People who have written articles, supplied full page data or submitted resources are usually credited on the page in which they contributed, but below is a list of  wonderful people who may or may not be mentioned elsewhere on the site who have contributed their knowledge or researched records, for no financial gain, to help this site become a resource for as much of your Anglo-Montreal genealogy needs as possible.

I know I've forgotten some people. I didn't start this list early enough, and also, many names of contributors/typists, along with their contributions are buried in old e-mails, which I'm still hunting through, or were lost during the time my e-mail in-box corrupted in April 2000, deleting months of messages.If the info you sent is not on-line I'd really appreciate it if you can resend it. If your info is here, but your name isn't on this list PLEASE refresh my memory! Don't be shy - all contributors deserve to be acknowledged.

Please take the time to note those who have helped out (listed alphabetically). One day they may be asking you for help in your area expertise. Please return the favour.

Mary Anca for extracting all the Montreal-born people out of the 1881 British census.

Kim Arnold (Curator of the Presbyterian Archives of Canada)

Philip Dombowsky (Westmount Historical Association)

Roger Hetu for starting the Quebec GenWeb and giving me my first lesson in web-page making.

Beverly Levine (Curator of the United Church Archives in Montreal)

Marg Morters for scrolling through many Australian convict sources and extracting names of those who were shipped from Montreal. And all I asked her was "How would I find out if any Anglo-Montrealers were shipped to Australia  as convicts?"!!

Pennie Redmile (QFHS volunteer) 

Gary Schroeder (Pres. QFHS) for being the most amazing wealth of information.

Sophie (Archivist of the Montreal Anglican Church Archives)

Heather Wall for the 1918 newspaper article on the Church of the Ascension ceremony with the list of names on the plaque "erected to the memory of the 62 members of the congregation who died during the Great War".


On July 12, 2000, on the Montreal mailing list, Malcolm Paterson said ............
"Patty has more stuff than you can shake a stick at. But she doesn't like it publicized

Yes I do have tons of old Montreal books, docs, newspapers, photos etc., but don't like it publicized, only because I don't have the time to be doing look-ups all day, and hate to let people down when I may have info of value to their research. Instead, I'd like to put alot of  this on-line so those who don't have access to this information will be able to find it easily. The problem is that I'm a one finger typist and most of you can't wait years until it's all on-line! 

A handful of wonderful people have come forward recently and offered to type some of this stuff for me so that I just have to format it and upload it. A true act of generosity & dedication to Montreal genealogy since their names don't appear on the page with the info they typed, unless they're related to that person.. Their names are listed below:

Alix Miller - tons of  long bios!
Patricia Jo Bowers-Kern - lots of Fur-trader info, from my books and hers, with more to come
Bob Carswell - misc. newspaper clippings and articles
Malcolm Paterson - Bickerdike bios
Sue Wilson - Finlay bios
Karen Warmerdam - over 750 names on the Erskine church 1933 list of members
Philip Dombowsky - didn't even ask! He just saw some names with missing bios and sent them along!

And those who have offered to type as soon as I can scan some more pages!:

Lorna Schmidt
Fred Keith
Mary Anca
Heather (granny smith)
Karen Warmerdam
Malcom Paterson
Pat Gee
Angela Fergus
Julia Sauter
Susan Markanen

I still have hundreds more biographies, Rolls of honour, BMD announcements, BMD lists, and various other lists and articles containing people's names to get on-line. If you have some spare time to do some typing, all help is GREATLY appreciated. I can scan or fax the photocopied pages to you, and all you have to do is type it out in an e-mail so I can paste it onto an 'html' page and format it. Just tell me which topic(s) you'd be most interested in typing.

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