in Manchester, England)
        daughter of William PEARSON and Ann(e) Baldwin THOMSON
Their Children:
* Walter Leslie DALRYMPLE b: Oct.1, 1903 Montreal. d. Feb.10, 1975 Toronto
   married Eileen MARSHALL (1910-1991)
* A living DALRYMPLE !
* Kenneth Cowen Morell DALRYMPLE b: Aug. 2, 1909 in Montreal. 
   d. March 6,  1998 in Edmonton, Alberta.  Buried Mount Royal Cemetery
   married December 12, 1934 in Montreal to:
   Wendy CROSS b: Mar. 31, 1911 Birmingham, England. d. Mar.6, 1998 Edmonton
   daughter of George Lorenzo CROSS and Florence BRADBURN see CROSS query

* John DALRYMPLE, b. 1801 in Fifeshire, Scotland. d. 1869 in Montreal
He married Elizabeth (Eliza) FORRES, FOREST, FUROUGH, OR FORREY c1828?

Their Children:
* John DALRYMPLE b: 1825 Or 1828
   married Barbara Ann AKIN b: 1833 in Terrebonne,Quebec (see AKIN query)
* Annie DALRYMPLE b: June 5, 1836 in Canada. d. 30 JUN 1897 
   married John RANSOM b: Nov. 24, 1835 in Montreal (see RANSOM query)
* Christiana DALRYMPLE b: Dec. 8, 1840 in Montreal. d. Nov. 5, 1884 in Montreal 
   married Richard RANSOM b: Oct. 1, 1840 in Montreal (see RANSOM query)
* Henry DALRYMPLE b: March 8, 1843 in Montreal. d. June 23, 1861 in Montreal
* James DALRYMPLE b: June 1844 in St. Roche,Quebec. d. May 1910 in Montreal
   married Mary Emma AKIN b: 1846 (see AKIN query) in New Glasgow in 1868
Their Children:
* John Edward DALRYMPLE b: Jan. 1, 1869 in Montreal. d. 1929 in Montreal
   married Frankie Allan JOUBERT (d.June 30, 1940 in Montreal)
Their Child:
* Edward Ross DALRYMPLE b: Oct. 8, 1899. d. March 20, 1977 
   married Gladys Eleanor (or L) HUTCHISON (b: 1898)
* Alice Kate DALRYMPLE b: July 2, 1871 in Montreal. d. Aug. 21, 1929 Montreal
   married George Maitland COLE (b: 1876)
* Albert Henry DALRYMPLE b: 1871. d. Oct. 15, 1918 in Montreal 
   married Jennie Ethel TAYLOR (d. Jan 1967 in Montreal)
* Charles Robert DALRYMPLE b: 1873 d. 1921
   married Lillian Maud REID (b. 1873)
* Maud Louise DALRYMPLE (d. Jan.1954 in Toronto)
* Clara Alice DALRYMPLE b: Aug. 2, 1870. d. Aug. 21, 1870 Montreal
* Stillborn DALRYMPLE (Bef 1910 in Montreal)
* Dora May DALRYMPLE d. Bef 1910 in Montreal 
* Andrew DALRYMPLE b: 1852 in Canada. d. 15 MAR 1871 
For more information on other Dalrymple branches and related families in our tree see my Web site.

submitted by: Patricia Greber
related surnames: GUINNESSY

I am searching for more information on Samuel DEVER b. 1862 in Donegal, Ireland  When he was still a baby he and his family moved from Donegal to Picton, Ontario. Samuel married Bridget MELODY (b. 1864 in Galway) in 1887 in Montreal.  Bridget MELODY was said to have come to Montreal at the age of 16 yrs. traveling by herself and coming to assist an aunt. The aunt's last name could possibly be MELODY or GUINNESSY.

Bridget was Catholic and Samuel was Protestant, which added a lot of excitement to the family. They had 13 children with a daughter Dorothy DEVER dying in Montreal at a young age after 1901.

Samuel had a store in Montreal and the family lived above it. The store was possibly located at Iberville.

Submitted May 16, 2000, by Monica Dale
Related surnames: CALVAIRE
Religion: Catholic

I'm seeking information on the DEWINKELEER Family (alternate spellings: DeWINKLER, DeWINKELER, DeWINCKELEER).  They emigrated to Canada from Belgium sometime in the late 19th century, and lived in Montreal. (They moved to Florida, USA around 1903.)

Bartholomy DeWINKELEER and Jane CALVAIRE were the parents -- dates unknown. 
Their children were:
* Louise  (dates unknown) 
* John Batholosina DeWINKELER (b. 7 Sept 1886)
* Archibald Joseph DEWINKLER (b. 26 Sept 1888) 
* August DEWINKLER (b. 14 June 1890) 

The brothers' spellings and dates are from US Draft Registrations in Florida, where the three are listed as coming from Montreal.  It is not known whether any of the children were born in Canada, or were born in Belgium. The 1895/96 Directory shows Bart DeWINKELEER, gardener, living at 17 McTavish.

If there are any other clues or information out there, it would be much appreciated!

submitted by: Judith DeWitt 
related surnames: NORTON, HILL

I'm searching for any and all anglo-DeWITTs who are descended from Tjerck Claessen DeWITT and who have roots in Montreal. 

My g-g-grandfather Jacob DeWITT lived in Montreal sometime before probably 1822, where he died AFAIK in 1859. He had immigrated from the USA. My g-grandfather was Caleb Strong DeWITT (named after the pastor of  The American Presbyterian Church, Caleb STRONG who died 1847), b. Montreal Jul 5, 1840, subsequently moved to Illinois and returned to Montreal in 1890 with his wife,  Mary NORTON and his children:

* Abigail Sophronia (Abbie) DeWITT, b. Jul 25, 1869, 
* Hiram Norton DeWITT, b. Jan 16, 1871,
* Harriet Louise DeWITT, b. Aug 6 1873 
* Jacob DeWITT, (my grandfather) b. Feb 22, 1879. 
Jacob was a lawyer in Montreal till about 1915 when he moved to the country (St. Andrew's East). He had 5 boys, of whom I only know for certain George (my father), the 3rd-born, and Roy, the 4th-born,
returned to Montreal. The 5 brothers were 
1) John Henry DeWITT
2) Charles Gould DeWITT
3) George Hill DeWITT
4) Roy Borden DeWITT
5) William Norton.DeWITT

My Great-Aunt Abbie (Abigail Sophronia DeWITT) taught for several years at Montreal High School, which, I believe was an all-boys school at the turn of the century, possibly until well after WWI.

Family tradition tells that my grandmother, Julia Maria HILL (married Jacob DeWITT), received a B.A. degree from McGill early in the 20th century.

submitted by: Aileen Donovan

I am searching for any info. on my line of Donovan's (and others).  I have g-grandfather Patrick DONOVAN (son of Richard DONOVAN & Elizabeth REGAN, both deceased at that time)  married to Mary FOLEY(daughter of James FOLEY & Catharine DRISCOLL ) in Montreal on Feb:17th 1863 in St. Patrick's Cathedral.  They arrived from Rosscarbery, County Cork what year??? 

Also, Patrick's brother, James DONOVAN, married Ellen COLLINS (daughter of John COLLINS & Mary HURLEY) married  also at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Montreal in the year 1860. (parents Richard DONOVAN & Elizabeth REGAN shown deceased at that time as well.)  Specifically, would like to find out when the clan came over to canada from Ireland. 

submitted by: Sheila Hennessy
related surnames: POWER, BROWN

Eliza POWER came to Montreal in June 1825 from Fermoy/Balleyhooley, Cork, Ireland, with her husband John DOODY (a butcher). They brought with them, 3 children, born in Ireland. 
* Patrick DOODY, b. abt.1817, 
* Peggy DOODY, b. abt. 1819, 
* Thomas DOODY, b. abt. 1823 
There is confusion as to what happened to those children. 
More DOODY children were born in Montreal including:
* Ann DOODY, b. Montreal 1830s who married John BROWN (see BROWN query)

submitted by: Karl Sack

Looking for DORMAN names in Montreal area who may be related.  James William DORMAN ( b. May 5, 1867; son of James William DORMAN and Elliza DELABATOUCH) He married Isabella Marriah FACKRELL on November 1, 1892 in Montreal. He was Irish Catholic and she was Anglican. 

They had 10 children: 
* Arthur DORMAN (died at an early age)
* Henry DORMAN (died at an early age)
* ??boy?? DORMAN (died at an early age)
* James William (Bill) DORMAN  b. July 20, 1896 in Montreal. He married Agatha Ann WARD  He     joined the 73rd regiment as part of the Royal Highlanders of Canada.
* George August DORMAN married Edna ?? and lived in saint John N.B. They had no children.
* Robert Osborne DORMAN b.Jan.6,1900 in  Montreal Married Florence Hilda COWLEY in England during WWI. He joined the war at age 14
* Charles Ernest (Charlie) DORMAN was born March 24, 1904 in Montreal. He married Marion Rose LEPPER. Charlie was a volunteer of the St. John Ambulance Brigade in Montreal. He was given a citation from the Mayor of Verdun for his acts of bravery. He died November 23, 1981 in Montreal.
* Doris "Isobel" DORMAN married Fred MORINVILLE. She died November 11, 1998. 
* Albert DORMAN was born February 3, 1906 in Montreal. He worked for T. Eaton Company as a manager in the Finance department. He married Joan MULLET
* Francis Henry (Frank) DORMAN married Eunice Winifred BARRY and lived in New York.

I am looking for James William DORMAN Sr.'s siblings (he has at least six younger brothers). A lot of his family is buried at Mount Royal Cemetery in Montreal. According to Robert and Bill's military file, they lived in Verdun near the start of WW1.

submitted by: Barb and Cliff Bowles 

Robert DRENNAN  b. 1813 in St Eustache, PQ and m. 1844 to Ann McFARLANE in Montreal

* Elizabeth DRENNAN b. 1844  m. Andrew Kennedy McQUAT in 1866 
* Janet DRENNAN b. 1845  m. Howard HIGGINS in 1873 
* William DRENNAN b. 1848  m. Christina Helen McGIBBON c 1881 
* Mary DRENNAN b. 1850  m. ? 
* Ann Jane DRENNAN b. 1851  m. John A. PARSONS in 1878 
* Alex DRENNAN b. 1855  m. ? 

Children from Ann McFarlane's 2nd marriage:
* Agnes WILSON b. 1864  m. ? 
* Murray WILSON b. 1866  m. Alex MORRISON

submitted by: Karen Webster
related surnames: COCHRANE, STEVENS, McCRAY

William DRYSDALE b: abt 1830 d: 8 Feb 1908, buried in the Mount Royal Cemetary in Montreal, He married Mary Rennie COCHRANE b: 5 Jun 1835 in Kincardine on Forth Perthshire, Scotland d: 13 Jan 1916, buried with her husband.

They had a son, Henry DRYSDALE b: 1 Dec 1857 d: 13 Oct 1942 Montreal
He married Jean May STEVENS d: 8 May 1865 in Portland Maine, d: 9 Jan 1929 Montreal
They were both buried at Mount Royal cemetery.

Henry and Jean had a son, George Stevens DRYSDALE b: 29 Sept 1891 in Montreal d: 8 Mar 1953 in St. Catharines Ont. who married Florence McCRAY b: 21 Apr 1909 Yarmouth Maine  d: 20 Nov 1959. 

The information I have on William DRYSDALE is that he was involved with the Montreal Hunt Club from 1854 to 1889. He entered the club as a 'whipper' under Kennedy, the Huntsman, and Lieut. Cox of the Royal Engineers, who was master until the outbreak of the Crimean War took him from Canada. Mr. D Lorn McDougall then became master until 1959. In 1866 William became Huntsman and held the position ever since. 

William Drysdale had served under the following gentleman who had charge of the hounds, Lieut. Cox, Mr D. Lorn Mc Dougall, Captain de Winton, Mr W. M. Ramsay, Mr William Cunningham, Mr John Crawford, Mr Andrew Allan, Mr J.R. Hutchins, Captain E. A. C. Campbell, Mr. Baumgarten, Mr Hugh Paton and Mr Johan Crawford again. 

This information is from notes that my mother's sister kept. Any other information on this family or about William Drysdale's involvement in the Montreal Hunt would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted May 10, 2000 by Michael Fellows
Related surnames: FELLOWS

Seeking the parents or family of Margaret ELMORE ( ELMOR / ELMER ).  Born c.1814-1816 in "Quebec".  She may have had a brother named Lewis.  Margaret's parents were Scottish.  She may be related to the family of William ELMOR, farmer who died in Montreal on September 18, 1824, aged 49 (St. Gabriel's Presbyterian).

Margaret ELMORE married Isaac FELLOWS "near Albany, New York" c. 1836.  Their first child, William FELLOWS was born in Ontario, Wayne County, New York in 1837. The family subsequently moved to Wisconsin and then to Andrew County, Missouri where Margaret (ELMORE) FELLOWS died in 1872.

Submitted by: Penny Carpenter

Looking for ancestors and descendnts of my great grandfather: Frederick William EVANS, b. 11 Dec 1850 Cote St Paul, Quebec son of  William EVANS & Selina Anna WOOD. He married Mary Lavinia WILCOCKS (1857-1939) on Apr.18,1877 in the Eastern Twps.

They had 7 children:

* Grace Ethel EVANS b. c1880, Montreal; d. 1969; married John Healey FINNIE (s/o J.T. FINNIE)
* Beatrice Lillian EVANS, b.1881, Montreal; d. age 119; m. David Huron MacFARLANE (1875-1950)
* Bertha Selina Marion EVANS, b.1882, Montreal (Cote St. Antoine); d.1960; married 20 June 1906 in Montreal to Ernest James CHRISTMAS (1877-1955) (see Christmas query)
* Mary Marguerite EVANS, b. c1883, Montreal; married Charles Percival RIDDELL
* Hilda Muriel EVANS, b. c1884, Westmount; d. age 116 married George Rugge THOMSON
* Dorothy Mary EVANS, b. c1885, Montreal; d. age 115, in St.Hilaire, Quebec
* Sybil Marian EVANS, b. c.1886, Montreal, d. age 114, in St.Hilaire, Quebec

Frederick William EVANS was Chief Magistrate, Montreal, Mayor of Westmount and was in the insurance business with his uncle, Robert WOOD (see WOOD query) under the name of Wood & Evans (1876), later Evans & Johnson. He died December 17,1940.

Submitted by: Patty Brown

Looking for the ancestors and descendants of my g-g-g-grandparents Thomas FAIRBAIRN (b: Abt. 1790 Gordon, Berwick Scotland  d: Oct. 17, 1854 Montreal) and Elspeth REDPATH (sister of John REDPATH) who was christened May 17, 1789  in Earlston, Berwick, Scotland.  They were married December 18, 1807 in Cannongate Edinburgh, Scotland. Elspeth died July 16, 1839 in Ottawa Ont.

The family immigrated from Scotland to Montreal with 7 children c1826, their 8th child being born in Montreal in 1829. At some point in the 1820s Thomas took his family to Ottawa where he was involved with the building of the Rideau Canal. It appears that some of the children remained in Ottawa, while others moved back to Montreal. Thomas FAIRBAIRN died in Montreal in 1854, but is buried in Beechwood Cemetery in Ottawa, along with his first and second wives, as well as many of his children and grandchildren after descendants transfered the plots on the family grounds at Billings Bridge to Beechwood cemetery. Most of the rest of the family is buried in Mount Royal cemetery in Montreal, and some are in Toronto, but there are a few branches that have disappeared. I'm trying to find these missing families.

Thomas FAIRBAIRN and Elspeth REDPATH's children were:

* Helen FAIRBAIRN b: November 12, 1808 Earlston Scotland (What happened to Helen?)
* Margaret FAIRBAIRN b: March 20, 1811 Earlston Scotland  d: February 16, 1840 Ottawa Ont.
         married John BALLENTINE b.1802 Orkney, Scotland m: July 12, 1833 Ottawa d: June 24,1871
         Napanee Ont.(see Ballantyne query)
* Robert FAIRBAIRN b: December 03, 1815 Earlston Scotland 
         He married ????? ** There is an Agnes M. FAIRBAIRN buried in the Fairbairn family plot at
         Mount Royal cemetery as "daughter of Robert Fairbairn". She died in 1953 at age 100 years!
         Her birth-place is listed as Picton, Ontario, but a visit to the Presbyterian Archives showed the
         Picton records to be missing during the 1840s-1860s. :-(  (Where did Robert's family go??)
* John FAIRBAIRN b: November 1817 Earlston, Scotland  d: July 08, 1903 Montreal 
         married Charlotte Jane KERFUT b: Aug. 1819 Hull P.Q. m: 1840 Montreal d: Feb.1911 Toronto
         Children of John Fairbairn & Charlotte Kerfut: 

1) Thomas FAIRBAIRN b: June 11, 1841 Montreal, d: February 27, 1911 Milwaukee, Wisc.
2)  Elizabeth Elspeth FAIRBAIRN b: April 1843 Laprairie P.Q.  d: Oct. 21, 1890 Montreal
3)  William John FAIRBAIRN b: May 10, 1847  d: 1906
    +Georgiana MAFFRE b: Dec. 28, 1847 Montreal  d: July 13, 1937 Minneapolis, Minn.
    m: July 23, 1870 Montreal - St. Matthew's Presb. (see MAFFRE query)
4) Elspath Redpath (Effie) FAIRBAIRN b: Nov. 03, 1849 Montreal  d: July 25, 1874 Montreal
5) John FAIRBAIRN b: February 21, 1852 Montreal 
6) Marianne Kerfut FAIRBAIRN b: January 15, 1855 Montreal  d: July 14, 1931 Toronto
7) Robert Peter FAIRBAIRN b: February 07, 1858 Montreal 
8) Charlotte Jane FAIRBAIRN b: June 06, 1861 Montreal  d: 1948 Toronto
    +Rev. James McCAUL b: December 25, 1841 Co. Armagh, Ireland 
    m: 1886 Philadelphia, PA, USA d: 1906 Toronto
9)  Agnes Helen FAIRBAIRN b: Oct. 27, 1864 Montreal  d: Sept. 07, 1964 Toronto
10)  daughter FAIRBAIRN b: Abt. 1865 
* Agnes Gray FAIRBAIRN b: Abt. 1819 Scotland  d: May 15, 1903 Montreal 
         She married Donald McDONALD (b: 1798 Scotland  d: Jan.12,1870) Nov.18,1843 in Montreal.
         Donald McDonald was the proprietor of the Old Transcript House on Hospital street and
         produced the Montreal Transcript newspaper for many years. No children
* Elizabeth (Eliza) FAIRBAIRN b: August 10, 1824 Scotland  d: January 07, 1909 Ottawa Ont.
* Peter FAIRBAIRN b: Abt. 1826 Scotland  d: April 27, 1881 Ottawa Ont.
         married Jane WILLIAMS b: December 09, 1839 Nepean Ont.  d: March 17, 1907 Ottawa Ont.
* Jane McPhee FAIRBAIRN b: March 17, 1829 Montreal  d: April 16, 1902 Montreal 
         married Richard (Rick) PHILBIN b: Abt. 1813 Ireland m: July 03, 1855 Montreal d:Jan.12, 1873 
         in Montreal (see Philbin query)

  *2nd Wife of Thomas Fairbairn: Elizabeth (Betsy) Nicholson b: Abt. 1796 m: July 08, 1840 Ottawa Ont. d: November 1867 (no children from this marriage).

submitted by: Carol White
related surnames: MUNRO

John FERGUSON was born in Dumbarton Scotland in 1879. He married Mary Jane MUNRO in Dumbarton and had 3 children. The family came to Canada in 1922 and resided in the Montreal area till his passing in 1947. (See MUNRO query)

submitted by: Lois Flook
related surnames: McCLUNE

My ancestor, David FLOOK / FLUKE was married at Boardmills Presbyterian, Killaney Parish, County Down, Ireland in 1796, to Jean McCLUNE from Kirkcudbright, Scotland.  They had a minimum of 3 sons:

* John FLOOK (1800-1874)
* Hugh FLOOK (1801-1885)
* David FLOOK (1806-1861)

.....who presumably were born in Ireland and immigrated to Canada between 1820-1830.  They eventually settled in Ontario, but I have no information on where their parents might have gone and settled, and how the family arrived in Canada. 

The only data I have re: Flook/Fluke in Montreal is the following (from family history notes obtained from Hugh FLOOK [1860-1924] by his sons, dated 10/26/1913):

"William J. FLOOK was the son of Hugh FLOOK who was born in the north part of Ireland about 1799.  He came to Canada about 1810-1815, having learned the trade of wheelwright.  He lived around Montreal and Quebec a few years then settled in Smiths Falls, Ontario.  He married an Irish woman, and they had six children:
1. William J. FLOOK
2. Robert FLOOK
3. Jane FLOOK
4. John FLOOK
5. David FLOOK
6. George FLOOK

The dates 1810-1815 are inaccurate, since Hugh, according to more reliable sources, was married in Ireland in 1831.  He reportedly came to Canada closer to 1830-1840.  There could conceivably been more of Hugh's siblings (other than David and John), who could have settled in the Montreal area.  So many questions unanswered, but I am hoping that there could be descendants living in the Montreal area who could be of assistance.

Submitted by: Jim Forster

My great-grandfather Percy FORSTER (Senior) of Warrington, Cheshire, England came to Montreal in 1911 on the SS Lake Manitoba. His wife Mary ALLCOCK and their children Elizabeth and Percy Jr. came over within the next two years. Three more daughters were born in Montreal.

Children of Percy FORSTER and Mary ALLCOCK:

* Elizabeth FORSTER
* Percy FORSTER (Junior) - married Mary CUNNINGHAM
          Children of Percy Forster Jr. and Mary Cunningham:
      1) James Percy FORSTER b. Montreal - married June AUCOIN
      2) Desmond FORSTER b. Montreal - married  Gladis PEACOCK
* Patricia FORSTER  - born Montreal
* Rita FORSTER  - born Montreal 
* Veronica FORSTER  - born Montreal

For more info on my FORSTER ancestors from Warrington, Cheshire, England see my homepage.

Submitted by: Susan Caney 

Thomas FURLONG was born in Ireland (according to 1891 Census of Montreal, QC).  In 1875, his occupation was Water Policeman in Montreal (St. Anne’s Parish Church Registers).  His wife, Margaret WARREN was also born in Ireland (1891 Census), but died in Montreal sometime before May, 1885 (she was listed as “the late” at her daughter’s wedding).  They lived in Griffintown (St. Anne’s District) and attended St. Anne’s Church (Roman Catholic). 


* Elizabeth FURLONG:  (b) March 15, 1875 in Montreal;   (m) Charles Thomas CANEYAugust 23, 1892 in Montreal (see CANEY query);  (d) February 18, 1922.  Note:  In 1891 Census, she is living with her sister Mary and William PERKS
* Mary FURLONG:  (b) ? Montreal? May 22, 1867;  (m) PERKS – no date?;  (d) October 15, 1932 
* Ellen FURLONG;  (b) ?;  (m) John FITZGERALD May 21, 1885 in Montreal;  (d) ? 
* Thomas Patrick FURLONG:  (b) March 1, 1875 in Montreal. 
* William James FURLONG:  (b) ?;  (m) Sarah O’NEILL;  (d) before September 30, 1930 

Elizabeth FURLONG was my great-grandmother, and I have the line downwards from her.  However, I have little information regarding siblings or her parents.  There are numerous FURLONGs in the St. Anne’s Parish Registers, however, apparently there were quite a few different lines of FURLONGs in Montreal at the time. Any info would be greatly appreciated regarding the FURLONG line. 

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