Art Association of Montreal
Automoble and Aero Club of Canada
Badminton Club
Back River Polo Club
Beaconfield Golf Club
Beaver Club (1785-   )
Caledonian Society
Canada Club
Canada Club of London England
Canadian Club
Canadian Handicrafts Club
Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (1868-    )
Catholic Sailor' Club (1893-    )
Children of the Empire (1900-    )
Daughters of the Empire (1900-    )
Elk's Club
Engineers' Club
Fairmount Tennis Club
Female Benevolent Society (    -1822)
Forest and Stream Club
Fox Hunters's Association
Heather Curling Club
Isleway Club
Knights of Columbus
Lachine Boating and Canoeing Club
Ladies Morning Musical Club
Laurentian Club
Last Post Imperial Naval and Military Contingency Fund (1909-    )
Manitou Club
Metropolitan Golf Club
Montreal Amature Athletic Association
Montreal Bar Association
Montreal Club
Montreal Curling Club  (1807- present - Renamed "Royal Montreal Curling Club" in 1924)
Montreal Hunt (1826-    )
Montreal Jockey Club
Montreal Ladies' Benevolent Society (1832-    )
Montreal Military Institute
Montreal Polo Club
Montreal Racket Club
Montreal Reform Club
Montreal Sailors' Institute (1862-    )
Montreal Society for the Protection of Women and Children (1882-    )
Montreal Snow Shoe Club (1840-    )
Montreal Tennis Club
Montreal Thistle Curling Club (1843- present)
Montreal Women's Club (1892-    )
- excerpts from the Report of The Montreal Women's Club 1894, including a list of members
Mount Royal Club
Mount Royal Lawn Tennis Club
National Amature Athletic Association
Numismatic and Antiquarian Society
Orange Order
Outremont Curling Club
Outremont Golf Club
Park Tobogganing Club
Province of Quebec Association for the Protection of Fish and Game
Queen's Club
Ranelagh Country Club
Royal Montreal Curling Club (Until 1924 it was named the Montreal Curling Club)
Royal Montreal Golf Club
Royal Montreal Ladies Golf Club
Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club
St. Andrew's Society of Montreal (1835 - present)
Shamrock A. A. Association
St. David's Welsh Society
St. George Snowshoe Club
St. George's Society
St. James Club (1857-    )
St. James Literary Club
St. Lawrence Curling Club
St. Maurice Fish & Game Club
St. Patrick's Society of Montreal (1834 - present)
Society of Civil Engineers
Soldiers'  Wives' League (1899-    )
Temple Club
Teutonia Club
University Club
Victorian Order of Nurses (1897-    )
Westmount Amature Athletic Club
Westmount Bowling Club
Westmount Choral Society
Westmount Golf Club
Women's Art Society of Montreal
Women's Canadian Club of Montreal

Current Montreal Clubs and Societies on-line:

The Masons http://glq.cedep.net/glq/GLQE.HTM

St. Patrick's Society of Montreal (March 1834-present) http://www.total.net/~shanemcg/

St. Andrew's Society of Montreal http://www.icecap.ca/sas/archive.htm, http://www.icecap.ca/sas/intro.htm
"The St. Andrew's Society of Montreal was founded in 1835 by Scottish business leaders and Fur traders for the purpose of assisting immigrant Scots newly arrived in Canada. The Society has actively involved in the community, educational and social life of Montreal since that time. The Society offers grants and scholarships to worthy students, direct and indirect assistance to families, and a full program of social activities related to "things Scottish." New members (with Scottish connections) are enthusiastically welcomed."*
                                           Contact: Ms Norma King, Executive Secretary
                                           1195 Sherbrooke St. West, Montreal, Quebec H3A 1H9 (514) 842-2030
 * exerpt from The Quebec Thistle Council site

The Black Watch
The Black Watch (RHR) of Canada is Canada's senior Highland Regiment, having been formed in 1862. The Regiment operates as a reserve unit in the Canadian Armed Forces, training soldiers who may be called upon in times of war, emergency, or for peace-keeping assignments. Members must be at least seventeen years old, in good health, and meet enlistment criteria. The Regiment also has a cadet corps for younger boys and girls. Both units offer instruction in bagpiping, drumming, and Highland Dancing. The Pipe Band may be engaged for parades and ceremonial occasions.*
* exerpt from The Quebec Thistle Council site

Clan Fraser Society of Canada http://www.canlinks.com/cdnclanfraser/canada.htm
"The 78th Fraser Highlanders Regiment operates out of the old garrison building on Isle Ste-Hélène. Since 1966, students wearing reproductions of authentic uniforms of the eighteenth century, have presented daily historical re-enactments. The shows include precision foot and musket drills, and pipe band performances. There are a number of fund raising activities undertaken throughout the year to enable the Regiment to support various projects and charities".*
                                             Contact: Major R.J. Finestone, OC Fort Ste-Hélène Garrison
                                             P.O. Box 1200, Station "A" Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3C 2Y9
                                             Phone: (514) 284-0723 #228, Fax: (514) 284-0123
* exerpt from The Quebec Thistle Council site

Sons of Scotland Benevolent Association
"is a Canadian organization that has branches throughout Canada, from Quebec to Vancouver Island. The Association carries on a benefits and insurance programme for the protection of its members, their families and beneficiaries. It is a non-profit group, organized in 1876 to develop amongst its members a spirit of mutuak co-operation, friendship and assistance. Scottish-oriented, the Association encourages recollections of Scotland, maintains strong traditions, and promotes through education, customs, social events, a continuing appreciation of Scottish history and accomplishments. As is the case with other branches, the Montreal Association is actively involved in raising funds for local and nationally-sponsored charities. The District of Montreal operates five groups (camps) which meet monthiy, and a multitude of social activities are planned, including barbecues, corn roasts, ceilidhs, Burns suppers, and so on. Newcomers wlll be warmly welcomed."*
                                             Contact: Mrs. May Cook, Scottish Centre of Montreal,
                                             1610 Stephens Avenue, Verdun, Quebec, Canada H4H 2H3
                                             Tel: +1 (514) 766-8853 or +1 (514) 768-1301
* exerpt from The Quebec Thistle Council site

The Montreal West Operatic Society (1939-present)

St. David's Welsh Society of Montreal http://www.stdavidsociety.montreal.qc.ca/
History of the Welsh Male Choir in Montreal: http://www.welshmalechoir.montreal.qc.ca/History.htm

United Irish Societies of Montreal Inc. http://www.ditton.net/uis/

The Quebec Thistle Council Inc. http://www.thistlecouncil.ca/

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